Cedric Martinez Speaks Out: I Was Not Deported, Slams Lisa And Brandi


After Brandi Glanville claimed that Lisa Vanderpump had her ex-BFF/Houseguest Cedric Martinez deported, Martinez is speaking out in an interview with RadarOnline.  “To be clear, I was not deported,” Martinez told Radar, adding that Glanville “tells little white lies to amp up the drama” on the show, and her allegation Monday was one of those cases. “Brandi cleverly spread the ‘Lisa had Cedric deported’ rumors as the other women were begin​ing to realize how conniving Lisa really is. It’s mildly amusing that whenever they need an interesting story line, they use me.”

But there’s still plenty of beef between Martinez and Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. Cedric said the couple is in a pattern of “lying and viciousness” and noted that “if lying and betrayal were crimes, Lisa ​and Ken would’ve been deported long ago.

Cedric also reveals that Brandi secured her place on RHOBH via an “entirely scripted lie” that he knew her from the modeling circuit, and that once her foot was firmly in the door, he “was kicked to the curb” after making Lisa mad.

“At the time I was furious. I’d just been betrayed and fired because of Lisa’s​ vicious lies. I was naïve; expecting Brandi to do the right thing and support me, as I had supported her. Instead, she dropped me like a hot potato,” he said. “In hindsight, I’m O.K. with it because I know Lisa forced Brandi to cut me off … I’m happier than ever, following my dreams, far away from the scripted back-stabbing on which Lisa has built her ‘brand.’”

Photo Credit: Bravo