Cary Deuber Shares Relationship With Her Stepchildren

If you are a viewer of The Real Housewives of Dallas, you should be pretty familiar with Cary Deuber’s daughter, Zuri Deuber. But, the five-year-old isn’t the only child in her life.

On The Daily Dish Podcast, Cary chatted about Mark’s two children from a previous marriage. “Lara is 18 and she’s a senior in high school; she just started her senior year. Zuri is 5 and just started kindergarten, and they’re at the same school together. So it’s really sweet: Lara drove her to school this morning, because I’m here in New York so that’s sweet.”

Cary also has a 21-year-old stepson, Gray, who’s in college. “He’s a film major and he has one more year and then he graduates, so we’ll see! We’re getting one off the payroll pretty soon,” she joked. “He was actually here at NBC this summer doing an internship.”

So what’s Cary’s relationship like with her step-kids? “I’m really close to them; they’re two of my best friends so I’m really fortunate,” Cary said. Not that bonding with her stepkids was a breeze from the get-go. “I put in the work, which you have to do as a stepparent, getting in there, getting in the crux of things. But it paid off,” she said.

“My husband and I flew in to have dinner with him, and he said the most amazing thing which was music to my ears,” Cary shared. “He said: ‘I actually love divorce. You know why? Because my mom’s happy, my stepmom’s happy, and my dad’s happy, and all the kids are happy.’ That means I did my job; we all did our jobs.”


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