Chris Laurita Dishes About Ashlee Holmes As a Mother


When Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jaqueline Laurita revealed her daughter Ashlee Holmes was pregnant, she revealed that she preferred to be referred to as “Glamma” instead of “Grandma.” After welcoming Ashlee’s son, Cameron Hendrix Malleo, into the world in August, Jacqueline’s husband Chris Laurita has decided to go with a more modern name as well.

“I asked to be called ‘G’ because it sounds cooler than ‘Grandpa. It’s been cool,” Chris told The Daily Dish. “So far, so good.”

Chris says that seeing Ashlee being a mother has been “been absolutely amazing,” especially given the challenges that he and Jacqueline faced in raising her during her teen years.

“I cannot believe how much she has matured and what a great mother she is. After some of our challenges and struggles with her through the years — and a lot of people have seen that on TV — it kind of catapulted her into being an adult and a very responsible one, at that. She’s very, very, very attentive with her son,” he said. “The fact that they’re living with us now, I get to see it and watch what she does and how she does it. She’s really been amazing, and I’m very happy to see that.”

As for little Cameron? “He’s adorable, of course, but what baby isn’t?” Chris said. “He’s actually very quiet. He only cries when he’s hungry, but other than that he’s checking things out. He’s getting to know his environment. He’s been great.”

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“Jacqueline is obsessed with him already. She spends a lot of time with Ashlee and with the baby. She loves jumping in and helping out whenever she can,” Chris shared. “Their relationship has gotten very, very strong.”

Chris says he’s been a source of guidance to Ashlee and her fiance, Pete. “I told them that the most important thing is to have patience with one another and understand that there are going to be times when somebody’s going to be up late with the baby and somebody might be sleeping at the same time,” Chris said of the advice he gave Ashlee and Pete. “But you guys need to work together on raising this child, because at the end of the day you’re molding him into a person. You just need to make sure that you guys are on the same page as far as how you want to do that and what you want to teach them.”

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12 Replies to “Chris Laurita Dishes About Ashlee Holmes As a Mother”

    1. Heheheh your comment gives me major giggles. In reality, I laughed out loud and my hubby said “What?” Me: “You wouldn’t understand.”

    2. I commented earlier but it never appeared. Your post gave me major, laugh out loud giggles prompting my hub to ask “What?” But he wouldn’t understand.

  1. I wonder if Ashley and Pete still live at the Laurita’s home? And, if they will ever really get married. It takes a lot of growing up and patience, acceptance and togetherness just to be married, without a new baby. They seem to want it all for the show of it, if they cared about their son’s NAME, they would marry in a civil ceremony, IMO. It is also much easier to have the support of in-laws when bringing home a new baby, financially and emotionally.To truly grow up, they need to live in their own home, and raise their son making the decisions themselves. Now, if they do, I take this back. I don’t really care enough to look it up, but someone will likely let me know. Ashely was a total spoiled brat when she was a teen, totally disrespectful and entitled in every single aspect. I wouldn’t say so when she was young, but it’s fair game now that she s a snotty cruel person like her mom.

    1. Yeah real mature living at Mommy’s house with your baby daddy….Geez. Pete seems like a nice guy but he can’t be or why would he be with the nasty, plastic-faced Asslee? And just because I am feeling extra B today, does anyone else feel the need to rush to the vomitorium when they start yapping about being “The Cool Moms” or about how Jax is only unhinged because of her Great Love” for Tre?

      1. I just had a sudden realization that Jaqueline might be in love with Teresa. The freakish onslaughts of sobbing whenever Tre gets close to a woman, or makes up with Melissa she goes a little more nuts. It was just a weird thought that ran through my mind. The more I think of it, the more sense it makes. The cruel insults she throws at her, that she has always used when her and Tre got in the smallest of disagreements, just like any couple’s nasty arguments.

  2. There seems to be a lot of hatred here. Give the kid a break fgs!! She was young and immature at one time, just like most of us and our kids were. So what if Jac and Ashlee get procedures done, isn’t that a persons prerogative?
    I’m quite sure none of you that have kids or grandkids would like to hear these same comments about your kids. Think about what you say!!!

  3. What a doll baby, is what I have to say about the new baby. Pete needs to marry Ashley, period. Later, have a big fat reception.
    But my point here today is speaking of the finale’ episode where Jaq claims thta in Vermont she couldn’t “get in a word” What??? She was the one who got in most of the “words” screaming the most hateful things to and about those she earlier that day claimed to love. She needs help, and if her daughter and Pete want their son to grow up with normal parental experience in his heart, get the hell out of the Laurita house.

  4. There’s no blog page for it, but one thing that bugs the sh** out of me is when Kathy and Rosie were waiting in Rails for Teresa and Joey. Kathy is yakking as always, Rosie interrupts a little, Kathy says “let me finish talking.” Rosie waits a respectable amount of time thinking Kathy is done, and starts saying something, and Kathy interrupts her immediately. Rosie is annoyed but says nothing. Kathy wants back on NJ more than anything in her life. What Teresa said about them coming around now that she’s back is the absolute truth.

  5. The baby is cute but I need to comment on Jaquelines blog. Is she crazy? Reality seems to have escaped her. I heard her comment to Teresa about her situation was not the same, not criminal! Low blow. And her husband is way over board in defending his wife. Nice gesture, but get a life! Can’t stand Jaq anymore and her changing her mind about Teresa. She needs to leave the show!!

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