Cary Deuber: This is Why I’m Not Friends With LeeAnne


Cary Deuber thinks LeeAnne Locken has too much time on her hands and that’s why she creates so much drama… this is what Deuber is writing in her blog about this week’s episode of RHOD. Cary also discusses her marriage to her husband Mark and real Dallas society.

“When I first sat down with Brandi and Stephanie, it came out that I’m in my third marriage; and, I think their reactions are genuine shock. I’ll admit three marriages sound like a lot! My first marriage came and went in two years because we were way too young; and, my second one was annulled after less than three months (hey, it happens!); so I guess legally I have only been married twice but I’ve had three weddings! It is hard, especially in today’s age, to find the right one. My husband, Mark and I have been married almost seven years now; we are best friends and have mutual respect and love for each other. You’ve already seen how we poke fun at each other and I’m sure you’ll see more of that. I’m sure some of you thought I was making fun of him last week. Actually, he was sitting there egging me on! He thought it was hilarious! He is so proud of his weight loss and so am I. And by the way, I wasn’t sleeping with the old version of him, because he was married to someone else at the time!

Because I didn’t have a bachelorette party, Brandi and Stephanie invited me to a strip club. I was a little nervous to go primarily because I’m a complete germaphobe. When I travel, I wipe down my entire seat and everything around me with antibacterial wipes. Mark pretends he doesn’t know me when we sit down in the seat until I start wiping down his seat and seatbelt and has to own up to the fact that we are together 🙂

Brandi likes to have fun and is an amazing dancer! She’s got the skills so she might as well use them! Did she go a little too far on stage with the strippers? I don’t know; I wouldn’t have done it but that’s me and I can’t dance. She does like to have fun!

Back at my house we met with Tiffany and Aaron to film a segment for her blog/you tube channel Sanctuary of Style, but also really to get to know them better. They are really nice, sweet people. Mark kinda of hijacked the style segment; I think he was just excited to meet with them and be a part of it. It was great to sit down with Tiffany and Aaron afterwards to hear their love story. They met at the perfect time in their lives and love each other very much.

So, about Mark’s fashion sense and style; first things first, my husband is amazing. He is a wonderful friend, lover, dad, boss, and plastic surgeon/artist. And he definitely makes me a better person.

He has amazing taste and loves the finer things in life. Mark has great style and loves to dress me which is great because I hate to shop. I recently got a stylist for a few events and I’m pretty sure he is jealous! Mark is so proud of me as a woman…Not just how I look but what is inside. He loves the true me!

That last part of the episode was that awful meeting LeeAnne called to discuss our “behavior” at the Mad Hatter’s luncheon. LeeAnne must not have much going on in her daily life. Oh, except, how did Tiffany put it? Taking “day drinking to an art form” – good for you. This whole “meeting” was a complete waste of time. I am actually very well versed in “Dallas Society.” I have chaired multiple events and know how to raise money, plan events and behave in life as a woman and professional! The real truth is that LeeAnne listens to nothing but herself talking; and the so called “rules” she speaks about are clearly HER rules, not real society rules. If she wouldn’t have gone and talked about Brandi’s hat to every person at that party, no one would have even known it had one little turd on it. She was looking to make trouble because she was pissed at Brandi. It was actually a cool looking hat!

Stephanie, Brandi and I are mothers. Our top priorities include taking care of our husbands, our children and ourselves. As a nurse I also have a responsibility to my patients. It’s seems all LeeAnne cares about is charity, how she looks in the charity world and climbing the “social ladder.” If I really pissed off someone at a charity event with a little harmless fun and they don’t want me around anymore, well that’s fine, that’s their loss; but I guess LeeAnne wouldn’t have anything else to do.

I do agree with LeeAnne on one point though….you are who your friends are and they do affect your reputation. And that’s why I’m not friends with LeeAnne!!!”

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