Why Did Caroline Manzo Tell Albie To Lie About Where They Lived?


A new report states Caroline Manzo instructed her son Albie to lie about where the family lived years before their family became famous on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In a tweet about their family’s dog passing away, Albie wrote that when he attended Elementary school, his parents encouraged him to fib about their living arrangements in Wayne, New Jersey, so he could attend another area school and make new friends. Albie explained on Twitter, “We decided to move out of Wayne and build a house in Franklin Lakes.”

“The construction was obviously going to take some time and instead of having me be the new kid in high school (when our house would be finished) my parents (Mom, mostly) insisted that we lie about our address so I could get to know new kids before High School,” he revealed. “So for a solid 2 and a half years we still lived in Wayne while I went to school in Franklin Lakes.”

“We all shared a little bedroom in a house that is actually smaller than my current office,” Albie said of growing up with his siblings. “We grew up super modest and to be honest I think that’s why we’re still so close and protective of each other.”

Photo Credit: Bravo