Charrisse Jackson Jordan Calls Gizelle Bryant a Liar


Charrisse Jackson Jordan is dishing about her feud with Gizelle Bryant in a new interview with Bravo. Jordan calls Gizelle a liar and says that she isn’t going to accept her lame apology or her lame behavior that happened in her home. Tell us about your sit down with Gizelle at your party and her exit – were you surprised there was such tension?
Charrisse Jackson Jordan:
I was really hoping Gizelle flew out on the broom she came in on. But after coming downstairs I see my suggestion for her leave went on deaf ears. Who really want to leave a Charrisse Jackson Jordan event? Gizelle and her sidekick spent more time going through my things than anything else. I guess she found that funny, too. This man who I don’t know going through my drawers and cabinets. For the record, I have not been invited to Gizelle’s home in the many years that I have known her and she really think this sh** is okay? But if she ever extends an invitation I would never disrespect her or her home. My blood pressure has gone up at the sight of them but I am trying to be cool in front of my guests. Now she wants talk to me? Bad timing! I have seen for the first time a side of her that I don’t know nor care to know. I’m just glad she finally got the message and is leaving. I am totally embarrassed that I allowed her to get me so heated, and especially sorry that my friends had to witness a classless display in my home. I’m not accustomed to this type of nonsense. If she behaves on a routine basis, she wont have to worry about RSVP-ing for anything that’s hosted by Charrisse. What are your thoughts on your lunch with Gizelle and Karen – Were you surprised she didn’t know what you were upset about?
I knew going to lunch was a waste of time. Giselle’s lame attempt at an apology should have simply started off apologizing. If she doesn’t see anything wrong with bringing a stranger into my home and bringing to my bedroom, not to mention the slamming of cabinets and all the craziness that was going on then clearly she is just ignorant. One thing I do know about Ms. Gizelle, is that she is a liar. She will lie to your face to prove her point. I never asked her friend to do my hair. He came into my house going in on my hair and clothes. I was trying to make light of this uninvited person that I did not know coming into my personal space talking down on me because he was her friend. Oh yeah…it was a joke…they are just “happy” people. Happy on what? I’m sure it wasn’t pixie dust!! The fact that she doesn’t understand why I am bothered by the disrespect doesn’t shock me because she is incapable of owning her faults. What were you thinking when Gizelle told you that you could leave? Do you regret not working things out?
Now the mob boss chic wants to tell ME I can leave. Clearly, she has me confused with one of her minion friends. Truth is, I really didn’t want to come in the first place. When I am done with someone I am DONE. They don’t exist. I am at a place now where I really want to put her in the nonexistent box. Do I wish we could’ve worked this out? Absolutely. But, when your dealing with a self absorbed individual who can’t look outside of herself, it’s highly unlikely that there is going to be a resolution. I have so much going on in my life right now, I really don’t have time to focus on the daily shananagins of Gizelle.

What do you think of RHOP so far?

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13 Replies to “Charrisse Jackson Jordan Calls Gizelle Bryant a Liar”

  1. That woman is “Evilene” personified…she is the character in “The Wiz” that you wish Dorothy would just knock off and steal her slippers:

    just you watch and wait…before the season ends it will be revealed that she has flying monkeys on her estate that she sends out to torture the women of Potomac…

  2. Oh my word, instead of being grateful to Giselle & her friend for all they did to prepare for the crab bake while the ugly duckie was trying to beautify what cant up in her boudoir, she was angered? The episode shows she lied as well about accepting hair help, then said G was a liar. At the lunch it was so obvious that regardless of what went down, she was not going to forgive. Black hearted mule. Both Karen & herself are both really remindful of the wicked step sisters in the Cinderella story. Jealousy has reared it’s ugly face really early. What’s going to be next I can only guess & it dosent seem good.

    1. I think she was so upset because there was a shot of her face pre-makeup. Her makeup artist deserves an award for making her look human.

  3. The usual blather, ” I have a lot going on in my life.” “I am too busy to deal with this.” “My kids make me happy, I don’t care about this stuff with Gizelle.” All lies. Well, maybe the stuff about her darling daughter. The daughter must take after her Dad. A real doll. And the stuff about the new girl? Well…she reminds me of someone. Humping others at a charity function. Twerking??? In interview talking about “wet panties” Gag. Gosh, who does that remind me of, I can not seem to place it? Gizelle is losing her beauty? I don’t think that’s it. Why do they AWAYS think it is jealousy. I think they use that to divert attention away from them being low bred. An older woman is not always intimidated by someone simply because they are young. That is a misnomer. At this lunch the two ugly step sisters acted like, well, I can not even describe the absurdity of them both. It is a total joke.

  4. Caught a glimpse of this beauty in her bedroom before all the makeup was applied (or spackled on). No wonder she was upset. Gawd she is hideous without makeup. Her artist deserves an award.

  5. This woman is just rediculous personified. She is totally fake and ungrateful and not a true friend at all. If I were Gizelle I would drop baby hughey like a bad habit. That Jackson chick is a hot mess. Goes to show you some people just don’t need money…

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