What Does The Cast Of RHOBH Think Of New Housewife Dorit Kemsley?


The secret is out! The newest addition to the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Dorit Kemsley. She is a friend of Lisa Vanderpump, a mother of two children, fashion designer, and a former New Yorker, but what do her co-stars think about her? Keep reading to find out.

“She’s beautiful and sexy, she likes to have fun. She likes to laugh a lot,” Kyle Richards teases. “For now we’re having fun… at least we are. It’s going to get pretty crazy around here though, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

When describing Dorit, Eileen Davidson says, “She’s fun, she’s game for anything, she likes a good time, she’s got a great lifestyle and I can’t wait for you all to meet her!”

So what does Lisa Rinna think? “Glamours lifestyle. Big. Money. Lots of it. Diamonds. The whole nine yards. So it’s good,” she says.

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5 Replies to “What Does The Cast Of RHOBH Think Of New Housewife Dorit Kemsley?”

  1. I am so sickened that Eileen D. and Rinna are part of the cast this year. It might be time for me to stop watching HW alltogether, but that would mean I wouldn’t have much to say here.
    I was just deleting some old tapes from my DVR list, and came across a part of the BH reunion from last year. Eileen and Yolanda, and even Andy were pushing at Lisa ( Lisa is always Lisa V. when I write, Rinna is …….) for not sharing her experience at 19 of her abusive relationship when Eileen was sharing hers. Eileen & Yolanda both jumped on that saying “that is how WE bond with people” They should have said “that is how ( I ) bond with people.” They used the universal WE, as if Lisa is the one person on Earth who doesn’t share negative experiences to bond, and in being that one person, she is somehow relegated to some lower form of humanity than them. It just made me mad all over again. When I watched it then I wanted to scream at the tv, and this time, too. Then Lisa was saying she is vulnerable, siting her months of work trying to stop the Yulin Dog horrors. Eileen, that bitch, says to Lisa “I think it’s abundantly clear that you have more empathy and feelings for animals than you do for the women sitting here.” Maybe, just maybe, Lisa knows the women sitting there are in control of their life, that they don’t depend on the human race, as animals do, for life, for food, for everything. That is what is phucking “ABUNDANTLY CLEAR” to me. If any of these rich pampered women are being abused, then I am sure Lisa would step in. Maybe she feels like it is these living, sentient beings who have absolutely no control over their fate, whether they will be hurt, starved of food and love, & physically tortured for the enjoyment of a bunch of sadists are the ones who need her time, money and feeling. Maybe she thinks all you BITCHES CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!!!! Yolanda with the Lyme, has a private plane to take her to the 106 doctors, Rinna has Harry Hamlin to kiss her repulsive lips……
    Then, when Lisa says that was nasty, Eileen apologizes and AGAIN Andy and the “wise ones” jump on the fact that Eileen immediately apologized. God, I would wonder whether to go back every year too, if very single part of how I think, feel, live and show emotion was questioned constantly by a couple of sickening women. I used to think Yolanda was the most pompous woman, but now, for me, that title goes to Eileen. If she says it, it is obviously the right way to live. I just HATE that kind of thinking. It is the least accepting way of being. And, I have to say, it doesn’t look to me as though Lisa goes around telling them all how to show their emotions, she accepts them until they start with her. Again, it should go without saying she is not perfect. I don’t even know why I am writing that, well, yes, I do, because her detractors will come in maybe saying her fans think she is perfect, which in itself is an obtuse thing to even think, much less say. No one is perfect, it is not possible. It is the Human Condition. Why it even comes up is a mystery to me, but I heard the old posts from last year talking in my memory.
    Anyway, I am very sad to see that they couldn’t find some different women that don’t use an entire season and a trip to Dubai making a huge deal out of one sentence spoken that wasn’t even about them. Petty, petty women. I really think they need something different to do than look into other’s lives, and look in the mirror. Horror of all horrors.

    1. My big issue with Eileen was how she went after LVP. The way it was cut made it look like she spoke to her about the comments about the affair soon after but as it came out and LVP said she had that conversation 2 days after it happened and had seen her in between and never brought it up. Yes LVP should have just said my intention was not to hurt you at the time she was confronted but you could tell she was a bit confused. Following this you could tell Eileen was on a mission to take LVP down. Do i think LVP and Rinna had a convo about Yo and the “m” word after Rinna had brought it up…. yes. But it was clear Rinna knew as filming she may get lots of heat for saying what she did and looked for the scape goat….its not secret that Yo and LVP were friendly for the show and she played on it. Is LVP innocent, no. but the attack last season went to far and I do think eileen went after LVP to much,

    2. I would much rather have Yolanda back than Rinna and Eileen. I don’t even like Yo, but I can tolerate her. Rinna and ED are just too much. EJ I’m neutral on, I go back and forth with Kyle and really like LVP. I know nothing about the new ones so can’t really comment on them.

      How are you 3D’s? I hope you watch this season so I can start reading your posts again. Hope all is well with you. xo. 🙂

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