Chris Laurita Found Liable For Signature Apparel Bankruptcy Case

Former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris have received news about the on-going lawsuit with Chris’ former company, Signature Apparel.

You may remember that the company filed for bankruptcy back in 2009, but things hit a snag when several people, including Jacqueline and Chris, were accused of using the company money for extravagant personal use.

Lawyers also jumped ship after they were owed almost $300,000 in alleged unpaid fees by the Lauritas.

Chris’ brother and sister-in-law had settled their part in the case almost three years ago for $1 million, but Chris and Jac have decided to battle it out.

According to, “U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert E. Grossman for the Southern District of New York ruled on Thursday that Chris Laurita and management company Iconix, a subsidiary of Studio IP, were liable for fraud, negligent misrepresentation and tortious interference with contractual relations for diverting some of Signature Apparel’s assets. Laurita was also found liable for breach of his fiduciary duty, and Iconix was found liable for aiding and abetting Laurita’s fiduciary breach. Grossman also found Studio IP liable for breach of contract, and New Star, another Chris Laurita company, was liable for unjust enrichment of $1.8 million.”

We don’t know what kind of punishment Chris will face, but it will most likely be financial.

Are you surprised?

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  1. It’s pathetic the lengths some reality stars go to in order to maintain an illusion of wealth. Many of the Real Housewives families are truly mega-rich (especially in Beverly Hills and Orange County and New York), but so many of the others are putting on airs, living solely off their Bravo paychecks. Surely they know the show’s will be cancelled at some point in the future. They can’t maintain their lifestyles forever, which makes them anything but “Real”.

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