Caroline Manzo WILL Address Feuds With Teresa & Danielle In Her New Book…

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo will be releasing a book in March 2013. It’s titled; Let Me Tell You Something. The reality star recently gave Celebuzz a preview of what to expect in the book. Besides giving advice on motherhood, she will also be addressing her infamous feuds with Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub.

When asked if she writes about Teresa & Danielle Caroline says,  “Without a doubt. I talk about that too and how that affected me. Because in my reality, that would have never happened. I would’ve chosen to walk away and just stay out of that person’s life but because you do the show you’re around them. You don’t have the option.”

On the brigher side, she talks about her pride and joy- her kids! “I talk about Lauren’s weight and what’s really cool is each of my kids when I tell a story about them, I include one of their favorite recipes. So, it’s not a cookbook. It’s just like here’s Albie’s story and here’s Albie’s favorite recipe. And there’ll be photos and things like that.”

I bet Teresa thinks it’s a cookbook… Mama Manzo’s book may have some family recipes in it (much like Tre’s books), but she insists, “it’s not a cookbook.”

“What I love about it is when I speak about Albie’s learning disability and Lauren’s weight and Christopher growing up, there’s also a little sidebar from each of my kids saying how they were affected by it and how they saw it through their eyes coming from me which is pretty interesting,” Caroline explains.

We wonder if she’ll address her relationship with her estranged sister Dina Manzo? Guess we will find out!

What do you think? Do you think Caroline is copying Teresa? Will you read her book?

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3 Replies to “Caroline Manzo WILL Address Feuds With Teresa & Danielle In Her New Book…”

  1. There are very few people who I would ever want to give me advise about raising me children. Caroline is definitely one of them! Yes, she has raised them into adulthood, from the looks of it with out major problems, but none of them are encouraged to continue their education, not one is encouraged to work the family business, they whine a lot about their mothers friends. I don’t know that that is appropriate for her adult children to tell their mother, and their mothers peers, (her friends) rumors, and or get involved in an argument that has absolutely nothing to do with them!

    The biggest thing that is a huge pet peeve of mine, I have two adult girls and they rarely to never go out with us with our friends. Ever! We might happen to be at a fair or something like that, that they are, and they will stop by for a quick hello (or money if they can get some out of their father, lol) that is it!

    So with that being said, I don’t think she has a corner market on child rearing! I wouldn’t even check her book out of the library!

  2. Really?! Who gives a hoot what Caroline has to say EVER?!! She is totally ridiculous and nothing but a trouble maker and revels in causing drama to try and stay relevant in the housewives show, and obviously now because she’s hoping it’ll help her sell more of her book, like anyone cares what she has to say. Truthfully, she used to be endearing but now she’s turned into an evil troll. Nobody cares what you have to say Caroline…except for those that feed into your drama. You are obviously an extremely unhappy and jealous woman, jealous of anyone having any positive views regarding your nemisis Teresa. Just stop trying to make yourself matter because no one wants to hear your poison anymore! Jealousy is a very unattractive quality!

  3. why does she think any would want her advice on raising our children,a mom that has no clue that her grown up sons who are adults need thier mom to cheer them on at soft ball games and practice.They need guidance to feel its normal and ok to have relationships with women other then mom and other moms and not feel disloyal to her if they do.I agree I dont know of many adults so involved with thier parents relationships, They must feel pressured because thier mom is so needy of them. I think her infamous mom roll has them thier own apartment,is not enough to break those strings. Her perception of mothering is pretty much off the boat (as she reffers to Tre). Especially when she comments how when she grew up men and women living together was taboo, how old is she 80 i thought she was more like 52(no symptoms of menopause perfect numbers just saying),and now people are just starting to live together correct me if wrong but I thought that it started in 60s early 70s. although good morals never change,we do move forward.

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