Chris & Jacqueline Laurita Save Their Home From Foreclosure!


As we previously reported in March, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita’s New Jersey home was in pre-foreclosure. The Lauritas were allegedly served papers by their bank for being in default on their $1.8 million home loan. The Lauritas were sued by Hudson City Saving. The bank claimed Jacqueline and Chris missed a mortgage payment on their 5,600-square-foot home, a payment of $10,175.

But TMZ reports The Laurtias have saved their home from going into foreclosure! Jacqueline made a deal with the bank outside of court, and in return Hudson City Savings dropped the lawsuit. The case was dismissed on April 17th!

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  1. Don’t worry Jax and Chris are in for a severe financial let down when all their dirt start to come into being later on this year.

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