Caroline Manzo Tries To Mend Things Between Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga!


They’re baaaack! The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Season 5 premiere is this Sunday and we have a sneak peek of the first episode! In this clip Caroline Manzo is having a heart-to-heart with Joe Gorga about their feuding families. Caroline tells Joe he’s doing the right thing, but to warn his children never to act like he and Teresa have towards each other.

“I’m willing to go talk to your sister about it,” Caroline tells Joe of mending his relationship with Teresa. “She’ll probably tell me to go ‘F’ myself, but I care about you enough. Sometimes you gotta take a beating to do what’s right.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Tries To Mend Things Between Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga!”

  1. I don’t like caroline why she so in T family business don’t her family have drammmma omg….I just wish she would go away and take MeHo with her…omg

  2. Maybe she should but out of Joe and Teresa’s relationship and FOCUS ON HER AND HER SISTER DINA’S FALLING OUT!

    1. Dina isn’t apart of the show and Caroline isn’t forced to see her when they are filming.

      But Caroline should really stop trying to beat a dead horse. If they can’t work it out on their own, there’s nothing she can do.

  3. Caroline needs to but out of everyone’s business. She thinks she is an authority on everyone and everything. Every reunion she spits venom at somebody and her cry is fake. She comes between every relationship because she doesn’t have any of her own. She is mean and self righteous and instead of coming off with class, she appears to be insecure and controlling.

  4. Why does this chica think she needs to stink her fat face into everyone’s business? Looks like she is still trying to do damage control regaring her ‘fall from grace’, loss of viewer following, and laughable sales of her “book”. She needs to face the facts…her book is never going to make the NY Times Best Seller List like Teresa’s books do. SMH.

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