Caroline Responds To Teresa’s Blubber Comment! Plus- “I’m Not A Bully!”

After what can only be described as an explosive Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Caroline Manzo is responding to Teresa’s comments about her weight, and what happened from her perspective. She explains at one point she truly wanted to help Teresa, but was then interrupted by the fighting about Kathy & Rosie’s late father.

Caroline writes in her Bravo Blog, “The “old hag” and the “triple blubber” comment… I’m a big girl, and I’m very aware of my shortcomings. Yes, I am getting older, and yes, I do struggle with my weight and have a wrinkle here and there. I got a tummy tuck when I was 39, which was 12 years ago. I’ve never hidden it, but I don’t understand the relevance; in the spirit of full disclosure I had the chicken pox in 1970 and a hang nail about a month ago. Oh wait, I also get kidney stones, migraines, and have recently developed hypertension (I wonder why…). All kidding aside, the comment didn’t hurt me, because I won’t allow it to. I have the power to not let it affect me. Maybe it’s just a basic maturity that we, as adults, should have. On the other hand, there are people in this world that struggle every single day with their self-image and sometimes they aren’t capable of brushing negative comments off, my daughter being one of them. I love her to death for sticking up for me, but I don’t like seeing my children dragging themselves into the mess. What Teresa said hit home for her, and she needed to let Teresa know how she felt about it. Sticks and stones.

At one point I really tried to talk to Teresa. I was sitting next to her on the couch, and I saw something in her eyes that I was hoping I could address and give her a little clarity on. I know many of you love to refer to me as a bully. Trust me, I’m not, I have a heart and I have feelings. I tried to make a point. There’s more to come on this, so next week, let’s watch and see what happens.”

Tell Us- What do you think about Caroline’s reaction, or what was said in the first place?!

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  • Anonymous

    Bull Shit, we know you and your family. Always rude and hateful family. So, don’t try the play the nice act it don’t work. Go and watch all seasons, and really look at yourself. nah. It’s time to roll out with your older offspring. You and your old daughter know how hard you’ve been on Tre. You may be a great person in life, but on #RHONJ you are a bitter bitch. Your kids have nothing going for them, go to trade school if you have a learning disability or try harder. I graduated from college and I had the same trouble, but I stuck it out is the thing. Just go find a job with the “skills” they have at their age. In a year or two they will be hitting 30 and nothing but a cable reality show that’s not even about them. Anyways, give yourself and kids better direction in life. Bravo will move on to the next famewhores, I am sure you have notice with the famewhores that came on your show. I know you seen what they were up to and hated it, but never said anythng, just to hurt Teresa. Your whole family knows how bullies can hurt you, and I know you do not believe in that Stick and Stone thing. Yes, it hurts. Look at your siblings and ask yourself why? Look at Teresa and think, why? Really Really. The only person I really can’t stand is Mel and her sisters. Kat is close for being so fake and mean. Well, that is my long opinion.

  • MeMee

    you will never change, but look back at yourself….just you. Look how you respond, then the angry face. Why let it bother if it’s just a cable reality show (junkTV the z listers of TV).

  • MeMee

    Go back and remember season 1, with your sister and everyone having fun with Tre getting boobies, having the baby, hanging out, the kids were never really on. But everyone was having, what looked to me, a good time and smiling. Same for most of season 2. Then Teresa and her problems came up … she decided to do something about it and out came the cookbook, she shifted into, I need to take hold of my life and get back on track for my kids and sanity. You know, Oh shit this is my life and I have nobody to turn to for help…it’s on me. Season 3, yes she was shocked that her own family would beg, lie…to get what she was doing, they wanted in. They got in by wanting to bring down the lil fame she was getting for her cook books. (I could get into Teresa’s fame of thinking – I did study Psychology Human Behavior). She is still a woman/child around 15-30. She was very protected and judged by her parents and still goes to them with her problems because of the bond they have and the closeness. She still sees her lil brother and wants to protect him, because all they had was each other growing up. Joe is still very immature as well, but they always had each others backs no matter what. I seen all the pix of them hanging out together. Yada yada yada. When he hooked up with Mel, she seen her as not good enough for her lil bro. She had heard that Mel did somethings that wasn’t so sweet n nice. She still liked the ex more. Mel did try to be like Tre looking back, and Mel wanted what Tre had….They came on the show already with attitudes and faux niceness. With everyone already not too happy with Tre, these woman were able to fool everyone. Tre didn’t like it. You guys did because, they were already starting their plans with Tre and you guys. Just like you didn’t like Jac from the start for the same reason Tre didn’t like Mel. yada ….. (overtime) the new ones went straight to getting fame. Then to all the get gatherings Tre was trying. A lot of shit went back and forth between everyone. Put that all aside, do you Think it was Tre’s fault for every one problems or does your anger stem from something else going on in your life and the lives of other? How can she hold so much control over ever1 life. NO, she is dealing with many of her own issues holding holding her life that was falling apart. She didn’t cause Kat & Riches court issues, or that they came on the show broke. She didn’t make Mel stripping or Mel lies about her education BA degree, or lie about Mel saying she was a second grade teacher…ect. Anyways, Fact is Fact and the truth is Mel is a liar. We all see what you all put out. I side with Tre for being a strong woman and is dealing with life as she can in her way. So, really take a look at the extras newbies motive and actions on the reunions. You may or may not see it the way most the viewers see it. But it has turned ugly and not like the first two season. I feel they must go. I’m tired and it’s late. Good Luck to all….think back to the fun times and get over it already, prior to the two fame whores came on. REALLY!

  • I love Caroline! I can relate to her as I come from a 100% Italian family and the world revolves around our children. I don’t blame her one bit for the way she hates Teresa. And for damn good reasons!! Let’s see if Teresa has rolls at age 50!! Unless she gets plastic surgery, you can bet your ass she most certainly WILL!!! When her 15 minutes are up & the money is all gone, she will be back in the real world with real rolls as well!!

  • Meemee said it correct, you knew what these Gorgas and Walkies were up to and you joined into thier viscous antics only to satisfy your own vengence towards Tre. You had a friendship with her family for 15 yrs. and turn on her, and side withstrangers (giggling at Joe Gorgas discustinggestures),who are you kidding,you put down Tre for her character and hook up with trash.You say your giving Tre a taste of her own medicine,as far as you and your sister, not even close to parallel.Dina and Tre friends for 15 yrs. she God mother to her baby.At the reunion you said toTre how do you thik I feel, when she says no wonder,your sister dosn’t talk to you, well what about al the things you said on the show about Tre telling you confidential things she said about Mels and Joe (who does that?) now Jac is following your examples and doing your dirty work. now you try and redeem yourself with your tales of wisdom. Also saying its wrong to have made that statement about Tres divorce and her writing a book,then you go on and on justifying to her what you ment and it was Andy who asked the question ssssshe didnt care about your bull.Its alright when all of you talk about her very sensitive material. Every one is so sick of hearing about her doing those stupid magazines, get over it its just a cop out of having nothing else to be mad at. We all know thier bull and you dont.You all can’t keep up with kissing each others butts, thats why you all are a book of conterdictions.you all dish it out but can’t take it. Not one of you own up to any thing, even when you admitted ,how poorly you acted, and would never do it again, you continue to do it at the renuion and then say,your not going to fake thats who you are(conterdiction).Tre dosn’t tell what you , Jac or dana may have told her in confidence”we all do at the heat of the moment when we are mad)but don’t expect it to go back to them on tv. You all are constantly standing up for each other, right or wrong especially a brother doing that to a sister and all at once attacking that is a bully. why at the hot tub scene did you cry because you needed to fight your own battle, yet you said you didn’t want her family to get in the middle of your issues, conterdiction. Please what did she say that night that was so bad, to set you off, was it that you needed to finish what Kathy started to bring Tre down. How would you like if Dina came back on the show with out telling you and all your personal issues including your parents start to surface, as you said on the live show nobody will ever hear you talking about your personal issues w/family,yet you get all involved with tres and she had no control over that, only the Gorgas had that option and now thier going to blame it on Tre. what if Mels sister did that to her and she had no control but she dosn’t care its the Gorgas problem. How about if your son did the same to his sister. Carma hits hard, you may someday need to deal with a daughter inlaw like melissa, just saying’Why do you think you had afriendship with Tre for so long and after Gorga comes on the sssshow its destroyed.You all seemed too pleased to have Tre be the villian in the set up even Mels and her husband,if every one cared about that family like you say wouldnt every one explore every avenue first and pray that she would be the last accountable. Sorry you are all lieing saying you didnt know including,Kathy and Melissa,rewind the tape pause on slowmotion and see all the body language,signal,facial expressions,seconds before he comes to the table,like Kathy said to watch. Also the Gorgas and Walkies manipulated your kids to thier side,they repeated what they said, JOE GUIDICE knows every thing he is best at every thing, what ashame they use to get such akick out of him and Tre. Do you honestly think thier better role models then the guidices?