Chris Laurita Speaks Out About Friendships With Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga


It’s not always easy being a husband of a Real Housewife, and that’s the case this year for Chris Laurita on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. When Chris’ wife Jacqueline starting not getting along with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, his friendships with Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice were left in awkward positions.

“Yeah, it’s been a very difficult season. Jacqueline is very big on people being truthful with her, and if you’re gonna try and establish or re-establish a friendship with her, she just needs to know that it’s real. And the second that she feels like it’s not, she gets really discouraged, and she puts her guard up,” Chris said of watching his wife’s trials and tribulations this season of RHONJ. “Obviously, I’m her husband, and I sleep with her every night. I’ve seen what she had to go through this year, and it was a very tough year for her because you find yourself, you always find yourself in a defensive position because you have to defend the truth. You kind of got to speak the truth, and when you speak the truth, sometimes people don’t like to hear it.”

Although many fans have wondered if Jacqueline has been intentionally stirring up the drama, Chris told The Daily Dish that he believes Teresa and Melissa completely put all of their past drama aside and set out to “back each other up no matter what.” He said that “they made a pact to go after whoever got in their way,” which turned out to be Jacqueline. “Jacqueline was the one that was being attacked, especially in Vermont. We honestly went to that dinner that night thinking we were gonna have a nice conversation or thinking at least have an opportunity to let Jacqueline tell her side of the story,” he said. “That is not what happened. We walked in, and she was immediately under attack. It wasn’t a very good place for us to be. That’s why we left.”

So can the three guys ever get back on the same page one day? “I never say never. If you look at what happened with Joe [Gorga] and Teresa, their relationship was rockier than I think anyone’s relationship has ever been on the show. It actually got violent between the two Joes, and look at the way it is now,” Chris said. “If that can turn around, then anything can turn around.”

“It’s very, very simple. It all comes down to people taking responsibility for their actions. And people being able to talk about it and truly mean what you’re saying and then move on. That’s all it takes,” he explained. “But I just don’t think that there are people on this show that have the ability to do that.”

Thoughts about what Chris had to say?

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35 Replies to “Chris Laurita Speaks Out About Friendships With Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga”

    1. Agree! At this point with their bogus financial situation, all these friendships are a means to an end for Jack and Chris. They’re doing whatever they can to stay on TV and make a buck.

    2. When Siggy said about Chris, that he was just trying to tell everyone how it all started, Jaq said “it doesn’t matter how it started, it matters how it ended.” Because she didn’t want to say that she called Robyn a soldier. It is none of her business who is “in Teresa’s ear. ” She immediately proved she never took Teresa’s word over those she didn’t even know when she said Penny and Johnny the Greek said Tre knew about something. She is a crappy friend, spilling secrets. Who could ever trust anyone who spills the most personal secrets when she gets angry, which is A LOT. She goes from sobbing to screaming the most hateful things. “We have the same doctor, honey!” What a total bitch, and a crazy over medicated one at that.

    3. Exactly! Jack sitting on that girls lap yelling, standing at dinner yelling and sticking her finger in Melissa’s face and then demanding she leave when they came in for the final dinner. If she stuck her finger in my face like that I would break it off. She is downright crazy and Chris has obviously been dipping into her meds if he doesn’t see it. He is afraid to speak up because he is fearful she will stab him in his sleep. When he said he sleeps beside her it is probably with one eye open.

  1. Like he says he has to sleep with her. He is totally lying about what went down especially his wifes behaviour bc they are on the show for the money. His businesses have failed. They are down on their luck with the bankruptcy due to fraud! Yes, fraud! They milked the businesses to support their lifestyle. All he does is bash Teresa & Joe! He is thick as thieves with Rosie, Kathy and Sleezy Ritchie! He needs to go begging elsewhere!

  2. Of the three men I think Chris is the more intelligent and articulate. I’ve never seen him lose his temper like the other two and I think it a shame that the friendship between the three appears broken.

    1. Yes I agree Chris has always been the mature one of the group. Not only is his wife crazy but so is his step daughter and many of his sisters (mainly dina but Caroline is crazy too). I’ve always wondered how he handles all of these irrational people without alcohol. He has an amazing ability to see the positive in every situation despite the level of crazy and jac is super lucky to have a supportive husband like him. I suppose they must balance each other out but anyway I’m team Chris all the way!

      1. or maybe he is as medicated as his wacky wife. one of them needs to get a
        job, and have less time to be in all the girlies lives.

    2. I agree and I’ve always liked him as a voice of reason. This year, I think he is blindly backing Jac’s, but technically speaking, as everyone has stated…he is the one sleeping with her at night. I agree with you all that he has never resorted to name calling or a hate campaign. I think his main fault just stems from backing Jac’s.

  3. The last paragraph sums it up! Teresa NEVER takes accountability for anything she has done. In her eyes she can do no wrong and she is perfect. I have recently re-watched the first few seasons and you can really see it there as well. She can bitch and moan about things she thinks people have done to her but when they feel hurt by Tre, they are being too sensitive or she denies any wrong doing. Or she claims it was a “joke”. Bottom line….Tre is a self-absorbed, moronic, narcissist. PLEASE get rid of her Bravo!

  4. Um, Chris? Stay out of female fights. Be a man, get a real job and stop with all these shady, half-assed money making schemes. Black Water? WHY?? Who would drink this crap anyway? And Chris, your wife is a foul-mouthed drunk with anger issues. She isn’t a woman, she isn’t nice, she isn’t pretty, she isn’t calm and she didn’t enter that dinner in Vermont with a calm attitude. She went in looking for a fight, she instigated one and she got what she deserved. Now get off Bravo and go get a job and act like a man and not some jewelry wearing, man-scaped wimp.

    1. YAAAAASSSSSS! I couldn’t believe him talking about listening in on Jacquelines phone conversations and going on and on about how his crazy wife loves everyone. BS! Get a job! Or is your job using RHNJ to peddle your snake oil and get rich quick schemes?

        1. Hi Daisy, yes much better thanks! Have my daughter here until tomorrow morning so it’s been fun. Hope you are feeling a bit perkier now? Xoxoxoxoxox

          1. Lol the cat that I inherited from my mom is named Perky . I’ve been busy making tamales all day so no time to feel anything . I’m happy you’re having a good day and because you and your beautiful daughter get to spend a couple of days together

            1. How did I know you have an animal named perky! I love all of your animals names. I haven’t had a tamale what filling do you make?

              1. They are so yummy . I use London broil and pork tenderloin mixed together . My mother named the cat. I would have called him ass hole . No joke he really does have a nasty personality . But oh well I love him . Hi kt lovely how are you ?

  5. Teresa looks so bad on this show. OMG. It is proven in film where she lies about Jac being a stripper. They play the tape. Accusing them of talking to the Feds is unforgivable. I really like Chris and believe him. Teresa has a Jezebel spirit if I ever saw one. What a Bitch. How do you guys see this and defend her? I dont mean to argue I just cant imagine seeing her hurt poeple and play them and cut them out her her life for no reason and siding with her. Teresa I am sorry you didnt learn anything in prison. I sincerely am. I prayed many times for you.

    1. Totally agree with you Lisa! Tre hasn’t changed at all since season one. Always poor me and “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Grown and smart adults take accountability when they do something wrong or hurt someone….but in her and Joe’s eyes…they NEVER do anything wrong. Its so pathetic, its actually laughable.

    2. I would cut anyone out who resorted constantly to the lowest common denominator. Like Tre said, she hits you where it hurts. Spilling secrets said in confidence is a horrible trait, and no one did that till Jaq started it. I watched all the seasons, and though Teresa is certainly self absorbed, she sin’t cruel. Jaq wanted Tre all for herself like an obsessed stalker. Just the part about Melissa’s nose job??? What the hell? That’s what I mean when I say she picks the thing she knows you are most sensitive about, and screams it. Teresa’s legal matters WERE NONE OF HER BUSINESS, THEN OR NOW. But she is sobbing how much she loves her, then hitting below the belt every single time she is questioned. I would rather have a self absorbed friend, than one who spills all my confidences.

  6. I do have to add this because it really bothered me & I had to rewind to make sure I heard it correctly. I know that Theresa went low, making fun of Jac’s looks, but I was really disgusted by Jac’s immature statements about Melssa and her nose job. Personally I don’t see why that is even relevant in the grand scheme of their bickering. When Jac’s actually called Melssa “Pinocchio”, I couldn’t believe my ears as that is a grade school bully comment and it was pathetic.

    1. Freedomgirl, you took the words out of my head. 🙂 jaqueline calling Melissa Pinocchio is exactly what separates the women from the children. J is a child still in her mentality. She hasn’t learned or doesn’t know how to simply keep the emotional low blow element out of her fight. If she wonders why there is such animosity towards her, pay attention Jaqueline, this is it. You will never gain respect similar to another one that comes to mind (Kelly) because of your low blows and incessant need to overtalk interrupt and insult your way through a row.

      As for Chris, I’m split between two thoughts. He’s very much the voice of calm reason true, but he’s a house husband and this is a housewives show. The viewers get pissed when a husband starts to behave too much as a handler. Joe Gorga sits back listens, speaks when asked, and let’s Melissa basically stand up for herself. He knows his place in the franchise and I’m really liking the loveable little fella more and more. He’s open to change and his heart pumps love and peace.

  7. Chris is full of crap! He is always in on the gossip. He may stay quiet at times but just watch his face. Chris is always trying to play good guy. He is broke and trying to come across as something that he is not. Big reveal when he said he was involved in Joe guidices business and Joe shut it down! CHRIS IS A FRAUD, BANKRUPT THIEF!

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