Cast of RHOC Tapes Season 12 Reunion

The cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County taped the season 12 reunion last Friday and we have some photos and details of the event to share with you.

First, Andy described the reunion as “surprising,” in a cryptic tweet.

We also have photos from behind-the-scenes at the reunion. Tamra Judge took to Instagram to share a slideshow of photos from throughout the day. “Emotionally exhausted,” Tamra wrote. “Think I’ll lay in bed all day. Prayers for my bestie Shannon Beador.”

Shannon is looking great!

Meghan also posted a slideshow of photos to capture her journey throughout the day. Kelly Dodd shared a photo of her hair and make-up artists getting her ready for the taping. Lydia McLaughlin  reached out and asked fans to pray for her before she started taping. Peggy Sulahian finally put the rumors to rest that Andy Cohen doesn’t like her with the photo below.

Emotionally exhausted. Think I’ll lay in bed all day 😴. Prayers for my bestie @shannonbeador 🙏

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Keeping it real! A girls gotta 💩 #reunionjitters

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Love my glam squad! 💄 Makeup @katguevaramua and hair @ Stephattyalexandersalon

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Reunion day 🌈✨ #WishMeLuck #rhoc

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Kisses with Andy 💋

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And of course, here’s the seating chart.

Photo Credit: Bravo


47 Replies to “Cast of RHOC Tapes Season 12 Reunion”

    1. She is. The difference, however, is that Kelly knows she can be nasty. Lydia, on the other hand, sees herself as all ‘sparkles and rainbows’. She has no self-awareness of how nasty she is.

      1. She’s also really rich now and thinks she can act like a snotty bitch. I wonder if she’s on the show strictly to promote the magazine and isn’t even drawing a salary? Kind of a quid pro quo? Does someone who is “Hilton rich” need the salary from this show? She’s showing her true colors and they aren’t sparkly in the least.

        1. I know – I couldn’t believe it when she said that! So uncomfortable to watch… If she is then she is not very clever given that it is a men’s magazine and mostly women watch the programme not to mention that the magazine is for Orange County not the whole of the US. In any case, I pray they drag her at the reunion and that she is well and truly condemned from the show after this season!!

          1. Other than they’re getting her for free, I can’t think of a single reason why she was “invited” back. Of all the housewives, why her? There’s more here than meets the eye.

            1. She’s not even worth having for free! She brings the value of the show down imo… I think they probably thought she was quirky, different to other HWs, stands her ground, etc. Which I suppose is true but just not in any good way whatsoever.

            1. Sorry about that – I misunderstood. In any event, like you said, may be $15M is a lot of money to the regular person (I know if I had $15M I’d consider myself really rich — not to mention REALLY happy) but to these ladies, it’s a drop in the bucket. Lydia is probably the richest of the OC wives (now that Heather left). However, she is not in the same bracket as say, Lisa Vanderpump or Adrienne Maloof, Bethanny and Kandi Burress.

              1. No need to apologize. I just don’t think those websites are very accurate most of the time. One of those websites lists Shannon at $20M? I, personally think the Beador financial situation is a New Jersey house of cards. Just a gut feeling.

                There’s a reason she said what she did about Paris Hilton. Her grandfather died recently and he was in the $100M ballpark Nobody is in the Adrienne bracket. LOL

                1. You’re right about “Maloof the Hoof” – talk about being born with a silver spoon — more like a platinum spoon if you ask me! I think it’s $300M she’s worth I read. 10% that’s all I ask – just 10% – hell! I’m not greedy I’ll take 1% even!!

  1. The season was a snoozer…the only meat on the plate will be Shannon’s divorce, and probably Peggy’s ridiculous claim that she cannot speak English…Vicky’s heart attack was a non-issue since we all know it was fake news….the show needs a total recast

    1. The whole point of all the HW shows is drama. Peggy telling the women to be quiet all the time? To stop talking? Pinching Megan’s lips closed? She’s shutting down the show when she does that. Not a good fit at all. She misses the whole point of the show. You’re the rookie. You don’t get to call the shots.

      1. Finally, last night Kelly spoke up and told Peggy to STFU. The woman has control issues. She needs to stop trying to shut down conversation by pretending she doesn’t understand English. That’s way old by now.

  2. The biggest revelations this season is that Lydiot is as Christian as a cockring and that Puggy is a homophobic imbecile .
    The rest is all repeats

  3. my predictions for reunion…. Shannon is all about weight and breaking up. Vicki is all about getting back at Shannon and Tamra. Kelly – also going thru a divorce but it still will be all about Shannon. Lydia (one of my favs) will be in Shannon’s face the whole hour. Peggy…. have no idea what she will bring to the reunion. Meghan – she usually is a breath of fresh air in the land of housewives. Just happy Heather is gone.

  4. I would def like to see the seating changed. Place Vicki and Tamra next to one another. Shannon, Lydia and Peggy on same sofa. As far as the pics go…Shannon def looks like she lost weight finally…but anyone standing next to Tamra will look big…lol. And…Tamnra with no make-up looks like a dude….LOL

    1. I haven’t hated it, but they did drag the Vicki/Tamra/Shannon fight on for way too long, and I think a lot of people bailed at that point.

  5. It’s been an OK season, but I still feel like it needs serious changes. I’d get rid of Tamra, Shannut, and Kelly because I just don’t find them entertaining at all. Peggy had a few good moments, but I don’t think she did enough to warrant another season.

  6. I’m really shocked after last season how much Meghan wanted a baby but now seems to spend very little one on one time with her. All I see and yes I understand we’e only seeing bits and pieces of their lives but it seems the baby is always with the nanny. Meghan only holds her until she’s had enough and then back to the nanny. And was Meghan drinking alcohol and breast-feeding while in Iceland????

    1. I’m going to cut her a little slack because it’s always butterflies and rainbows for every woman . It’d anything, women underestimate the amount of energy and effort it takes . Meghan is with her baby more than the show let’s on for sure
      She’s lucky to have help , no any different than Dorit or any other wealthy woman

  7. Ahhhh, I wish our moderators gave us more to comment on…..I’ve been super busy (like most), but seriously, 7/8 days ago? Don’t let RT get ahead of us!! Luv everybody here!!

  8. Vicki’s dresses are really, really too short! She has tree trunk legs. I noticed that in the beginning of the show.

  9. My husband is actually watching tonight, probably only 30 min. in the past 11/12 seasons. He can’t understand why I watch, lol!! “Why are they so loud”???

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