Child Protective Services Closes Case Against Paul Nassif


Child Protective Services have officially closed their cased and stopped investigating Adrienne Maloof’s ex-husband Paul Nassif, a new report reveals.

According to a source, “Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services has formally closed both cases: the one involving Dr. Paul Nassif, and the one involving Adrienne’s family member. No further action will be taken against either individual.”

The allegations involved the couple’s three children, Gavin, 12, and twin sons, Colin and Christian, 6.

RadarOnline reports that the child abuse scandal began when Nassif’s former bodyguard, Kevin Villalobos, stated in his resignation letter, “I could not silently standby while you hit and injured your children in angry outbursts .” The letter was also sent to Maloof. Nassif later sued Villalobos for defamation over the claims, but that wasn’t enough to stop the investigation.

An insider previously told the site, “Kevin Villalobos called DCFS and made a formal complaint, alleging child abuse, including verbal and physical claims. The agency is mandated to open an investigation.”

The source added, “Paul and Adrienne will continue to focus on the children, and each only wants the happiness and well being for them.”

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8 Replies to “Child Protective Services Closes Case Against Paul Nassif”

    1. Bee I totally agree, I could see Adrienne abusing him not the other way around and the kids, no! It’s difficult to make comments because they were on such a small amount of time so we didn’t see anything.
      Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand when the man is getting abuse, and I have to say this as I am so proud of her, my daughter got a man and his children into a safe house away from his wife. She hit him many times with different objects but then tried to gas him and the children! Now she is with the police and will be locked up but in the mean time she will never find him or the kids. Abuse in the home is widespread and very sad!

    2. I have always loved him too. I think it was brought on over anger from Adrian. I’m glad they get along again. I actually liked both of them

  1. Well we have seen at least one episode of over the top anger, when he called Brandi a bunch of names and so on. Even though Brandi has a way of instigating and bringing out the worst in people, that scene made me cringe. Anyway, if CPS cleared him then I guess he’s presumed innocent. I was going to say he seemed like too much of a happy goofy guy to abuse anyone but then I remembered that one scene… If anyone recalls, it was because Brandi blabbed that one of the Maloof kids was carried by a surrogate. Not sure why it was a giant secret anyway but still not really for Brandi to announce to the world either.

    1. Yup I remember, Judge. He turned into scary Paul. I hope the story is false of course, but what would the body guard have to gain from this? The blabby personal chef made a claim as well & Adrienne didn’t deny it. If it’s true I hope this scared him into flying straight. Abusers can be extremely charming in public & it discredits the victim. Who knows. Not me, that’s for sure.

      1. Hi DeeDee, Bernie, the chef admitted lying about lots of things he apologised to Lisa VP for lying. I’m not someone that likes Either of them very much although Paul slightly more than Adrienne. I might be wrong but I always felt a lot of the nonsense came from Adrienne.

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