Cast Divides As They Begin Filming Vanderpump Rules Season 6

The cast of Vanderpump Rules have started filming their sixth season and the drama is already in full swing.

According to a report, Kristen Doute rekindled her friendship with Scheana Shay and is new on the outs with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney!

“Kristen is still very close with Scheana, and the girls don’t agree with that,” a cast insider revealed to RadarOnline. The ‘Witches of WeHo’ are not thrilled that their third member is hanging out with their enemy.”

“Scheana has barely spoken to Katie and Stassi since filming last season, and she has been spending time with Kristen,” the insider revealed. “They had a girls’ night recently singing karaoke with Scheana’s other friends.”

The source shared that the vibe changed when Stassi and Katie took a trip to Europe. “Katie officially became a bully like Stassi,” and “ganged up on everyone including Kristen!” the insider claimed.

“Stassi and Katie are closer than ever,” the source added. “Stassi knows the more she spends time with Katie, the more air time she’ll get on season 6.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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cant blalme Bridezilla prep anymore. True colors coming out again. These gals are truly bit%hes!

It’s not true, Kristen was on stassi’s instagram story & snapchat recently, and stassi just stated in her podcast that she loves kristen, the podcast was recorded a few days ago …. so this story is probably just exagerated. they might not understand why kristen wants to be friendly with low life schena, and I get that ! ah

Katie is so horrible , who would want to spend time with her?? And enough with this childish behavior of not being allowed to even talk to anyone the ‘group’ doesn’t approve of

I don’t actually see this as new. Katie and Scheana basically fought all last season, with a few fake scenes of making up. Kristen has been friends with Scheana most of the time and it was Stassi that mostly went after her…using Katie’s mouth.

This has nothing to with the show, but with LVP….surprised this site is not reporting the major win/victory she had as it was announced yesterday that China is banning dog meat at Yulin starting June15…it was all over other news things but not here….

I saw that as well, that is HUGE!!! Thank God as that is HUGE!!

I know I was so happy I cried and hugged my fur-baby. The stories she told of what they did and I signed a petition as well for it and the pics…..and I am sure what I saw was tame compared to what they saw. just horrible.

You are braver than me Cassandra. I’ve not even been able to get passed the pictures of the dogs all squished together in a net, let alone the horrible things that happened to them at this festival. It’s barbaric and horrific that they are slaughtered. I’ve only seen posts that China has banned the dog meat trade, so I’m assuming they will not be killing dogs at this festival or the festival is called off? Our prayers might be answered as I’ve signed multiple petitions over it as well. LVP has been very vocal and instrumental in bringing awareness to… Read more »
LVP mentioned in the interview she gave that there may still be some killed before then but the festival is not just about the killing/torture of the dogs. It is just 1 thing that they did at it I guess. But they are banning the selling of the meat which means the dogs wont be killed or tortured…the torture was to tenderize the meat and make the men more virile who ate it…BS! In that same interview she described what she saw done to a dog…I wont relay it here but I was in tears reading it…worse than the cages… Read more »
Yes, thank you for not elaborating. I can’t handle it and like Ken had said, you can’t Unsee or unknow something. I do think this is a huge victory, but sadly, as you mentioned, they will still be killed in the black market and before this festival, just not on the scale that it was before now…Virile my ass…just more vile is more like it. Thanks for the updates. I’m all about supporting in any way I can, I just can’t handle the details. They had to make these horrible details public though in order for people to care enough… Read more »

Cassandra , really , is this true ? I haven’t heard anything . Please dear lord let it be true

yes it is here is a website

it was announced yesterday early morning…

Thanks so much . Best news ever

Very welcome and yes it is!

you relaize that lvp has only be fighting the festival for like 2 years, right? and that Peta hasn’t been at it for a while? So you realize it’s nothing to do with lvp and it’s obviously not “her victory”… it’s good news, but come on, lvp only helped a little if any

Sounds like the same old same old then – nothing new here. What really floors me is that all of these “adults” still act like they are in high school – grow the F up!!!!

All I wanted to do was hit the thumbs up on Rain’s comment, and it said I must be logged in, so I put my email address in, and then I saw my name and umbrella, but when I went to hit the thumbs up, it said I must be logged in….so now I am commenting…not really, and I think maybe if I post this, I can hit the thumbs up?

Nope, it still says I must be logged in when I went to hit the thumbs up? I don’t get it, but it let me write this comment without further information? I guess this site still has a few bugs since its reboot.

yeah this comment thing sucks, the one before was perfect ….

Tequila Katie & Stassi deserve each other.
Over, the last season I actually warmed up to Kristen & even Jax..
Yea, Hell apparently has frozen over & Pigs are flying!
Kudos, to LVP! I am an animal advocate, I rescue Dogs..
I have seen the Documentary.. I, had to throw up. It was that horrific!
It is reassuring that at least One Member of the Cast is a Philanthropist and isn’t only on the show to promote a brand..

This cast is always divided. It is a mean girls group for the most part, anyway. So which mean girls are “friends” now? This is all for the show. They probably don’t even socialize when the cameras are off anyway IMO.

I know this is an old post, Sandy, but I can never click the up or down thumb either. I don’t care whose help helped, but certainly I had no idea it was happening until Lisa brought it up and worked for it. Whether that is what brought the knowledge and the stopping to the international stage, Lisa and Ken have always given a lot of time and money to this charity. Animals. No matter which part of caring for those who have no voice she accomplished, she brought it to the millions of viewers here in this arena. Love… Read more »

Sandy, I put the little dog paw emoji and a heart but it doesn’t show, so I will try again.