Is The Cast Of RHOA To Blame For Porsha Stewart’s Divorce?


Kandi Burruss is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal that her fiancé, Todd Tucker believes the cast of RHOA is partially to blame for Kordell and Porsha Stewart’s divorce. Kandi reveals that Todd thinks the group was a bad influence on Porsha, and led her to act out in ways Kordell didn’t approve of.

Kandi writes, “Todd feels like it’s our fault that Porsha and Kordell are getting divorced. He says that when she got around “The Get Fresh Crew,” as he called us, Porsha started acting in a way that Kordell was not happy with and that is the reason why he filed for divorce. What do y’all think? Do you feel like we influenced Porsha in a negative way? I hope not. I hate to see Porsha and Kordell going through this, and I hate that it seems to be getting ugly.

Well I can’t worry about someone else’s relationship right now. I have to focus on my own. Unfortunately I’m once again in a relationship that my mom doesn’t approve of, which adds so much stress to my life right now. I’m praying that things will change…”

Photo Credit: Bravo