Chris Laurita Reveals He’s Reached Out to Joe Giudice


Real Housewives of New Jersey star is currently at odds with her former BFF Teresa Giudice, but her husband Chris Laurita is revealing the current state of his friendship with Teresa’s husband Joe, who is currently serving 41-months in prison.

“I love Joe,” Chris explained. “I miss him. I hope he’s doing well.”

“I reach out to him through a mutual friend, and I wish him all the best,” he told RadarOnline in an interview, noting that he hasn’t heard back from Giudice. “I’m sure he’s going through a hard time but I love the guy.”

“We’re in a tough situation because we’re on the show,” Chris continued. “But at the end of the day, we all really truly care about each other. Even Jacqueline and Teresa.”

“But you know, we’re in a tough spot and we do wish them the best,” he said. “We do hope everything turns out great for them.”

“You can love someone but be very frustrated with them at times,” Jacqueline added of their current relationship with the Giudices.

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  1. This couple is ass crooked as the other. The moment they tried to insinuate the reason for their financial trouble was their autistic sons treatments a couple seasons ago…. I knew they were as bad as the couple they’re blasting. Maybe even worse with how they defrauded Susan G Komen.

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