Charrisse Jackson Jordan is Saddened By her Costars Attacks On Each Other


Charrisse Jackson Jordan is speaking out about the RHOP season finale. Jordan shares a moving story in a new interview with Bravo as to why the other women’s attacks on each other bother her so much. So, how bad was your b-day hangover? Any fun stories from your b-day night?
Charrisse Jackson Jordan:
The birthday party itself was like a wedding day where the bride deosn’t get to eat the amazing dinner that everyone enjoyed at the couple’s expense. I had a couple of passed hors d’oeuvres, but not much else. I had a few glasses of bubbly that I kept losing. As a result, no buzz at the party for me. However, the libation encounter was after the party. Michael and Ashley pretty much hosted a group that consisted of my nieces, close friends, and, of course, myself. We hit a local club and were flowing VIP all night (or should I say morning). We ended the night at Ben’s Chili bowl. OMG! Who knew a turkey hot dog and fries with cheese could taste so good at 4:00 in the morning. Needless to say, it took me a few days to recover from the party after the party. Onto the luncheon, what were you thinking when Karen said Ashley needed to procreate.
When Karen went into her verbiage of telling Ashley she needed to procreate, I’m thinking what does this have to do with the topic at hand? I thought the issue was Karen feeling that Ashley wasn’t in her opinion a good role model for Rayvin. It’s not like she was trying to adopt Rayvin or pretend to be her superficial mom. Often times, I think a couple of these ladies come up with these things to say to offend or throw shade and blurt things out at any given chance even when it doesn’t make sense. But that was a clever one for Karen. I wonder how long she stood in the mirror practicing that one. Lol! Tell us about trying to clear the air and kind of calling Gizelle and Robyn out for focusing on race.
This whole race relations issue that these girls are having is really baffling to me. The constant badgering of being mixed or not and being not “Black enough” is the most ridiculous thing that we are unfortunately witnessing with this crew and in 2016. Wow! When it comes to race issues my concern is more in the realm of my son being around the corner at a party and scared out of his mind because the people he came with left him and now he has to walk alone at midnight in an upscale neighborhood and worry about someone mistaking him as a criminal because he is a Black boy in a predominately non-Black community and feels they have a right to shoot him. When my son shared this with me it almost broke my heart that this was his reality. So when Gizelle who thinks only Black runs through her green eyed veins continues to make pointless race comments and attacks on others for having to choose one side of their bi-racial existence really saddens me. I really thought we were beyond that. I see now that we have a long way to go, but I am certain we’ll get there. You seem to be the voice of reason at the table – tell us about bringing everyone together over respect. Do you like keeping the peace?
I do try to be the voice of reasoning in any situation. I try to see both sides of an issue. Sometimes, there isn’t a right or wrong conclusion, but as long as we are dealing with each other out of respect, there isn’t anything that can’t be resolved. It’s one thing to have misunderstandings and differences, but it’s how you handle them. We are a group of adult women who have different views on a LOT of things. As long as we treat each other with respect, we can express those differences. What is the point of arguing back and forth when there is no resolve? At the luncheon I opted to observe as they aired their differences. After a while, my brain couldn’t take it anymore because the argument was so frivolous that I had to reel it in. I’m glad we were able to end on a positive note. Stress Kills! And I am trying to keep them all alive!!

As crazy as this group can be at times, I have learned a few things from them. Who knew?! But each of the ladies is dynamic and has a uniqueness of their own. There is so much about each of them that I would love to know on a deeper level as our bond to sisterhood strengthens

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  1. I find it very telling that once Charisse owned up to the fact that she was completely unhappy in her own private life, it completely freed her up from being a witch. Once she was honest about her own “muck”, it’s like the burden of misery’s weight was lifted from her shoulders and by gawd, Evilene became human, lighthearted, and I daresay balanced and forward-thinking. She has made the largest amount of growth in this group, and surprisingly ended up become a voice of reason in this henhouse of squabbling chickens. Just goes to demonstate that if people were more honest about their own “ish” and tending their own grounds it leaves little room for them to be pre-occupied and bitter about anyone else’s.

  2. I couldn’t stand this woman at the beginning of the season but by the end if the season she was a different woman, she seemed light and happy.

  3. I believe the season started with HER drama at her house party. The way she treated guests by expecting them to cook and then calling them out for coming up to her bedroom? Yeah, I’ll give her a pass because she wasn’t owning her marriage crap, but “Your face is repulsive to me!”???

    1. People say effed up things when they’re miserable and unfulfilled: we see that every day in IRL and Cyberspace. I don’t want to say she gets a pass, but Charisse’s honesty can at least give way to empathy on my part. Although as quiet as it’s kept, as much of a “beauty” Gizelle would be considered in my community, she’s so mean-spirited I daresay a tiny bit of me is beginning to find her face repulsive as well- especially as she continues to harp on the fact that she has Pretty Girl Woes & Misunderstood Beauty Syndrome, emphasis on the looks.

      There are very deep, unpleasant, (and usually secret) historical connotations to what she really means when she says this (from either side of the coin), and frankly I’m tired of hearing her self-congratulatory remarks on how gorgeous she is. She states the obvious in more ways than one for those who are in the know, and it’s fatiguing…to the point of broaching on being repulsive at times. It’s a very complex and uncomfortable issue for a particular segment of the American population, and this is likely not the appropriate forum for it. Anyhoo… I did at least appreciate Evilene Charisse’s explanation in the interview for why she flipped…Gizelle and Co. were doing the most and it was edited out.

  4. I’m not sure why Charisse even made the cut… her house? She doesn’t bring much to the show that I couldn’t get from the comments section on a blog like this one. I don’t want to watch sidebar wives on my RH shows, sorry. They should get wives with a strong perspective, even if I think their perspective sucks 🙂

  5. I haven’t really gotten into this show, what I’ve seen though is that Charrisse is pretty real and keeps things real.

  6. she really didn’t come off well in the beginning, but grew on me a little with how chill she can be during the dumbest arguments. that tagline is laughable tho tbh.

  7. Didn’t like Charrise’s attitude at her party, but as soon as she got real about her marriage issues and having fun at her birthday she quickly became my favourite. The rest of them are all nuts. When Gizelle had her mouth full and her eyes bugging out at the lunch while Karen went off on Ashley I couldn’t help but laugh. For someone that was trying to be so high and mighty she looked anything but. Karen is a narcissist that needs a reality check. Gave this show an honest try all season, but it’s not on my to do list next year.

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