Charrisse Jackson Jordan Responds to Gizelle Bryant’s Claims She Has a Boyfriend


The Real Housewives of Potomac was full of bombshells and Gizelle Bryant continued to drop those bombs when she appeared on WWHL after the conclusion of the reunion. She shared details of Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marriage.

“Well, you know, they’re gonna do what they’ve been doing. He’s gonna be with his girlfriends, and she’s going to be with her boyfriend, the fireman,” Gizelle said of Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marriage. “He has big muscles and everything. He’s cute. Go, Charrisse.”

Now, Jordan is responding to Bryant’s statement.

“Well, basically, I was very disappointed that Gizelle would stoop to the level of being on a national station talking about my life that she knows nothing about, and creating a lie just for attention and airtime,” Charrisse told The Daily Dish over the phone on Tuesday. “I don’t know why I’m surprised because that’s the type of person we dealt with all season, but this to me was an all-time low for her to even go there.”

“No, there’s no truth to it,” she said. “I mean, [Gizelle] sits there, and the thing that’s crazy is that she used the term ‘we.’ ‘Oh, we weren’t surprised. We know she has a boyfriend.’ I mean, she made it sound like it’s common knowledge that Charrisse has a boyfriend. It’s a bunch of BS that I don’t know what her problem is, but it’s crazy. No one will co-sign on that story. She used ‘we,’ I guess, to validate what she was saying, but no, there’s no truth to it.”

“I didn’t even give it any thought because what type of person does that? Why would you create an account just to talk about somebody? It just, to me, was just [lunacy]. So I gave it no weight,” Charrisse said of the social media posts. “So that’s where [Gizelle]’s getting it from. But she gets on television and some little crazy person that she doesn’t even know on social media who made these accusations, she’s gonna get on the show and present it like it’s a fact.”

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9 Replies to “Charrisse Jackson Jordan Responds to Gizelle Bryant’s Claims She Has a Boyfriend”

  1. Charisse, honey, that’s a lot of denial right there. I watched part 2 last night and I don’t believe any of these women can stand each other. Watch for musical chairs when it comes to alliances with this bunch.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this isn’t true because firemen are HOT!!! 😀 On the flip side, Gizelle is really thirsty for attention and her allegations about Charrisse’s husband were even worse. True story or not, it’s a desperate move to air your friend’s dirty laundry for fame.

    1. Charisse did the same thing to Gizelle on the Reunion. I don’t care one way or the other, but they’ve been at each other’s throats all year. There’s a lot I like and dislike about both of them.

      1. This is true. I actually don’t like it when anyone air’s someone else’s laundry, when they gained this information by originally being a friend. It’s happening a lot on RHNY as well. I get that it’s tv, but it’s low.

  3. I believe it .. Sorry Charrise but you went thru the whole reunion talking about your marriage and at the end you said your husband wasn’t speaking to you at all .. Also you put Gizelle down every chance you got well as Karen during the reunion.. Your not very trustworthy…

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