Charrisse Jackson Jordan Gives Update on her Marriage to Eddie


Charrisse Jackson Jordan dropped a bombshell at the RHOP reunion. She revealed that her husband Eddie Jordan was no longer speaking to her because she decided to do the show and in a new interview with Bravo she is updating viewers on the state of her marriage and sharing her thoughts about how the reunion went down. Tell us about clashing with Gizelle and Karen on the couch — what do you think about Gizelle’s comments about Eddie and Karen calling you a snake in the grass?
Charrisse Jackson Jordan:
Clashing with Gizelle and Karen at reunion was expected. I really don’t think much of it. Gizelle is always running her mouth about things that has no true substance. I find her to be a chronic liar. She will make up anything at the expense of others for air-time. What do we really know about Gizelle other than her father’s civil rights efforts and her borrowed dates for a show? Where is her man? Hmmm…Not much! For someone who gets so wrapped up in everyone’s relationships, yet claims to have men everywhere, she couldn’t convince one of them to date her on camera. Maybe she should spend more energy focusing on her own affairs.

Karen (SMH), did she call me snake in the grass? She stole so many of my ideas and made them her own. We spent a lot of time together and I shared a lot with her and I had no idea she was just bating me for material. And it was after the show aired when the Grand Dame in her head, suddenly thought she was too much of a “star of the show” to walk or be seen publicly. Once again mouth almighty Gizelle chiming in on something that she has no knowledge of nor has anything to do with the conversation at hand. Girl, bye!

In terms of Eddie, Gizelle doesn’t know Eddie. Our friendship came into existence after Eddie left home. She creates stuff for more air-time. Now I understand why when people that have known her longer than I have are surprised that I would use her name and friendship in the same sentence. How did it feel to have Andy say you felt blas̩ about Eddie? Tell us about Eddie no longer speaking to you since the show Рthat must be very difficult. Where is your relationship now with Eddie?
I don’t think I was being blasé about discussing Eddie. There really isn’t much to discuss when it comes to Eddie. Unlike some, I don’t sensationalize or make things up. I will admit that it is hard talking about something that personal when you’re surrounded by people who really don’t care about what you’re going through. The subject is a sensitive one and I really didn’t want to become emotional at the reunion. I’ve been on a painful journey. Being on the show has brought my marriage to a dead end. We don’t really talk and when we do it’s not a good conversation. I’ve come to terms with the demise of my marriage and will be moving forward with my life. What do you think of the other ladies’ reactions to you saying you’re not narcissistic?
I will stand on the point of not being narcissistic. I always put others first to a fault. That’s about to change. But, I will never be the type of person that walks around thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread. If you are as amazing as you think you are, you don’t have to say a word. People see you for who you are. If there’s anything you can go back and do differently, what would it be and why?
I don’t believe in focusing on things I have no control over. I don’t have any regrets from season. I wasn’t in the best emotional space. I was afraid of the end inevitable road ahead. But now, I am at peace to a degree. I know it’s probably the quiet before the storm, but I am facing it head on.

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  1. Hard to believe someone called her a narcissist. They must not know what that word means. It fits Karen far more than it fits Charisse.

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