Is Chris Manzo Moving Out Of New Jersey?


In the trailer for this season of Manzo’d, we see Chris Manzo contemplating leaving New Jersey to further his career as an author, and at a recent event, the Daily Dish caught up with Chris to see if he is serious about leaving the state where is family lives.

“Yeah, I mean, I love to travel. I love traveling. I love seeing new things. I like to learn but learn through experience,” he said. “All season, I’ve kind of been battling this learning new things and going through new experiences and then eventually I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that the only way to really learn and take in new experiences is to completely throw yourself into a situation that’s completely uncomfortable to you.”

Caroline also weighed in on Chris’ decision to move. “That’s typical Christopher. You never know with him,” she said. “He’s just too big for one spot. He always has been. He’s got incredible imagination. He has an incredible zest for life.”

But Caroline would never hold Chris back. “Do you want to see your kid every once a week, twice a week, three times a week? Sure. But if you can’t, that’s all right,” she said. “If Christopher decides to go to Chicago, once every month, once every couple of months, whatever, it’s an hour-and-a-half plane ride. It’s no big deal. I’ll go if I feel like it. We live in a world where it’s much easier to be away from somebody but still maintain the relationship.”

“I just want them to be happy. So if that’s where it takes him, then go where the happiness takes you. If you need to go explore where it is, then go and explore, because the last thing I ever want to say to my kids is, ‘No, you have to stay here because Mommy doesn’t want you to leave,'” she explained. “Then I’m a rotten mother. Then I failed. So just go. Go where the wind takes you, but just don’t forget me. That’s all.”

Albie Manzo also said Chris would benefit from spreading his wings. “I definitely would miss Chris. But the thing for me is I went to college. I had my time where I had my own direction, so to speak, away from the family. It wasn’t particularly far away, but still, it was my own. And Chris hasn’t had that chance to just kind of go on his own and figure things out,” Albie said. “So I would totally understand. The last thing I ever want to do is limit the perspective that he has ’cause that’s where he thrives.”

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      1. I think it would be good for all 3 of these kids to take a break from momma. I couldn’t watch this week’s episode. After listening to Caroline talking to Albie about how he is too skinny and then telling Christopher that she thinks he needs a girlfriend, I had to hit the erase button on the DVR. On one hand, I feel that these kids want to be on their own, but that they have lived at home for so long, they leave with feeling – oh well, if it doesn’t work out, I can go home. Am I just being silly or do these kids give off that vibe?

          1. Top o the morn our Scottish hottie!♥️ lol love that name Rain gave you:)
            Yes yes yes. I don’t watch the show but I remember seeing the family on RHONJ and they were so enmeshed – too much imho. I applaud Chris for realizing this smart decision. I say fire up that muscle car and burn rubber.

  1. Please, someone…tell Caroline that the heavy framed, dark, masculine glasses aren’t doing her already butch appearance any favors.

    1. Stacey, many moons ago I once wore a huge pair of those glasses – they looked more like safety goggles they were so big- at the office I worked in then. This really sweet funny guy I knew cane up to me and whispered ” ya know in my family we call those infertility glasses” and I shot back ” well that explains why I could never have kids!” And he just stared at me like you’re kidding right?? I could tell he wasn’t sure if I was kidding or not and I said of course I was. In truth, I was infertile and never could have children.

      1. That’s funny. In the military they are called “birth control” glasses for obvious reasons, but most people trade them out after basic training. lol. Not to get too personal but endometriosis killed it for me as well and I’m sorry to hear your story. The way I look at, God has another plan for us spread out love on earth.

          1. Oh Suze♥️♥️♥️ You sweet sweet angel woman. I will always have a part of me that feels broken because of this, it’s my greatest sadness in life no doubt but I believe in a Divine master plan and I’ve accepted it. I’m so sorry you too freedom girl. Hugs to you too, I understand. ♥️ And I loved your comment! lol

  2. First of all… she has to stop referring to herself as “Mommy”. Those years are LONG GONE. Second… those kids are still attached via the umbilical cord. All 3 of them need to stop with her, it’s enough.
    Third… She is controlling and pushy. She won’t let her kids grow up. It’s embarrassing to watch.

    All in all? Something is very odd about this entire family. The little girl who marries the fat pig who doesn’t want to move out of his MIL’s house? He’s a fat disgusting baby. He’d last about 5 minutes with a “real woman.” Christopher? He’ll go to Chicago because his uncle lives in Barrington, about a 45 minute drive from the city. Albie? Act like man already and if you want to come out, then just come out already. Nobody cares.

    It might be too late for all 3 of these kids.

  3. I am happy for Christopher. He can do whatever he wants. I have nothing against some babying either, as long as kids are not prevented from living their lives.
    I see Albie as having more of a mommy bond than is healthy, and he has to figure out how to deal with it in his own time. If he is gay, then hopefully he will come out. If not, then I hope he still finds that special someone.
    Lauren has moved out with Vito. They bought a home. I wish them well. They have dated for a long time so they knew it was the real deal…love.

  4. I watch the Manzos…on demand, but I watch. I like Chris the most, since he seems to have a great personality. I don’t know why he never went to college, and in the latest show, he regrets it, but honestly, it is not too late Chris!
    I don’t know if he reads any of this stuff, but he is still young. He would find, if he tried going back to college, that he would not be alone at his age. He could even do online courses, since there are so many online colleges now.
    I think he missed out on the living away at college experience. (I did too, but I did still commute.) He seems to want more. Maybe he can volunteer with the Peace Corps or something similar…a group that travels and helps others…in some way. That would be fulfilling and he would get more life experience.
    Still, both of his parents don’t want him to leave at all, fearing they will lose him, especially if he settles in another place far away. They want the extended family, and I get that. I just think Chris needs to try to get some time away for a bit. They have Air BnB…not that I push them, but my son had to use it to stay in California for his work, and it was more reasonable than staying in a hotel for over a month. Chris should try traveling a little at a time, and just always come back home…not permanent, yet anyway. He is still young and a bit sheltered, maybe, and I do wish him well. (I see him like I see one of my own sons. I do worry, too.)

  5. the manzo children are young adults and absolutely NEED to move out of mom/dad’s home. caroline/al time to cut the cord (long overdue) time to act like the young adults you now are . caroline/al let them be and find your own life.

  6. Chris, you are hilarious! I saw the scene where you were describing how you and your mom call each other & talk cajun for the first time the other day…It made my day! You have the best sense of humor ever and a great voice!!

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