Chris Manzo Opens Up About His Dating Life


Caroline Manzo’s youngest son Christopher appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker this week as Patti Stanger tried to help him find the love of his life. So what happened after filming the show? Find out in his brand new interview with the Daily Dish.

What do you think about Patti saying you’re a Mama’s Boy—does it offend you?
I hear it 600 times a day on Twitter so I am kind of used to it. When it comes to dating however, I am the complete opposite of a Mama’s Boy, I do my best to tell my mom as little as possible, I am very private in my personal life. As far as whether or not I agree, I love and respect my mother very much, and if that makes me a Mama’s Boy, so be it. But trust me, I have my own life as well.

Dating anyone since working with Patti?
Since the show, I have dated here and there but nothing too serious. I am currently single.

How has Patti changed your approach to meeting women? Has your dating game changed at all?
I got lucky (this go ’round) with Patti. I wasn’t picked apart too much besides my own confidence and the way I speak, not so much learning as much as it was nice to be reminded. I don’t know if the game will change at all, I kind of hope it does because my dating life is prettttty boring.

Speaking of getting picked apart: what did your brother Albie and sister Lauren think of you going on Matchmaker?
They ripped me! There is zero mercy in the Manzo family. There is no nice in the Manzo family.

What kind of girl do you want to meet long-term?
I am really attracted to girls who are funny and speak their mind. I also like someone who works hard. I think thats a great quality in a girl.

If your ideal match was a Bravolebrity, who would it be and why?
I would probably choose GG from Shahs of Sunset, because I feel like she would keep me guessing, which keeps me interested. And she does the whole starting a business thing, which is a great quality to have.

Your sister Lauren is set to get married this year. Is she nervous, psyched?
Lauren is sooooo psyched. She just wants to be married already, growing up around weddings like we did makes the process really easy for everyone involved.

Any idea who will be your date to the festivities?
I have no idea if I’m bringing a date yet. It would have to be someone I really care about and someone who knows the family already because its a huge day for us. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about introducing her to people.

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27 Replies to “Chris Manzo Opens Up About His Dating Life”

  1. He’s so charming and funny. Having that mom and sister doesn’t help him find his forever girl. They just don’t give a girl a break and are not kind.

    1. That’s how their family is. If she can’t take it then maybe she shouldn’t be there in the first place. 🙂 his forever girl will be able to handle it. She would fit right in 🙂

  2. M Matchmaker has become a joke. The show could be summed up in a 3 minutes comedy skit on SNL and have more substance and grace than anything Patti does now with all these fake reality ‘stars’.

  3. It was cute for a bit about the boys being Mama;s boys, because I have older brothers and sons that were ‘proud’ to call themselves mama’s boys up to a point. The point being I am sure they love me and feel as close to me as Caroline’s sons do to her, BUT there is a time when the boys need to decide who THEY want to be with, NOT who mama thinks is ‘right’ for them. I would do everything in my power as a mom of a daughter (if they were single) to RUN RUN RUN from any man that was like the Manzo boys. You can pretty much bet that if and when Caroline ever approves of a woman for those boys that she will still run their lives. She is beyond disgusting now. Side note………she looked AWFUL on Patty last night.

  4. I’m not sure an independent nice girl would even wanna put up with the judgements and everything that goes along with even going on a date with one of these guys. There’s a reason they’re still single, Caroline really needs to bk up and stop the crazy. I like her but geez it’s getting ridiculous.

      1. The point is that there’s no need to go on national tv pretending to date these beautiful women if you don’t like women in the first place.

    1. I knew Chris was gay. Its so obvious he has zero interest in women. And the roommate/friend he brought around on manzod with children was SOOO GAY. And he tells his mom he doesnt want to get married or have kids. Poor guy is hiding and terrified and should just come out. I am sure is family, as old fashioned as they are, would love and respect him no matter what.

      1. i agree but when you’re seen through the public eye and shy it’s not that easy. OR it could be the other way around. Maybe he’s just into MILF stuff?

  5. I can’t stand to look at either one of them. I am so glad they have their own show, not on NJ, so the only ones I have to zip, so far, are Melissa and her IQ challenged husband.

  6. I love the Manzo boys. Caroline & Lauren are both not my cup of tea & as long as they keep butting in, these boys will remain single. Hope if & when, the young ladies will be strong enough to stand up to these two overbearing women.

  7. I’d rather be an orphan than having a castrating mother as Caroline…and his sister, she should stop interfering with his brother’s personal life and take care of her own marriage. No sane woman on this planet would date him because it also means dating those two women. He should man up, set boundaries, come out of the closet and get a boyfiend

    Poor Momma’s Boy….and the pic does not help either.

  8. I have 4 boys and two are married and two are not. They will find the right time and start dating when they want to. I feel for Chris although he cracks me up everyone needs to just get off his back he seems happy so why is everyone pushing it.

  9. Chris is gay people! I wish he would stop hiding it and come out. I change the channel when it’s Chris about dating girls bc I know he is gay.

  10. Everybody know Chris is gay, and he´s kind of cute and funny, he´s a teddy bear…If I were a gay guy I would date him

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