Cast of RHOP Didn’t Know They Were Filming a Real Housewives Show


In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the cast of RHOP are revealing they didn’t know they were filming a Real Housewives show until after they wrapped.

“The day you found out, we found out,” Robyn revealed. “I don’t think I could move for, like four hours … I was a little paralyzed.”

“We were on a conference call, all of us,” Charrisse confessed. “The line went silent.”

“So, when we finally found out we were Real Housewives of Potomac, we were like, ‘O.M.G.,'” Gizelle revealed.

And the ladies were happy to compare themselves to Housewives from other franchises. Gizelle said she’s 90 percent Kyle Richards, and 10 percent NeNe Leakes; Karen is 100 percent Lisa Vanderpump; Charrisse said she’s a “schizophrenic” mix of Lisa Vanderpump and Kandi Burruss; Ashley called Porsha Williams her “spirit animal;” and Robyn said she mostly identifies with Kandi Burruss.

As for being compared to RHODC and why they are different? “You know why?” Charisse asked. “‘Cause this group right here, we’re friends … and the uniqueness, it’s not duplicated anywhere else but on The Real Housewives of Potomac. And it’s different from anything else you’ll ever see.”

“Well, it’s culturally rich,” Karen started. “We have wonderful women — obviously the six of us are quite fabulous — and we’re not the only ones. Potomac is just a very, very hidden jewel, and now the world will know.”

“We are down-to-earth women, and everyone can relate to one of us,” Robyn added. “I mean, we have a range of ages. We span four decades: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s … Although we are an all-African American cast … Potomac, itself, is a very diverse community, so you know, we’re not just what you see here. You’ll get to see a lot more.”

What did you think of the first episode of RHOP? Comment below!

Watch the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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These women are “friends”? We’ll just see about that.

Having watched every installment of the housewives franchise from the beginning, I can see why this cast was given the title.

What did they think they were filming a documentary on “the women without etiquette” or “how to be a snob” or “classless bitches” I’ll stop I could go on and on.

Lol! I have just seen clips but where does class come into it?

They kept talking about etiquette and class. 2 of the ladies that’s all they talked about and were so snobby about it they came of classless instead of classy..IMO

If you have to talk about having ‘class’ you haven’t got it! People who do don’t discuss it! Xo

You said it Sally…An ounce of pretentiousness is worth a pound of manure!! 🙂


They actually were, lol.

They were filming a show about an elite social club in Potomac, which is why the etiquette is such a big part of the show. The club didn’t want to be associated with the show, so it became them talking about “Potomac etiquette”

For a show that was suppose to be about etiquette came off as how to be the best snob you can be….however I am referring to 2 of the woman not all….yet

Me too, naynay.

Exactly. Unless it’s a direct casting call from a network with a clear brand association in the casting description, a lot production companies cast these shows by theme only, to be named at a later time if and when they are sold or approved for pick-up by the network(s) they’ve pitched to and negotiated with.

LOL NayNay and I wish you would go on and on. When it was over I felt nothing but disgust.

I’m just going to try something out

Sorry it didn’t work!

ITA. I had to turn it off. BORING.

Gigicat, I left you a message re Edinburgh, I only saw your comment this morning!

naynay, I must agree with you. Are they grade A fools? how could they not know? That’s rubbish, they more than knew. If they REALLY didn’t, let’s see if in the next episode they will behave with a little more class. .Furthermore, Whichever one said that the mother of all things classless, Karen, was remindful of Lisa Vanderpump had better have her head examined.

Rich ratchet is still ratchet.

Oh Gizelle, don’t put yourself down like that, you are not 90% Kyle.
She was one of the best ones on the show.

The two I can’t stand are nothing like Lisa VP. THEY ARE JUST WANNABEES.

You said it Aunt Bee!

Agree Bee!!!

I am pumped that my favorite on this show thinks herself like Kyle. I am giving it a chance, even though some wmen were a “little” much.

Should I give this show q chance? What do my peeps think ? 🙂

There were 2 woman that came off so pretentious, I really disliked them, the other ladies I don’t know yet but I will give it a chance, but if its about how to be the best snob you can be and how to look down on people, I won’t make it through the season..we’ll see.

I’ll watch it on demand and see 🙂 thanks naynay

“Potomac Etiquette,” interesting.

The first golden rule in any Etiquette book is to be gracious, & NEVER Correct/ embarrass a person in a Social setting. That is the epitome of low class.

Certain ladies act like their famies are in the Social Register, which is hilarious.

I 100% agree, all of this is so low class!! Maybe they needed to read etiquette books first!

Southern Plaid, I have to begin by saying I ADORE your screen name- it is to die for (!) but please allow me to respectfully point out that if you are southern, then you know very well that historically the Social Register has only been open to White Anglo Saxon Protestants in our country. No Jews allowed, and most certainly no blacks allowed. In New York I do know things have changed though to keep the register from becoming obsolete, for example, legendary opera soprano Jessye Norman is an example of a black person allowed to be on that list.… Read more »
It was a slow start, but I’ll give it a few more episodes to pick up. So far loving Gizelle, but Charisse and Karen are dreadful. Excited to meet Ashley! And I’m not too surprised that they didn’t know they were going to be Housewives. RHONY started out as “Manhattan Moms” and RHOM was going to be, like, “Miami Social Club” or something. I wonder if had they been Housewives from the beginning if the cast would be different. There’s so many single women! Not that I think being married should be a requirement of this show by any means.… Read more »

The show was painful to watch. I am not a fan!

Duchess of Wienerschintzel

As exciting as having a root canal with no anesthesia…one episode was enough

Catty and delicious like “The Women”. But without violence or too many expletives of most female driven reality shows. I’m in. I think it will also provide an interesting glimpse into a very uptight social sector in black America. There is a LOT of coded symbolism in this show that might escape a mainstream audience at first glance, but they give deeper insights as to who these people are, and I’m interested to see how far these women push the envelope. Karen Huger and that vein popping out of her forehead is indeed THAT stereotypical Grand Dame existing in the… Read more »

Oh my! Bon V you get better and better!! I don’t know how you do it!!
Yessss! Pebbles will stick i’m sure. I am just going to wait for your posts before commenting on Potomac!

Im still not convinced that’s a woman.

Karen, that is

I think she is a woman but not a very nice one. She definitely is no lady.

Tried hard but couldn’t get past an excruciating 10-min of it. Comes off as a RHO-Atlanta me-too. And let’s get real, to have an all black female cast is entirely uncharacteristic of bright-white Potomac. It’s a misleading bait-and-switch. If Bravo has to do another black women’s show there are so many other communities in the DC region that would’ve been more representative and appropriate. Like RHO-DC, this will be a one-and-done season. Bravo just can’t crack the code for this region apparently.

This is the single most pretentious group of women I have ever seen especially Karen and Gizelle! And by the way how the hell do they know what white people think! Gizelle and Robyn are so involved in denying they are racist! Duh no just bigots! You have to come from a superior stand point economically or you can’t be racist! And no matter how wealthy you may be the white “race” has more cash! By the way “race” doesn’t exist! It never existed! It was a way slavers and other bigots created so they could justify their barbaric behavior… Read more »