Chris Manzo’s Childrens Book Is Up For Pre-Order


On last night’s Manzo’d With Children, we got to see Caroline Manzo’s younger son Christopher reveal his new business venture- he’s writing a children’s book! In the episode we got to see Christopher do some research (even get kicked out of the children’s section), read a bit of his book to his family, and even ask some little ones what makes them happy! Now it has been confirmed that now the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon!

Oliver the Brightside: You Don’t Want That Penny is a story of a young boy who finds a lucky penny and goes on adventures that teaches kids a valuable lesson.

Caroline shared in a blog this week, “I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. He works hard every day and dedicates his spare time to bringing Oliver Brightside to life. What I love most about this project is the fact that Christopher decided to follow his lifelong dream of writing and make it a reality.”

The book is set to be released in stores on March 15th and is now on pre-sale for $16.95. I mean who better than to write a children’s book then Chris Manzo? He makes me laugh in every episode!


Congrats to Christopher on his newest venture!

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13 Replies to “Chris Manzo’s Childrens Book Is Up For Pre-Order”

  1. Oh quick I’m going on to Amazon to spend my hard earned pennies on a book written by someone I don’t like! Sorry if I am being snarky but that is so expensive for a children’s book. My friends husband is an illustrator of children’s books. He did a Roald Dahl book when Quentin Blake was busy and many others. that have been best sellers. None of which have been any where near that price! The Owl Babies is my favorite not that I am plugging his books!! Lol
    I always felt sorry for Chris as the other one was better looking and wish him all the success but I am afraid I won’t be buying it even though I have a new great nephew due any minute! I have already bought The Owl Babies and it has been read to him many times while he has still been tucked up!

      1. I have been looking for something else and just seen this probably too late but his name is Patrick Benson. Only three months too late!!

  2. Is this an advertisement for his book then? Well, he certainly is industrious. Out of all the Manzos, he seems to have the best sense of humor and seems the most easy-going. Though I heard all of the Manzos were involved in an unaired fight years ago that was quite nasty, he has always been a hard worker, working for his dad’s restaurant/catering and not lazy from all accounts. He may be around 25 now I think, and he is using his reality exposure to his benefit. I can’t help but wish him well. He may actually be able to appeal to children with this book. After all, he has been on Reality TV for years and that isn’t the best for any family and he seems pretty well-rounded compared to most. I hope it isn’t just about the money, but it usually is with most reality TV persona. Maybe he has a gift.

  3. He’s kind of cute, but he needs dental work ASAP….on the other hand I would expect him to write about exotic dancers and living on the fast lane, not about kids and lucky pennies….

  4. I’m on the fence about the Manzo’s. I do believe that anyone who talks about strippers are the kind of guys that aren’t getting any. I won’t buy the book but at least he works and isn’t sitting around waiting for his welfare check from the government… OOPS, I mean us tax-paying citizens.

    1. He was talking about strippers at maybe 19 years old or so. He was just a kid. Maybe he wasn’t getting any. That was just a young kid talking. I think he likes to entertain us and says things for a reaction, mostly for fun. That is my opinion.

  5. Hey does mean he’s not going to have his stripper car wash that serving blk water ( doesn’t that sound refreshing?) Where u can stay in your car and have your make up done and pick up a $16 book who’s author can’t read or write

  6. I LALALOVE his sense of humor! He’s the best! I wonder if he’s named after his uncle Christopher Laurita. It would make sense lol.

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