Caroline Manzo’s Husband Albert Owes More Money


According to a new report, Albert Manzo, husband of Caroline, owes Frank and Son Dynamic Elevator Services Inc. $6,132, because a case against the Brownstone House defaulted on July 25, 2016.

A clerk from the Superior Count Special Civil Part in Passaic County, New Jersey confirmed that the elevator company was granted the automatic default after the Brownstone failed to file an answer to the complaint filed on June 9, 2016, according to RadarOnline.

As we previously reported, Albert and Caroline already owe $208,012.77 in state taxes for the family business and they also must pay $13,075 to an accounting firm that worked with the Brownstone.

But everything seems well at home, as Caroline is excited about redoing her house just before the season premiere of Manzo’d With Children.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I for one will not be watching. Please settle your debts!!!!

Once it’s made knowledge about one debt, the others pop up at regular intervals. Don’t watch her programme and not likely to, can’t stand her or her babies!

Agreed! Morning Suze:)

Morning Barbara xoxoxoxox

I don’t know what it is about RHONJ, but seems like an awful lot of them are suffering from tax debts! Maybe they should consider moving elsewhere. These people have all lived in NJ for all their lives or most of it. One would think they are aware of the taxes and tax laws!

It’s funny how my husband and I have lived in New Jersey forever, and we pay our over the top high taxes, but others who appear to be in the top 1% of wealth in the state just find ways not to pay them…for years! Granted it is the highest tax bracket, but if you cannot afford it, then cut back, downsize, and budget.

My brother lives in one of the most affluent cities in Connecticut, owns his own business and I can honestly say, he has NEVER been in any kind of trouble concerning taxes. I think these people must just look the other way at tax time as they never seem to be at a loss for money. Look at TeresaG… would never know she had just come out of prison, (not CAMP) Teresa. She’s still living in that g-d awful gawdy mansion, their lifestyle hasn’t suffered it seems as those girls seem to get whatever they want still. I know Joe… Read more »

Yes, CT is also a state with a high tax burden.
It sickens me to see these people get away with living like they do and all those who do not pay their fair share.
I am sorry to hear about the problems you have getting an apartment. I wish you luck.

Could not agree more Suze. I’ve never watched the show & never will but seeing the previews, Carowhine looks hideous!! She owes hundreds of thousands of dollars due to tax fraud, but she is remodeling her house?? Where are all the ouraged Trehaters now that we see the Manzoids are guilty of fraud as well?…..oh the outrage only extends to the Guidices. Hmmmmm, kind of hypocritical to me.

Totally agree Krista, it has always annoyed me that the G’s get all the hate, I can understand why people dislike them but the rest of them are as bad! Xoxoxoxoxox

I would redo my entire house if I did not have to pay taxes. Unreal.
I need to move out of NJ. The taxes here are insane…wonder why? Oh, all these multimillionaires are not paying their fair share…that may be a bit of it, maybe?

I’m eye rolling here over how they owe all this money to people and she’s happily redoing her house. Not so bright.

She never was that bright!

I don’t think that anyone has to worry about Caroline & Al. Unlike some of their former friends, these two seem to be fine people with principles and integrity. I am sure that these people will get their money!

Oh really? I do watch Manzo’d, but Al…well, I live in NJ. End of story.

You must be high.

The Brownstone would not be successful, if Al was as crooked as this story is portraying him to be.
Agree, Caroline, not the smartest move, but in her defense, the Brownstone owes money, not the Manzo’s.

Huh? They OWN the Brownstone.

The brownstone is probably in an S-Corp or LLC so it is the business that owes the money, whether or not they are on the BOD.

The Brownstone was started by Al’s dad, “Tiny” Manzo and left to his sons, Albert and Tommy. Maybe you can look up “Tiny” to find out more history.

Uh….you do realize that the Manzoids are the Brownstone? Was it also the “Brownstone” that lied to the NJ taxpayers so Al could get some fancy title and get on the dole? I seem to remember this “appointment” came with health insurance. All this was during the time the Manzoids were getting their weight loss surgeries one after the other first Al, then Caro then Lauren and maybe Kristofart? Seems like there was some shady, entitled sh*t going down!

Why does everyone dislike this family so much? We don’t get this show here so I am curious as to why they are so disliked by SO many.

Very smug hypocritical people. The adult children act like children, seem entitled & lazy, all living off the parents. They were always mocking others behind their backs as if they were prizes. Carowhine is a dishonest back-stabber and they defrauded NJ taxpayers to get Fat Al appointed to some commission with taxpayer provided benefits. Luckily, Gov. Christie fired his fat ass. Carowhine lives to kick people when they are down, even went after Teresa’s 11 or 12 year old daughter, Gia with help from a very high Jacolush, (thanks Suze!). They are just vile people who don’t pay their bills… Read more »
Wow, you are really acerbic about the Manzos. I maybe didn’t see the show from its’ inception, but I sure didn’t see the side of them that you have. Granted, her children are the most ungrateful I’ve seen and they do seem to stick pretty close to home & dabble in occupations rather than pursue them, but as for the other criticisms you put in your post, I guess we must be watching different shows. I’m pretty much a pessamistic person and very critical of most everyone & everything, but I think you have me beat!!!! I have not seen… Read more »

You are right about Tommy as well.

You are welcome to Jacolush I’m sure I purloined it from someone else! Al has had a ‘mistress’ called Jill for many years. To me that doesn’t say much about either of them Al for doing it and Caro for putting up with it! I might forgive a one off, not easily, but not an affair of many many years. I don’t know who you are as you haven’t chosen a name but I agree with you!

OMG you go girl……… are hilarious. Is “jacolush” supposed to be Jacqueline Laurita? Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I just joined this site a few days ago! Keep up the good work, you are really informative. I didn’t know that Al had an affair for many years. Can’t believe that Caroline would put up with it either, unless she talks out of both sides of her mouth and counsels others about stuff like this, but puts up with it in her own house! Are these women so insecure that they are afraid to speak up and not be f**king… Read more »
Hi Karen, yes Jacolush is Jac Laurita, given the name among many because of her drinking! After a reunion the last Caro did she was told, allegedly, that her story had to come out which is why she left, again allegedly! Some of it came out at a Posche fashion show, they was always conflict there! Tre got the blame for Jac not being at the reunion but she wasn’t there because she had hit Johnny the Greek on the head with a stiletto shoe. A law suit followed but was dropped when settled out of court (I’m almost sure… Read more »
Thank you for all the info Suze. U R a treasure, for sure. I just picked up watching, assuming incorrectly that I was watching the show for the first time! Tre is okay. I have given her a bad rap b/c of the way she went ahead and did what Joe told her to and look what happened. I know she is “old school” Italian, but had someone done that to me and taken me away from my children, I would have been a raving lunatic. I am proud of her for serving her time gracefully, paying her debt to… Read more »

Oh boy! I won’t get into it here but Rich Wakile is not innocent just google his name and Exxon if you are interested enough and that will bring up other lawsuits against him!
They all try to pretend they have so much more than they have and that’s the big problem. I think Evan in his comment hit the nail on the head! Xoxoxo

I read some time ago that BRAVO pushes its players to boost their living style & it has resulted in serious money problems for several of them on all the RH shows. I recall a former cast member from RHOC speaking candidly about this. “Viewers don’t want to watch people living a modest lifestyle”, a cast member has said she was told by Bravo execs. And it isn’t till a show has been ratings success for 2-3 seasons that the salary goes way up. On the other hand, a few cast members such as Bethenny Frankel have parlayed & managed… Read more »
This is truly sad to hear. Are these people so hell bent on being on TV that they cannot say “no” to Bravo? I certainly would not go into debt in order to be on a stupid TV show. Bethenny has worked very hard to get where she is today and I think she is to be commended for that. I know she isn’t real popular here, but after what she has been through with her ex Jason Hoppe and the monies she had to pay to divorce him, I think credit should be given where credit is due! I… Read more »

There are very few housewives are truly wealthy, Bethenny is one and some on BH. Lisa, my favourite and Ken, even more my favourite! Built up their wealth together. Kyle and Mauricio, theirs has come after their marriage, since he set up the Agency, the rest married to or from money! Someone will tell me someone I have missed but I can’t think of one at the moment.

It is hard to tell if you have missed anyone. Since the season hasn’t started for RHOBH, we don’t know who is returning and who is not. You are right on the money with assessment of the others. At least they are honest and don’t feel the need to file fraudulent paperwork, not pay taxes, etc. I know there are not many housewives with their own wealth unless they inherited it or married & divorced it or were widowed. I was widowed at 36 w/2 kids to raise and just to get what THEY were entitled to, was the worst… Read more »

That is my Sunday sermon……………

Not so much as a sermon, it sounds as though you have coped brilliantly! It must have been hard to be widowed so young. You have been through so muchxoxoxxo

Oh Suze, I know you might find this hard to believe, but before my husband’s death, I was a very timid, shy and non-confrontational person. I let him fight all my battles for me. When he was gone and it was me with small children, I found my voice – good, bad or indifferent! He may or may not know it, but he created a monster! Now, I am very verbal concerning certain things I find to be just plain wrong. Oh, I am still a lady and do know when to keep my mouth zipped in my day-to-day life.… Read more »
Karen, it was a fine sermon. You have been through an awful lot in your lifetime, and yet, you are a survivor. I know it is not easy for you, but please know how many here are living with some of the same as you have endured. Some here have chronic illness, were left on their own quite young with young children for other reasons, have experienced great loss, and still come here for daily comments and even some therapy. 😉 It is so nice to meet you Karen. I look forward to seeing your comments daily. Many of us… Read more »
Oh Sandy, I know exactly what you are going through. My husband dealt with chemo & radiation last year for colon, bladder and prostate cancer. The chemo & radiation did not work and he now has 2 colostomy bags. Not a fun way to live. Having been widowed at 36, with 8 & 9 yr oldsI then had to raise on my own. My husband thought he would live forever, so didn’t believe in getting life insurance for anything. I was left w/debt out the ying yang and my 2 babies. I know we all have health issues or spouses… Read more »

Oh my, Deb, what a hard life. You definitely are one tough cookie or coconut to go through all of that. Thank goodness you did, because you are one amazing woman…and you add a lot to these discussions and comments, on a selfish note! I don’t know how you did all of it either, but I commend you on your fortitude, my friend.
Thanks for sharing so much. You are awesome. 😉

Well, I knew what you meant!!!!

Holy moly, Karen, I got jumbled up with names, and I said Deb and coconut. I am losing it. Please forgive me. I knew it was you and then I wrote someone else in there. You are not Daisy, and I know that. I am so sorry, nit for my sentiment, but my mixup, and you are one tough cookie who I am lucky to have met here. Xxxooo

I knew that you meant me, no worries!!!!:))

Thank you for understanding. Sometimes my memory fails me a bit. I used to have a pretty great memory in my youth. It is hard to believe now. ❤️

Oh sweetie, I have so many “brain farts” it isn’t even funny. I guess it comes with age, but I find myself forgetting things that really ARE important to me and remembering things that are totally inconsequential! I guess that is another one of the joys of getting older!

Thanks Karen. It is so frustrating when the memory comes out of nowhere and I run through a category on Jeopardy, and then the next one I go blank on simple names that I know, but the recall is just not there. When the wrong word comes out of my mouth and I meant another…and my brain thought I said the other word at the time, it is really annoying thinking one thing…but saying something else.
Thanks for understanding. 😉 xo

May I just say sweetie, I think we are all aging gracefully & to the best of our abilities. It is so difficult when you know the response to something and it is on the tip of your tongue, but it just won’t come out of the mouth. Hopefully, this is just part of aging gracefully and not some form of dementia. At least, I hope that is what it is. You are just fine!!!!!:-))

Sandy, I can’t even remember if I ever had a good memory! It’s that bad! Lolxoxoxox

Suze, you are too kind. I know you had a great memory. You are a perfectionist, and you still have a memory! I am far worse than ever before, and it is a bit scary at times, really. I am hoping I don’t have Alzheimer’s…but I do not rule it out, since some things are too odd that I have done lately, like putting things in the wrong places…really wrong places. I actually used to have the nickname “Walking PDR” when I was a young nurse. The PDR is the Physicians’ Desk Reference, which is the book of all the… Read more »

Oh Sandy, I’m sure you are ok! Your comments here are always on the ball! I have to have a seven day pill popping machine which I fill once a week as I could never remember if I had taken them or not! What a pair we are! Maybe you should do Sudoku they say that is good for your memory. I have an app on my iPad so I can stick with easy unless I’m feeling alert! Xoxoxoxoxxo
The other point, how much advice have you given and medical info here that has helped people including me! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Suze! You’re the best!
By the way, I also have a 7 day pill container for a pill I have to take each morning on an empty stomach. I keep it on my bathroom sink right out in the open and take it when I rise. I usually remember to take it, though I have forgotten at times. I even keep a water cooler upstairs.
You are so kind, Suze. XOXOXO ❤️❤️❤️

Your regimen sounds perfectly OK to me. I use a pill box, but need them to come up with something to remind me to give myself my insulin shot. I am not afraid of needles, but it does get tiresome having to “stick” yourself 2 times a day. That coupled with taking my blood sugar and it all adds up to me being forgetful about having to give myself a shot and stick my fingers until they are black & blue. I got this aversion to needles when I was in the hospital for my heart surgery and they were… Read more »

It’s easy to be kind to you Sandy you are so lovelyxoxoxoxoxxo

Oh Suze, You and Karen just brought tears to my eyes. Now I am like a baby here. I mean that. You mean so much to me. Thanks Suze. Thanks, Karen too. You are great people, and I feel honored to have met you. Karen, keep writing. You belong here. 😉 Suze you are a friend across the pond that I met some time ago, and you are awesome beyond words. I look forward to seeing your words every day, and I do care about you so much. I may be getting a bit mushy here, but you lighten and… Read more »
Oh sweetie, you are way too kind. Given my life today, I am always at home and an insomniac to boot, so being here absolutely brightens my days and nights. All you women here are just the nicest, loveliest people to know. I love the lively disucssions and am happy to see that I am not just a funny old lady with funny & outdated opinions. I think my parents raised me as a lady, but to think for myself and not be afraid to express myself. I just hope I don’t offend anyone in any way. That would just… Read more »

I meant that I met you Suze, some time ago…right here, but I do wish it was in person. 😉

Sandy, I really hate to hear that .Please please look into the memory stuff . I feel funny telling you this because of your wonderful medical background but, my hubby has a thyroid problem (hashimoto) not sure about the spelling . It played havoc on his memory . He is on meds for it now . His levels are normal now but he still does have memory issues because of it.
Karen, my once a day pill on my empty stomach is levothyroxine. I take a very low dose. I just had my levels done, and I am quite normal, so I am good that way. I did have thyroid problems in my youth, with goiters, and at one time they thought I had Grave’s Disease and I was treated for an overactive thyroid with those goiters. I was told I would eventually have an underactive thyroid, and although my levels were low normal, I still went on the thyroid meds, since I had all of the symptoms. Now my levels… Read more »

I am so happy to hear that you are ok. Who knew that such a tiny gland could wreak such havoc on the body?? We are such complicated specimens. I am happy to hear everything is ok and your blood work is good! Hugs…..

Good thinking…….there could be many reasons for being forgetful. These wonderful bodies of ours can often play tricks on us, causing us to think the worst. I know I am good at doing that. So many little things could be just a little “off”, causing so many different things.

Not sure where to reply now to Suze and Karen, so I will do it here. Suze, you are amazing, and I am grateful to know you. I know others here feel the same way. I cannot say enough about you. You are beyond words! 🙂 (Sorry, everyone else for being mushy today. It happens.) Karen, you are so real and so refreshing, and your opinions and words are always great to read. We here are pretty good at agreeing to disagree, since we all have varying opinions and are not clones. We just still get along even so. You… Read more »

I’d like to think that “different strokes for different folks” makes the world go ’round. What a boring place the world would be if we all thought the same way! I totally enjoy the fact that we all can agree to disagree and I know that I am always enlightened when someone shows me a different opinion. It opens me up to the idea that maybe my opinions are too rigid or one-sided. I find it a great learning experience!

Suze, I am sorry to make you cry. So sorry. Keep smiling your beautiful smile, please. 🙂

Daisy, thanks for your prayers. All of you wonderful people are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Karen, I have to give myself an Enoxaparin, blood thinning, shot every day so know how you feel, I dread it as well. It is only once a day unlike you but my poor stomach is black and blue with bruises from them. Xoxoxoxox

I can totally understand what you are going through. I am supposed to take my insulin in my stomach, but it leaves hard knots and bruises, so I use my arm. Not sure how effective that is, but it saves my sanity. You poor thing, I admire your gumption & tenacity for doing that. I had never been exposed to that many needles prior to going on insulin. Oh, I did take Enbrel shots for a while. I have something called “neurological ankylosing spondilitis” and my rheumatologist prescribed that for a while. That was back in the day when Enbrel… Read more »

Sandy, shit shit shit now I am crying! You ladies here are getting me through the second to worse time in my life, the worst being when my son had cancer, now you ladies are my shining lights every day. When I feel really down I come here and am laughing with someone most days. What Would we do without each other. Sandy you my sweet sweet friend are a star! Xoxoxxo

Oh sweetie, isn’t this the way it should be???!!! We are all “sisters” and no one can ever understand us better than our “sisters”. I think it is wonderful that we can all come together here and share the good, the bad and the ugly. How blessed and lucky we are. Wipe your tears and smile sweetie…….we are all here for you! xoxo

Daisy, we women rule the world! Xoxoxoxxo

Damn straight we do…………I just wish everyone else would acknowledge it. As my daughter says, “Live it, learn it and love it!!”. Rock on ladies, WOMEN RULE!!!


This has NOTHING to do at all about Real Housewives, but may I just say……I am certain the people who developed this website are genius. Perhaps they didn’t realize that this would become a creative and wonderful way for those of us here to express our innermost thoughts, declarations and opinions. Thru this site, we have developed wonderful friendships and a way to let out our joys, sorrows, frustrations and pain. Yes, we do disucuss the programs, but are able to let our true feelings out and show that we are all experiencing wonderful, painful and worrisome (sp?) thoughts out.… Read more »

Karen, you said it. How sweet of you. It is a great place for many of us here.

Karen, you should email Nick* I can’t spell it right as it will go into moderation, she would love to hear this from you, I have told her the same myself a while ago. It means so much to so many of us, this site xoxoxoxox

I’d be happy to do that, but I don’t know who “Nick” is.

Karen, next to Home at the top of the site is ‘about’ this gives you details on Nicky she owns the site and is a really lovely person. I have spelt her name with a Y but it is an I!

I am so sorry to hear about your husband too, Karen. He has been through an awful lot. It is so much to deal with at one time, and so difficult. I feel for you. My husband already has UC (ulcerative colitis) and has had it the last several years, and with radiation, they want to be sure not to radiate his colon, since, thankfully, it was not affected but is already in not so great shape…and colostomies with UC are often needed at some point since it takes a toll, even with the strong medications, he has relapses. Now… Read more »

Suze , Sandy , Karen , all of you are going through so much . All you ladies are my heroes . I’m so sorry and all of you are in my prayers

Daisy, I did it again. That time I said Karen, and you were the one who mentioned the thyroid and Hashimoto’s. I am awful. Sorry. I answered Karen and not you. I should look more closely. I am a mess. Sorry. I do take my thyroid meds. 😉

I can’t speak for the others, but I am sure I am not alone when I say, thank you! I can use all the prayers I can get. Hugs………..

Daisy just like the flower you brighten my day! Yes I am mushy today and I don’t care! Xoxoxoxxo

I think it is great that we can all share and totally be ourselves with one another. I know I don’t have anyone that I can go express myself to. I have a daughter, but she is a busy lady and a busy mom. Not only that, but we don’t live in the same state. I can totally be myself with her, but she has her own “stuff” to deal with. So, I don’t talk to her on a daily basis as her kids, job and significant other take up her time. I just don’t like to bother her with… Read more »

Suze sweetie be as mushy as you want . I will mush up with you . Just remember my sweet Suze women kick ass mushy or not

I”ll get mushy with all of you. It is so refreshing that we are all affected as deeply as we are and haven’t even met in person. How wonderful is this??? I love the fact that everyone here is the “real deal” and don’t put on airs or pretend to be something that they are not! Love, love, love it!!!!!

I am so very happy that the powers that be are taking such great precautions with your husband. My poor husband was only being radiated for the colon tumor. The side effects of that were pretty horrendous….the burns on his tush. The bladder & prostate cancer popped up after the radiation & chemo. He underwent a 9-1/2 hr. operation to remove the tumor, bladder & prostate and was in the hospital for 3 months. Now, he is a shell of the man he used to be. He stays in the bedroom all the time, only coming out for food and… Read more »
Karen, I understand. This takes a toll on a person, and you and your husband have had far too much happen to you, and we cannot make sense of it or why, but have to deal with it. It is never easy. It is so tough. I wish there was a way to turn back time and change the future somehow, but we cannot. You are a wonderful person, and a joy to know, and this is a place where you can just be who you are and be accepted, and if that brightens your day, it is great. You… Read more »
Oh sweetie, you are such a strong, wonderful woman! Stress is an absolutely insidious thing, but I don’t know how to avoid it and function in this world today. Sure, there are medications, but having taken those for short periods of time, I can honestly say that I think I would rather feel than be so “out of it” I didn’t know if it was day or night let alone what day of the week. Somehow, the good Lord gives us the intestinal fortitude to deal with these situations and faith gives us the strength to keep moving forward, one… Read more »

Daisy, I cannot find the reply to you. I will try not to be stressed. I actually do try, though sometimes, I am not as good at it. (My GERD is worse on those days too.) I appreciate your understanding, Daisy.
You are a sweetheart. XOXOXO

Sandy honey please don’t be sorry . We all make mistakes and with all the stress you must be under at this time I think you’re doing wonderful

Hi Karen and welcome. You sound like an amazing women and I look forward many more comments from you

Hi Daisy! Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am opinionated when it comes to stupid, silly stuff. I just forget to be polite and get very wordy and lengthy. Just hope that isn’t a deterrent. I am really a nice person, honest. I just hate to see stupidity, dishonesty and liars. Hugs to you dear, new friend!!!!!

Karen, many here are opinionated about one housewive or another so never apologise for it! We all like different women and that’s how it should be, we are lucky here that the majority are really nice and we agree to disagree without any of the nastiness you find on quite a few of the other blogs. You are fitting in really well here and I love reading your comments! Especially about OC! Lol xoxoxox

Oh my kind of website Daisy. I find it most interesting the diversity of comments. I have only belonged to one other website that was like this one and one wasn’t ever chastised for having an opinion. I find it extremely refreshing!!

No worries Karen , most people are opinionated . We often disagree here but it’s mostly done respectfully . You sound like a lovely lady and from reading your post you have earned the right to be opinionated . Nice to meet you . Hope you have a great day

Oh Daisy, you ladies are absolutely awesome. The pleasure is all mine sweetie and you have a wonderful day too!!

Who cares they have millions… people are just reaching for a story. Of all the husbands Albert and Chris are the two with the most class. I applaud Albert for not wanting to be a part of the drama of the show.
Let i go guys let it go.

I know my response here won’t endear me to some, but I have always thought that Al & Chris were heads above the other RHONJ husbands. I think Al stays out of the show as much as he can……the housewives show and the Manzo’d with children as much as he can. I don’t think too much will come of this “tax” issue because I think it will be paid and squared away ASAP. If Caroline can remodel that huge house, then paying a bill of this amount will be peanuts for them. Personally, I don’t understand why Caroline and Al… Read more »
Why don’t they downsize? There is a simple answer to that; because they don’t have to do it. First of all, they live in Franklin Lakes, NJ. My own sister and nephew and his family have sprawling homes there, and they also have other homes elsewhere. My sister is a lot older than me and in great shape, and her husband is not in the best of shape, but they still live in that huge home and have done lots of remodeling, and they do have women who come in to clean..several, so it is not as much work. They… Read more »

Love Caroline they seem like a close loving family . Can’t wait for the show to start