Charrisse Jordan Jackson Doesn’t Worry About Her Husband Living In New Jersey


RHOP star Charrisse Jackson Jordan resides in Potomac, but her hubby Eddie lives in New Jersey where he works as the head coach for the Rutgers University’s basketball team. But despite living apart, Jordan claims she never worries about what her husband is up to!

“No I don’t,” Jordan told OK! Magazine. “We have an open line of communication. We talk every morning [and] do face time, [which] kind of makes you feel present.”

“My husband’s not very social,” she explained. “So his routine is very predictable. He goes to work and then he goes home. Not much in between unless he can get in a game of golf. But outside of golfing, my husband really doesn’t do a whole lot.”

“Sometimes I miss him,” Jordan admitted. “With my kids, they are in school. My son is playing basketball. He has his schedule, and his season and my husband’s season overlap, so it becomes difficult to get there as much. It’s challenging in that sense.”

But Charrisse does miss her husband sometimes.

“I’m from New Jersey, so I’m in New Jersey a lot actually,” she said. “We had a home there in New Jersey prior to him getting this job, so we used to frequent New Jersey all the time anyway. So it’s already part of our regiment — going back and forth to New Jersey.”

“We see him as much as we can,” she added, saying right now she doesn’t want to uproot her children from Potomac. “When it comes to him being in New Jersey and myself remaining here, we have children and I uprooted my children one time, and then unfortunately the job only lasted a year and I had to uproot them again. And they are older now and they are adapted into their environment. They love it. They’re thriving. And you want to make a decision based on the happiness and well being of our children. So, that’s why we are here.”

“I would probably venture to say possibly I would move once my daughter goes to college,” she said. “I would go live in New Jersey, but I would keep my home here in Potomac.”

“It would be a flip situation,” she concluded. “I would just come back and forth to Potomac… I still look at Potomac as a place of retirement for us.”

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16 Replies to “Charrisse Jordan Jackson Doesn’t Worry About Her Husband Living In New Jersey”

  1. So she already uprooted her children once and his job only lasted a year. Now they’re doing well in high school and she and her husband don’t want to uproot them again. Makes sense to me and is nobody else’s business.

      1. Probably too soon to tell, Sally, but to me, they all came off as pretentious, arrogant, snobs who have no cause to believe they are better than anyone else. There wasn’t an ounce of social grace or even good manners in any of their interactions and yet, they spent the entire evening schooling each other on etiquette.
        I don’t know how they fit their egos through the doorways and can’t even imagine what they will be like if this show takes off….Nene Leakes, I suppose.

  2. I think these ladies are going to deliver. They aren’t as derivative as the other shows trying to pass off literal strippers as High Society, and at least they’ve been better educated than Porsha Williams (shudder) and know that when they are not speaking in our cultural southern dialect, the word “bridesmaids” has an additional “s” . I want to see them spar as with any juicy, dramatic show, but spar intelligently with words and not hands…and the icier, the better. No screaming matches, please.

    1. I liked it, too. I am thinking they will deliver, that was the exact thing I was thinking when I was rooted to sitting on the edge of my bed. Usually I slip in and this time I sat there and got comfy. I didn’t care for this lady here, Charrisse, I had to scroll up to see her name, she was obnoxious and boring at the same time. Her and Karen use the words “the help” like they are spitting.

  3. I really didn’t like this lady. You don’t invite a guest to your house, make her cook, leave her alone in your kitchen and then criticize everything she does. Yuck. I might give this show one more try but so far these ladies are just too into themselves.

    1. I don’t like her or Karen. I like Gizelle. She seems more down to earth. I believe she is the only 1 with a real pedigree.

  4. I had neighbors where the husband was a professional baseball coach. They moved to NJ from FL and he was working in California for years while she lived in NJ where the kids went to school…and they eventually divorced. The children were all left back one year when they moved here, since they were so behind from all the moves perhaps.He switched teams a lot, and was rarely in NJ or FL or wherever they moved, and moved to NJ because his wife’s family was here and she wanted to be near them. He left her for a younger woman…Baseball season is very long and hard on families.

    1. I know it is not baseball coaching we are commenting on, and it is college (Rutgers Univ.) sports related…but a lot of these coaches don’t stay put in one place for long. It is hard on the families with children especially.

  5. I would imagine that distance is never good for a relationship but don’t these ladies live in an affluent neighborhood? I didn’t realize head coaches of college sports teams did so well.

    1. her husband probably can’t stand her either…. which is why he never wants to be around the bitch
      oh, yeah… he is away “working”….. girl…. you will only find that he is dipping his stick in some other fondue…

      can’t wait to see you wrecked! After pride….. cometh the Fall!

  6. I’m not watching this one I’ve decided. I just saw bits and pieces of a rerun and I’m not interested in another show full of pretentious fodder. The farmer’s daughter takes 1st prize for haughtiness. What a bore. *snoring*

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