Charrisse Jackson Jordan Sees Divorce in Her Future

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This season of the Real Housewives of Potomac ended with a bombshell when Charrisse Jackson Jordan revealed her husband Eddie wasn’t speaking to her and now she is revealing why she waited until the last minute to share the news.

“It wasn’t an environment where I’m really around people who really give two flying fricks about my marriage or whatever. I really did not want to be emotional in that setting with that audience, and that’s why I chose to do it the way that I did do it,” Charrisse told The Daily Dish. “Even doing it that way, I had to contain myself from being emotional.”

Charrisse also said she wanted to help real-life people going through the same thing as her, and added she doesn’t appreciate Gizelle Bryant’s comments made on WWHL. “We go through all this catfighting on the show, and the thing about my situation, it’s a real situation that’s going on in my life,” Charrisse said. “I don’t mind sharing my story or things that I go through in my life, but for people to attack it and all of that — and when it’s not even necessary — it’s ridiculous.”

“Robyn and I have been friends the longest, and Robyn gets it. Robyn gets me. She gets the whole spectrum bigger than anybody else on the show because it’s semi-like her life… There’s a sincere friendship and there’s a sincere love that is shared between Robyn and I, and I know that she really cares about me,” Charrisse said. “Katie also reaches out a lot and checks in, makes sure that I’m OK and all that.”

“I’ve come to terms with the reality of my life,” she said. “Unfortunately, I’ve been in an unhappy place for many years, and it’s just now I’ve accepted that the marriage isn’t going to work.”

Before the reunion, she was still hopeful they could fix their marriage. “I’ve spent many years trying to make it work. I love family. I came from a home with two parents. That’s all I know. I’m totally unfamiliar with the world of divorce, but I do understand that it’s a common thing these days,” she explained. “I was trying to, I guess, be like my mother. I’m sure my mother had challenging times in the course of her 50 years of being married, but they worked at being a family. It was disappointing, it’s a hard situation to accept, but it is what it is.”

But now she sees divorce in her future. “I think at this point, I know my husband doesn’t want the relationship anymore, and I’ve accepted it,” she said. “So now it’s going to that next step is where I am now.”

“I knew when I decided to be a part of the show that it would probably be the demise of my marriage. But I was making a decision for myself. It was a risk I was willing to take,” Charrisse explained. “As much as I wanted my marriage to work, at the same time, I also had to be cognizant of what the future had for me. My kids are 18 and 16. I gave up my career. For me, I usually do things for a purpose, and one of the biggest purposes for me doing this show was to share, believe it or not, my struggles. The way that I walk about life, people think everything is so great, but it’s not. Inside, I’m just like a bombshell about to explode, but on the inside I’m smiling.”

Charrisse says watching the show made her realize how unhappy she was in her marriage. “The crazy thing is, when I watch the show throughout the season, I just see this sad person,” she said. “And that was another thing that took me to a place of realizing that, you know what, it’s time for things to be different for you. Because I see this sad person, and I don’t want to be that person anymore. I’ve been that person for a long time.”

“I turned 50, so reclaiming myself, finding Charrisse, finding things that make myself happy,” Charrisse said of what she’s looking forward to now. “I’ve always been taking care of everyone else, and I let go of myself. So now, it’s about regaining Charrisse and finding that happiness that has been missing for so long.”

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  • Gaild

    I notice she didn’t address the fireman BF, etc.

  • kim2020


    The viewers are also cognizant that your relationship would not withstand the public outing of the status of your marriage. Thank goodness that you live in an area of the country where you have options with regard to people, places and things that you can enjoy. I don’t know if you are Greek, but having sorority sisters can be a great source of support. Good luck.

  • kim2020

    Sorry about the misspelling of your name.

  • PJ

    I’m not surprised that Robyn gets it. Her relationship is every bit as disfunctional. I hope Charisse does go ahead and file for divorce. She deserves better than she’s getting. Be an example of a strong woman to your kids.

  • kim2020

    I would also caution Charisse about speaking too negatively about her husband as many of the husbands like to get revenge by embarrassing their wives (e.g., Ramona, LuAnn) publicly. It’s not worth it because Charisse’s husband (like mine too if I were to humiliate him publicly) will turn into a SOB during negotiation time.

  • Rich Old Goat

    She’s banging a fireman…divorcing is the honorable thing to do