Chef Bernie Guzman SLAMS Kyle Richards On Facebook, Sides With Lisa Vanderpump!

Bernie Guzman

Adrienne Maloof’s chef, Bernie Guzman, is inserting himself in more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama. Throughout Season 3 Lisa Vanderpump claims Kyle Richards never stands up for her and seems to back up everyone but her. Lisa also said that she felt her relationship with Kyle changed after Mauricio had secured Lisa’s house listing, and she also accused Kyle of befriending Adrienne so that Mauricio could sell her house. Kyle was offended by these accusations, and strongly denies them.


Guzman took to Facebook to put in his two cents. He shared a photo of a person being stabbed in the back (above) and wrote; “I find I must be fair and agree with LISA VANDERPUMP on the Kyle Richards SCANDLE {sic}.” Then he listed all the problems he has with Kyle.

  • Kyle Richards only “played” friends with LISA to get the HOUSE LISTING.
  • Then disappeared and sided with ADRIENNE to get Adrienne’s listing.
  • Then after getting the listing, “Switched Faces” and said she was never close to ADRIENNE.
  • Kyle Richards totally stabbed Lisa Vanderpump in the back and in conversation.
  • I know…I am in the kitchen and I answer the mainline phone 80% of the time.
  • (As seen in previous episodes)
  • KYLE claims she was not close to ADRIENNE last season, but she called Adrienne at least 4 X A WEEK.
  • KYLE Richards has no loyalties and only out for her.
  • On Kyle and Kim’s infamous limo fight in the season one finale:
  • KYLE Richards is a heartless female, crucifying Kim in the limo about her substance abuse and stealing Kim’s house for the whole world to witness.
  • So KYLE Richards can feel better by acting like the victim?
  • On Kyle spending time with her youngest daughter, Portia:
  • Kyle parades her daughter PORTIA around on TV for every Kidnapper & Pedophile to salivate.
  • I worked for KYLE RICHARDS once and she never paid me.
  • Everyone in BEVERLY HILLS KNOWS, it is (Kyle’s Boutique) always empty…….. ask the crickets.
  • Why go there when you already have a “LANE BRYANT” Down the street.…

Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook


25 Replies to “Chef Bernie Guzman SLAMS Kyle Richards On Facebook, Sides With Lisa Vanderpump!”

  1. This could be the funniest posting ever!!! Kyle = fake fake fake. Her husband is the perfect match for her. They step on people, run to their ugly home and buy things they couldnt have before, thanks to his commissions. Barf…

  2. “The Kyle Richards Scandal”. Now you’ve gone an added another word to her repertoire. Let’s see how many times Kyle uses the word “scandal” from now on!

  3. This is not really news to us viewers but it is nice to see it ALL in print. Thanks Bernie.
    By the way where is Bernie working now? Everyone had better take note.

  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I think Bernie’s telling the truth on this one, because we all saw enough to put those pieces together. His credibility isn’t that great, however, since posting pictures of Adrienne’s bruises and attributing them to her husband. Didn’t she show us what a macho macho man she was with her martial arts the first season? Nobody can tell me that woman’s husband knocked her around and she did nothing about it.


  6. Kyle is disgusting. Look who her niece is…Paris Hilton. That family is out for themselves. It’s funny on the reunion she said she’s never been close to Adrienne yet all season she acted like she was and ALWAYS stuck up for her. She didn’t stick up for Lisa EVER! Plus she’s never had Kims back. She wants to complain about Brandi spilling Adriennes family secret which everyone knew about but it was ok for her to spill her own sisters substance abuse secret on television. She’s just mean and evil.

  7. OH COME ON PEOPLE! I LOVE KYLE! She’s the only one who doesn’t carry herself with an heir of “i’m rich, bow down,” snobbish, arrogant attitude. And she’s the only housewife on RHOBH that any NORMAL, down-to-earth, American housewife or busy woman can relate to. She’s not delusional and full of herself. She DOESN’T CARE if any of the castmates are RICH — she’ll tell them like it is!

    Kyle has been the ONLY housewife to show kindness and empathy to the people that really need it in their time of need. Kyle being “mean” to Kim or anyone else… that’s just Kyle’s usual “take no bull****” attitude that she’s ALWAYS had. Any strong woman who works in the demanding, competitive real world knows what that’s like and that you need to have enough of a backbone to stand up to your peers with INTEGRITY (That is, “you want the truth? i’ll give u the truth!” attitude. No BS!)

    Lisa saying that Kyle showed a lack of loyalty AFTER Mauricio sold the Vanderpump home is ridiculous. Kyle has ALWAYS been real with Lisa and we’re all use to seeing Kyle jump down Lisa’s throat, even before they sold the home. So, CERTAINLY, Kyle is never ever sucking up or taking sides with a housewife JUST because of their status in society. That’s very clear. Kyle was born and raised in Beverly Hills and has had connections even before she was born. She holds no ties with ANYONE except her family, long-time friends and relatives.

  8. yes AH, Kyle doesn’t have an “heir quality” about her but she does have a bully quality about her. When she needs back-up she looks to Kim and then Kim jumps on the band wagon to get Kyle’s approval. Remember the first episode, when Brandi was on crutches. They made so much fun of her and even hid her crutch. So during the reunion, when Lisa was asked if she believed Kyle and Kim, and she said NO, well, hooray for Lisa and seeing through Kyle’s childish, manipulative, and bullying ways!

  9. Kim needs to distance herself from her manipulative sister she does not care for her,she wants to be the it girl,that is all she is about.She wants to be about friends.I lost respect for her last season when i saw her disgusting treatment toward her sister.She barely ever has her sister’s back,and now to see her husband disrespected whether it was his place or not its up to her to tell him not Brandi. Her true colors are being shown now by Lisa who feels the sting now.I dont know why she thought it would be different with her.Kyle rarely defends her sister and husband. Lisa and Yolanda are so phony and materialistic but dont know anything about true friendship and loyalty.Yolanda is another phony who was speaking down to every woman there with her sweetheart and all Kyle and the other woman can say to Brandi and Yolanda is your beautiful and i like you and think you are a great person.Its pathetic ,if Nene Leakes was on this show, i bet Yolanda and Brandi would be in tears and their true insecurities would show.They are weak but pretend like they are right because the other woman are more concerned with being popular than being respected.Brandy would need a brandy once i finished with her.She is a vindictive snake and being used for Lisa’s cause but when they are done with her,she is going to be sorry about all the instigating and sabotaging people’s relationships..All these females have no class in my opinion.Leann Rimes is now sorry she ever had any involvement with Brandi’s ex because she too like Adrienne is feeling the wrath and putting eveyone thru hell for what her ex did to her.A woman scorned is now on a rampage to destroy other people’s lives, and relationships ,even Leann almost had a nervous breakdown the other day because of Brandi.People need to stop pretending like they can’t see that what Brandi is doing is morally wrong.Mauricio is the only one that can speak the truth.Again i say, if Brandi spoke to my husband like that she would not be so easily off the hook. Brandi, and Kyle should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. AH…are you serious? Kyle is a bully! She’s manipulative and vindictive. She interrupts people all the time then has the audacity to say “let me finish speaking”. She and Kim are both blatant hypocrites who behave in the same vile manner that they so often accuse others of. The fact that they can’t seem to recognize this makes me think they really are the narcissists they seem to be. Kyle is very good at pretending to be drama free and classy. Think about it…when have we seen her when she hasn’t had something to say about someone? She’s constantly stirring the pot and stabbing someone in the back…all with that underbite smile on her face. I pity people who can’t recognize those who are manipulative. It’s plain to see for those of us with the ability to look below the surface..maybe Kyle has the same fans as Adrienne Malloof and Theresa guidice. Lol. That would explain a lot.

  11. I like Kyle. What Bernie said is OUT OF LINE. Kyle is not the only one who shows her kids on TV! Who the fuck says that kind of stuff? Off with his….her head!!

  12. Bernie is disgusting but he’s stating what most viewers already know. Kyle is a real turd.
    I notice Brandi, Taylor & Yolanda all tweeted support for Lisa on Monday for Dancing With the Stars – not a peep about it from Kyle or Kim. She was in the audience with her greasy husband only because they were filming for the Real Housewives. Kyle is just loathsome. She is that kind of b!tch who will be gloating when Lisa gets the boot.

  13. AH what the fck you watching coz it sure aint the same show as the rest of us! Kyle was a total foul mouthed beatch season 1. Bullying Camille and OUTING her own sisters alcoholism. If thats your idea of a good person i truly pity you. Truth is, Kyle is self serving, insincere and never ever to be trusted a s a friend. Both she and her greasy car salesman hubby are USERS. Greedy couple desperate to keep up with Jones of Beverly hills!

  14. We all knew this about Kyle. I can’t stand seeing her on the show anymore. She’s constantly smacking her lips, totally annoying. And that underbite, yuck. Being part of that Hilton family, what can you expect…a bunch of trashy women wanting to be noticed. I’m so sick of her sister Kim as well. Get her off the show. I’m sympathetic of people with addictions but it doesn’t mean that I have to see her acting so pathetically each week. She acts like the female equivalent of Ozzie Osbourne, stumbling through her words. They both need to go the way of Camille Grammer – adios!!!!

  15. Bravo Bernie, Bravo! Right on with every comment! I’m not a big fan of Adrienne’s, but she is not parading her children for every sicko that’s out there, and I admire that!! Kyle uses what she thinks is Portia’s cuter-than-everybody-else stuff for more camera time. The aging goat Kyle needs to get over herself; there are millions of cute kids out there. Portia is just one kid and frankly, I do not watch RHOBH to see Portia!! It’s NOT a show about kids, nor should kids be featured on the show. And Portia is on far and away more than any other child of the wives. Yolanda has a beautiful daughter, Kim does too, Camille does as well, Taylor does too, and I don’t see ANY of these ladies constantly flaunting their kids trying to get camera time. As I’d said, Adrienne in particular is VERY protective, doesn’t want her kids on the show and you can’t help but admire that. We’ve seen some of Lisa’s Pandora on the show, but she is not a minor, totally different scenario.

    I think Kyle needs her balding head examined.

    PS–Can someone, anyone, maybe Mareezeeo tell Kyle that it’s time to retire the miniskirts and stay in her caftans that she wears so well? Seriously, the caftans need to be Kyle’s Go-To uniform. The caftans will hide Kyle’s ridged batwing arms, hide the fact that she has NO torso, and hide her ice cube shaped hips. Some lose leggings worn with a caftan will hide her hideous, atrocious legs. Those short, stumpy, bumby legs that look like they have cinnamon rolls for knees MUST STAY COVERED UP FROM HERE ON. ONLY MAUREEZEEO SHOULD SEE THOSE STUMPS AND PREFERABLY ONLY IN THE DARK IF KYLE VALUES MAUREZZ’S SANITY. Those stumps are just THAT UGLY.

  16. Bernie is nothing but a pig! Since the first season, all he’s talked about was how much he despises Lisa. Every opportunity he could say it, he would. He is nothing but a media whore. Mark my words, he’s been kissing Adriennes ass for a very long time and the moment that Adrienne realizes how insignificant Bernie is and kicks his ass to the gutter he came from, he’s going to find himself cooking at a dive greasy spoon before any respectable person hires him. The world now knows he’s a sleazebag and will jump when a tabloid rag offers to pay him for information…it’ll be his only income. In spanish we call a person like Bernie, “sucio”, which means “dirty”.

  17. Who is going to listen to Bernie? The comment he made about Kyle parading her daughter, Portia, around to be seen by kidnappers and pedophiles? WHAT? She is a mother just going about her normal day. This man is a total idiot! Lisa V. is nothing but a whiner! Put your dog down and fight your own battles.

    1. I don’t think most of us care if Kyle trots her kid in front of a camera for money. It’s certainly what she learned from her own childhood. Bernie is on anybody’s ‘favorites’ list, but then Kyle isn’t either. Most of us love Lisa, and see Kyle for what she is: sort of duplicitous and characterless.

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