Cary Deuber Confronts LeeAnne Locken Over Rumors She Had an Affair With her Husband


Monday night was the season finale of the Real Housewives of Dallas. The episode began with Stephanie Hollman  and her husband Travis discussing their plans for the next big event in town; The “Byron Nelson” party, which is a big party to celebrate a golf tournament. Stephanie admitted to her husband that she had invited LeeAnne Locken before the incident in Austin (Locken threatening Marie Reyes’ life over a rumor about pooping in a bag).

“I invited LeeAnne [Locken] before Austin,” Stephanie told the camera. When she elaborated on why she couldn’t uninvite her, she explained, “I don’t wanna make that call ‘cause I’m scared.”

Meanwhile, Cary Deuber told her husband they should not attend the event. “LeeAnne is spreading rumors about us.” Cary addressed LeeAnne’s claims about her marriage to the camera saying, “I’m some kind of home-wrecker because Mark was married before? I mean, I’m pissed.”

When it was time for the “Bryon Nelson” event Cary was furious with LeeAnne about the rumors. “LeeAnne’s behavior is cowardly, she should just confront me,” she told the other ladies.

When Locken arrived, Cary got in her face. Locken responded, “I am so not focused on you.” When Cary called her out on always playing the victim, LeeAnne said, “My story is not a story. It’s something I’ve lived through, don’t demean it.”

Locken continued, “I don’t like anything about you … I don’t like the evil inside of you.”

Cary ended the conversation with LeeAnne by saying, “You’re full of sh*t.”

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  • Amy

    I don’t follow every episode, I only see bits and pieces but from what I gather this lady with the darker hair acts like she is off her meds.

    • One Rotten Egg


  • One Rotten Egg

    The rumor about LeAnn pooping in her pants/bag is not a rumor. It is a fact. LeAnn admitted it but just didn’t like that it was revealed.

    The rumor about Carey stealing a married man IS a rumor, especially when Carey is stating this is NOT true. However, I do think there is something to this rumor. Carey is being vague about it and not clarifying if she met/dated her now husband when he was married, seperated, etc.

    • One Rotten Egg

      Ok. My findings about this rumor is the fact that her now husband was SEPERATED when they started dating. They worked together at the time and still do.

  • I like Leeanne. She only looses control ,when people have intentionally hurt her.
    Not saying she’s an angel, but she is not the villain.
    Cary, don’t care for her. She stated that her husband, ( Mark) attended her 2nd marriage.
    Not passing judgment, but she has been married 3 times. She’ s fake,& slightly pretentious. She thinks she is smarter, & more accomplished than the other ladies.
    After the Gothic Fair, & her mimicking Texans really turned me off.

    Do we really think, that she would admit to stealing her husband from his ex? Know, it takes 2 to have an affair.

  • smh

    Can’t stand Cary.. she looks like a man and is such a negative, mean girl