Celebrity Apprentice Gets Expanded Season Because Of High Ratings

The Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

Due to excellent ratings this season, Donald Trump has announced that The Celebrity Apprentice will have two additional episodes this season… and the last one will be live!

“I think one of the reasons it’s doing so well is we have the 1-hour shows, which are really better than the two hours, which are so long,” Trump told The Today Show. “And, I think the cast has been fantastic.”

Real Housewives stars Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville are both a part of the celebrity cast this year and their famous feud has possibility helped ratings.

“A lot of the girls were mean to me,” Kenya said in a new interview, adding that the show was definitely a grueling process.

“The money had to be in certified funds. So if you were going to get someone to contribute, they had to do it in two days, they had to have certified funds and they had to overnight it,” Kenya told the Sioux City Journal via RealityTea. “The people who really know the show, stacked up their money ahead of time, so it wasn’t stressful for them. They were the smart ones.”

Now Moore says she is ready to tackle Dancing With The Stars.

“I’m an amazing dancer. I was trained from the age of 6,” Kenya insists. “I would absolutely do it and, yes, I would want to win. In everything I do, I play to win.”

In Monday night’s episode, Brandi Glanville won her first challenge as Project Manager and if you are interested in how far the RHOBH makes it, click here. Brandi was also happy that in the second hour of the show, Mr. Trump moved Kenya Moore to the other team.

After losing to Ian Ziering’s team, Kenya made it out of the boardroom by the skin of her teeth. Project Manager Kate Gosselin was fired by Mr. Trump for her creative failure on the project.

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  • kt

    Poor Kenya – everyone is always so evil to her…sometimes you get back what you give!

  • I hope Leesa Gibbons wins. She is so smart and able, plus she dorsnt need to be an idiot ego maniac like the rest of the fools.

  • Aunt Bee

    I loved it last night when 50% on the boat said Ms Classy’s dance was less than classy. One mother put her hand over her child’s eyes during Kenya’s “performance”. I am not a Kate fan but Kenya should have been the one to go home. I hope Leeza is the winner and not that egotist Geraldo.

    • Seriously- I mean when Brandi Glanville is calling you out fir being too trashy YOU ARE TOO TRASHY!!

      • starr sabga

        SO TRUE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Geraldo is the most narcissistic ass I have ever seen. How does this man have any friends? OMG, he needs to go.. far, far away.

  • Jo

    Can’t wait for Kenya to get her ass fired! TEAM BRANDI!

    • One Rotten Egg

      @Jo–Brandi did a good job, I’ll give her that, but I would never want to be so proud to be on her team.

      • Aunt Bee

        I cant stand either one but Kenya is really evil on Celebrity and everyone one sees it. Brandi has pretty much kept her mouth shut but I don’t want either one to win EVER. I sure hope that Kenya gets fired before Brandi. She should have got the ax this week.

  • Mars

    I hope Leeza Gibbons wins to! I love Vivica Fox the master shade thrower! Brandi, please grow up and come up with new ways to shade others, learn from Leeza and Vivica girl! Kenya, girl…. your “character” is always under attack for obvious reasons!!! Get with it and stop being a cry baby!!! If you don’t want people to be mean to you then you should really take a hard deep and sincere look into yourself. Either play evil well and stop complaining or fix it and play nice.