What is Chris Laurita’s New Business Venture?


This season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Chris and Jacqueline Laurita are being open about their personal financial struggles. During the premiere episode of the show, Chris made it clear that things were so tight he even had to sell some of their jewelry for money.

During this week’s episode he introduced a new popcorn business: The Little Kernel and described it as a line of mini popcorn that is made with 100 percent pure olive oil. It’s available in six flavors: naked, truffle sea salt, sweet and salty kettle, pink Himalayan salt, butter, and white cheddar.

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So what happened to BLK? Jacqueline took to Twitter to let viewers know that BLK is still going strong. “In case you were wondering @blkbeverages continues to grow & is selling nationally and internationally now! #rhonj.”

Jacqueline shared in her latest blog, “The last two years have been challenging for Chris and I financially, because it takes time to build a new business and profit from it, especially in order to continue living the lifestyle we’ve been accustomed to living while meeting all of our financial obligations.

After my husband lost his company during that rough economy, it took some time for the decrease in income to catch up to us. We were also not prepared for the cost of raising a child with special needs. No matter what financial challenges and obligations we’ve faced, Nicholas’ needs have always been a huge top priority for us, and we’ve done everything we can to not disrupt his routine. Somehow, during our struggle, we have managed to stick it out and keep fighting to get through it.”

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  1. I wonder what the popcorn tastes like and does he advise you drink black water while eating the popcorn. What was HS other business? Apart from Signature Apparel of course.

    1. Hey – Orville Redinbacher did fantastic with Popcorn, LOL, but then again he studied agronomy at Purdue University and actually knew what he was doing – It’s the black water investment that I question! Don’t misunderstand, I agree – he’s a loser.

  2. Well we know Joe Gorga has a real job in construction. He is very busy building sound studio’s and clothing stores for his wife.

    1. Ughh..Aunt Bee, you just brought up a subject that really is annoying me this season. Melissa and her “I am woman, hear me roar”, and that she wants to teach her kids that she is doing it on her own, and how she can bring home the bacon. I wish her success on her store, but we are not idiots..we all saw the season that Joe built her that studio, and how much money he spent on her music career because they were doing it independently…and NO MENTION of it now whatsoever! Why does she make no mention of this other than to thank her husband for helping her do construction on this store. I can’t count her coins, but she does NOT seem like she is doing this totally on her own. There is nothing at all wrong with the help of her husband, but it seems a bit of a farce to portray it as doing it completely on her own, with her own money. I don’t dislike Joe or Melissa, but this storyline of Joe the Neanderthal and Melissa the independent working woman is coming across extremely contrived.

  3. Good afternoon! Long time reader but first time commenting. Speaking of this family, does anyone know what ever happened to Caroline’s spaghetti sauce/bbq sauce company? I don’t follow any housewives besides Teresa Guidice and Dina Manzo on social media and this story reminded me that his sister (Caroline) tried to get a jarred sauce company going…

  4. Will at least they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it real everybody has their ups and downs do you guys have to be hateful at least their husbands are not sitting on their ass they’re trying to make an honest dollar for their families .

    1. Does anyone know what Jacqueline does? Does she have a job? Having financial troubles wouldn’t you think she would work?

  5. Thank you so much Suze! I’m an old Italian Nonna ( born in the Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago ) of 2 beautiful girls who’s guilty pleasure has always been the Housewife franchise. As you can imagine… I am passionate about the shows, but have been afraid to stick my toe in the water regarding giving my opinions/questions on anything Housewife related. Thank you so much for the welcome <3

    1. Please don’t be afraid to express yourself Nonna.. We are a good group with various opinions but respect each other. Glad you want to join in. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    2. Nonna, don’t worry about stating your opinion. The only time people get called out is when they criticise us rather than housewives. We all like different people! I like Tre and that’s not very popular. You can imagine! I can’t stand Vicki for lying about cancer, same with Jim Marchese. So stick with us the majority are super nice. Love love love Italy, I have spent many holidays there. Xoxoxoxox

  6. Really, Chris? Trying to sell your Shark Tank PipCorn takeoff by intertwining it with autism? Pathetic! First you blame all of your money woes on Nicholas’ autism “services” and now this? How about getting a REAL job and stop looking for sympathy based on your disabled child? The autism thing got old long ago. It seems to be your and Jacqueline’s claim to fame. The two of you appear to use autism as an excuse for everything.

  7. “We were also not prepared for the cost of raising a child with special needs.”
    Are. you. serious., Jacqueline?
    What about the tens of thousands of dollars you pissed away on plastic surgeries, new cars for your spoiled/boring daughter, the multi-million dollar homes you own, etc.?
    *When are you and Chris going to STOP blaming your son for your financial irresponsibility?*

  8. Who cares… if he makes money good for him. Most important is taking care of that sweet little boy. They have a very long road ahead of them Autism is something that can change every single day. I have lived with and cared for a disabled child all my life (56 years) and it is a tough life. I wish them well

  9. Does anyone knows if Jacqueline works? Having all these financial troubles, don’t you think she would find a job? and their blk water company is a bust, lawsuits against it, nephews dumped that crap and opened their own restaurants. I don’t know where Jacqueline can say that it is doing good, it ain’t.

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