Chef Bernie Guzman SLAMS Kyle Richards On Facebook, Sides With Lisa Vanderpump!

Bernie Guzman

Adrienne Maloof’s chef, Bernie Guzman, is inserting himself in more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama. Throughout Season 3 Lisa Vanderpump claims Kyle Richards never stands up for her and seems to back up everyone but her. Lisa also said that she felt her relationship with Kyle changed after Mauricio had secured Lisa’s house listing, and she also accused Kyle of befriending Adrienne so that Mauricio could sell her house. Kyle was offended by these accusations, and strongly denies them.


Guzman took to Facebook to put in his two cents. He shared a photo of a person being stabbed in the back (above) and wrote; “I find I must be fair and agree with LISA VANDERPUMP on the Kyle Richards SCANDLE {sic}.” Then he listed all the problems he has with Kyle.

  • Kyle Richards only “played” friends with LISA to get the HOUSE LISTING.
  • Then disappeared and sided with ADRIENNE to get Adrienne’s listing.
  • Then after getting the listing, “Switched Faces” and said she was never close to ADRIENNE.
  • Kyle Richards totally stabbed Lisa Vanderpump in the back and in conversation.
  • I know…I am in the kitchen and I answer the mainline phone 80% of the time.
  • (As seen in previous episodes)
  • KYLE claims she was not close to ADRIENNE last season, but she called Adrienne at least 4 X A WEEK.
  • KYLE Richards has no loyalties and only out for her.
  • On Kyle and Kim’s infamous limo fight in the season one finale:
  • KYLE Richards is a heartless female, crucifying Kim in the limo about her substance abuse and stealing Kim’s house for the whole world to witness.
  • So KYLE Richards can feel better by acting like the victim?
  • On Kyle spending time with her youngest daughter, Portia:
  • Kyle parades her daughter PORTIA around on TV for every Kidnapper & Pedophile to salivate.
  • I worked for KYLE RICHARDS once and she never paid me.
  • Everyone in BEVERLY HILLS KNOWS, it is (Kyle’s Boutique) always empty…….. ask the crickets.
  • Why go there when you already have a “LANE BRYANT” Down the street.…

Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook



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