Chris & Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, Johnny Karagiorgis Facing Indictment Over RHONJ Brawl!


Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, along with Joe Gorga are facing prosectors regarding the RHONJ brawl that took place at the opening of POSCHE 2, where Johnny Karagiorgis filed assault charges on all three of the cast members. Bergen County prosecutor spokesperson Maureen Parenta reveals that The Lauritas and Joe Gorga are “being prepared” to face a grand jury indictment.

Johnny still believes he was set-up by Bravo producers to increase ratings for the show. Johnny feels like he was “ambushed” by the cast. Johnny will also be indicted according to He is facing charges for “three counts each of harassment and assault, and two counts of making terroristic threats.”

In a previous hearing Joe Gorga told a judge: “ [Johnny] He’s obsessed with us, and he’s stalked us for years. I get phone calls at night. It’s to the point where my wife has gotten depressed over it. This guy needs to be prosecuted. This is cyber bullying.”

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4 Replies to “Chris & Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, Johnny Karagiorgis Facing Indictment Over RHONJ Brawl!”

  1. Joe Gorga is such a coward piece of poo. I don’t believe John K ever called and stalked them. Was there discussion on twitter about him and his sleezy wife, yes. By tons of peeps, not just Johnny. In fact many were sharing stories of how pathetic the Gorgas were/are and that is freedom of speech. I read yesterday the producers had to turn over film from that incident and were previously warned not to edit, they would be looking for fradulent “tricks” with the film. If a halfway intellegent judge gets the twitter feeds which incudes the DM’s and phone records – the Gorgas will be revealed. Just because they had certain people as their mouthpiece to harrass and intimidate certain people with social media, doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. Cybercommunication is never erased or hidden – but the Gorga morons are too stupid to realize that. I think Jac is facing more serious charge since she felt compelled to use her shoe – which is considered a weapon. Their days of truth are coming. Thank Goodness.

  2. Congratulations to the THUGS: Jaca***, Chris, and Peanut on, once again, increasing your press and notoriety for such outstanding behaviour! You all have so much to be proud of! What an inspirational example you all are for your children! GO. AWAY.

  3. The Lauritas and Gorga’s don’t understand that this isn’t some who’s better contest, they better come with evidence that he was stalking them for years and cyberbullying. They came out and said this in order to get John to drop his lawsuit and criminal damages.

  4. I sure hope these people are making enough money to save for their kids therapy , cause EACH one of them is going to need it! How embarrassing watching your parents act like 2 yr olds in front of millions of people each week. If you don’t like what people say about you get the f$&/@ off the show, you created this drama , now live with the messes you ALL made! I can’t believe what people say & do for money and fame. And last , stop with the BS line ” we’re family” cause I don’t know any decent family that would go on national tv and fight, argue back stab ,lie , cheat, degrade, name calling, sorry ass bunch of people you are.

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