Cary Deuber Reflects On LeeAnne Locken’s Gossiping


Cary Deuber thinks LeeAnne Locken is hurting more people than she knows when she brings up gossip about her marriage to Mark and that’s just what she’s writing about in her blog this week. Dauber’s message to Locken? I hope you feel good about yourself… Read what else she has to say about this week’s episode of the RHOD below.

“I have watched Episode 7 three times. My emotions have run from shock to anger to hurt. I was actually curled up in my closet crying. But then, I watched again. I have to accept it and move on. I get it…

I guess it was time for an unprovoked attack to ambush me and my marriage with Mark. You know what: Mark was married when we met. So what. We’ve been happily married six years. We have a beautiful child together. I also have great, happy loving step kids. We are all happy. I wish LeeAnne could be happy for me. Is she so unhappy in her own life? Is that why she’s gotta go after others so much? Brandi, then Stephanie, then Marie. I get it. Next up Cary…

So LeeAnne literally digs up a lady who has never met me. She rolls up looking like Flavor Flav circa 1986 and gives her friends t-shirts that proudly proclaim, “Skanks-of-Dallas”! She is supposed to be a neutral assessor of LeeAnne’s new “friends” (me, Brandi and Stephanie) and representative of the elite women of Dallas. Seriously?!

First up: Make an unsavory comment about how I supposedly got my husband (real unbiased AND not in fact true), just like “most of the women in Dallas got their rich husbands”!

Next: I walk into a room full of people that looks like a funeral of an old rockstar that OD’ed on a combo of heroine and Viagra and get asked to deep throat a corn dog for everyone’s amusement! Looking out on the crowd and the setup, I immediately knew it was a trap. Meeting the dog was the highlight of the night. Tiffany was right, I shut down and became cold as a complete defense mechanism to protect myself. I’m sorry I came across as being a snob…but these people were clearly gathered to make fun of me and make me feel badly about myself, my husband and my marriage. Talk about class. I hope everyone reading this asks themselves how they would feel or react in that situation.

You’ve got a great inner circle, LeeAnne. I have to say I’m proud to not be accepted by them.

Thank you Rich Emberlin for coming to my defense. He says, “Cary’s great,” he says the rumors about my marriage to Mark are “just gossip.” Mark and I have actually known Rich for much longer than we’ve known LeeAnne. We both really like him. I wonder why LeeAnne can’t listen to her boyfriend; why can’t we all try to be friends?

Gossip is just that: gossip. Nothing more. I gotta let it go. Unfortunately, every attack LeeAnne makes has consequences beyond the person she’s going after. Brandi, Stephanie, Marie and I: We all have kids. They are hearing this garbage too. Sure we all agreed to put ourselves out there and this is part of it. I just wonder if LeeAnne even thinks or cares about who all she is hurting. I hope you feel good about yourself. You know, we are actually ALL humans. Sleep well.”

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  • Cary is ? Cary was off before she even entered the party. She didn’t like the Gothic theme of the party,& when she & her girlfriend arrived at the party, she was blah.

    She did spend a lot of time making over Ralph, Heidi’s dog. You could tell that she didn’t want to be there.

    Cary was pretentious. Turning her nose up to what was being served, & then in her talking head, ” I’m not from here, but Frito Pie,” was a complete turn off. Beyond rude.

  • Sharon Horizons

    She has to be one of the most conceited women EVER in the Housewives franchise. Not a pretty look, darlin’.
    Just yuck!

  • starr

    This is a group of wannabe’s & leaves much to be desired. Heather’s gossip was in poor taste, but Cary, acting as miss high & mighty looking down was not good either. On a better note, the dog is adorable.

  • Jacks

    I do think she is beautiful and a great bod…but is it me or does her husband creep anyone else out??!! When he looks at her it seems like he’s always “getting off” and it’s getting really annoying…just everything about him seems creepy…

    • Krista

      He’s creepy for sure. Seems an odd mix of gay and over-sexed hetero who parades his cold wife around like an object.

  • Krista

    Who cares if Cary is a homewrecker? Apparently she has no conscience because the end game was all worth it eh Cary? Cary is so rude & full of herself & Mark is utterly creepy & unattractive. Very strange, self-absorbed creatures who think they are better than everyone else…..and their not.