Caroline Manzo Talks About Rumors Albert Cheated


During this preview for The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Caroline Manzo talks about the rumors that her husband Albert cheated on her. Caroline stirred up controversy earlier this year promoting her book when she said she wouldn’t be surprised if Al had cheated. “You raised some eyebrows with some interviews you have done this year, where you revealed he may have cheated on you,” Andy asks.

“No. Clarify. I’m 52, he’s 53. For me to think for a moment that he has been completely faithful, for 32 years, I think that’s a foolish way to think,” Caroline says. Andy then asks if they discuss whether or not Al has cheated, and Caroline says, “Of course. All the time.” She insists they have a strong marriage, even though they “fight like crazy.”

“I would die for him and vice versa,” she says.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Fighting is a form of communication.

  • Jen

    What does she mean its “foolish” to think he’s been faithful for 32 years?? Um, they’re married, he’s SUPPOSED to be faithful. Whether they’ve been married for 2 years or 60 years…isn’t that what being married is about?

    • Caroline is a wise and realistic woman. God bless her.

    • Anonymous

      Some people think that Bill Clinton was a great President and that Hiliary is a wonderful wife for accepting his faults. I personally thought he should have been thrown out of office and Hiliary should have divorced him.
      When you make a vow to God to be faithful and you break that vow you can NEVER be trusted to be faithful to your wife or your country!
      Like so many woman Caroline followed Hiliary’s lead and accepted her husbands cheating to maintain her lifestyle.

    • Steph

      Exactly, Jenn! I feel sorry for any man or woman who thinks the way Caroline thinks. I would never cheat on my husband and he would never cheat on me. We made an oath before God to each other, and until death do us part.

  • Anonymous

    People Please!! If a spouse cheats that is between them. I personally would not tolerate it but some women put up with cheating to maintain their lifestyle.
    Don’t loose site of the fact that if you lie, steal and defraud and cost tax payers millions as the Teresa and Joe have then you should have NO SUPPORT OR UNDERSTANDING.
    Would Bravo continue to keep her on the show if she was indicted for murder? Probably not. So why continue to employ her just because she has been indicted on less offensive charges?
    If she is found innocent then that opens the door for her own show but don’t continue to employ her while she is under indictment for 39 counts of fraud and theft.
    A good example of how unfair and the idiocy of this all is would be after all the crap Paula Dean went through and the millions she lost for something she said 20 years ago (SAID not defrauded, lied or stole) and people and Bravo are still willing to support the likes of Teresa who’s crimes have an will continue to cost tax payers millions!
    Political correctness is good thing. I don’t not support racism in any fashion but why would the American public hold political correctness at a higher standard than actual criminal behavior?