Charrisse Jackson: I Am An Open Book


This week the Real Housewives of Potomac made their Bravo debut, and while we finally got to see what the fuss was about Cherise Jackson is telling it how it is. From hearing the ladies gossip about her man to watching a feud between Gizelle and Karen, she dished it all to Bravo.

“ What were you feeling at the table when the ladies were asking about Eddie?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: Really?? The ladies want to have discussion about my marriage behind my back? If you want to know anything about Charrisse just ask. I am a open book. But I get it, they want to find something wrong so they can feel good about their lives. Go ahead ladies keep talking! Like the song goes…If you don’t have no haters you aren’t popping! I guess I’m Orville Redenbacher…Pop! Pop! Pop!

What do you think of Gizelle’s comments about your “facade” on this matter and her offer of support?

CJJ: Gizelle Bryant asking me about Eddie at Karen Huger’s dinner was her being her usual messy self. She loves attention and will do it at any expense. After all we are here to celebrate Karen. I am learning more and more that “class” for her is just something that she took while attending school. Tell us about Gizelle arriving with a guest to your home, and her actions during the preparations for the crab boil. Why did her behavior upset you so much?

CJJ: I was able to bypass Gizelle bringing her sidekick without letting me know. That’s what classless people do. I even bypassed his rude comments to me about my hair and clothing. After all, birds of a feather flock together. But slamming my cabinets and going through my things? Really? I know she said she came from pedigree but I had no idea she meant a wild animal. Then she proceeded to bring her friend upstairs in my bedroom?? She has never been in my bedroom and to think that was okay only shows she lacks home training. What do you think about Gizelle and Karen’s argument at your event?

CJJ: Karen and Gizelle’s argument is like watching Dumb and Dumber! It¹s a crab boil not a class on etiquette. There is a time and a place for everything. Clearly this was not the place for it. I know some of my other friends are wondering where in the heck I found these people. Looks like my Annual Crab Boil turned into a Hen Pecking Party.”

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8 Replies to “Charrisse Jackson: I Am An Open Book”

  1. Charisse seems a bit obsessed with words like “class,” “etiquette” and “home training,” while being too ignorant to realize you don’t leave a guest to cook and answer the door at your party while you relax and enjoy a beauty treatment upstairs.

    1. You asked Gizelle to cook for your event, & then, you didn’t even greet your own guests. You are so rude. You wouldn’t know manners & etiquette if it hit you over the head. Obviously you aren’t a very good planner or you would have taken care of this yourself. You have no reason to look down your nose at anyone.

    2. tell it! She looks and acts like an orangoutang! Foul looking and foul acting! She looks like a MAN…. she really needs to take a long look in the mirror before she starts worrying about etiquette. Being late and not greeting guests is not only rude…. it shows you what trash she really is!

  2. Take your book on manners and shove it up your arse. There’s nothing worse than a cold, stuffy stuck up classless #itch, this woman really rubbed me the wrong way.

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