Chris Manzo’s Childrens Book Is Up For Pre-Order


On last night’s Manzo’d With Children, we got to see Caroline Manzo’s younger son Christopher reveal his new business venture- he’s writing a children’s book! In the episode we got to see Christopher do some research (even get kicked out of the children’s section), read a bit of his book to his family, and even ask some little ones what makes them happy! Now it has been confirmed that now the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon!

Oliver the Brightside: You Don’t Want That Penny is a story of a young boy who finds a lucky penny and goes on adventures that teaches kids a valuable lesson.

Caroline shared in a blog this week, “I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. He works hard every day and dedicates his spare time to bringing Oliver Brightside to life. What I love most about this project is the fact that Christopher decided to follow his lifelong dream of writing and make it a reality.”

The book is set to be released in stores on March 15th and is now on pre-sale for $16.95. I mean who better than to write a children’s book then Chris Manzo? He makes me laugh in every episode!


Congrats to Christopher on his newest venture!

Photo Credits: Bravo/Amazon