Caroline Manzo Talks RHONJ! Plus- She Has Received Death Threats!

Caroline Manzo stopped by Anderson Live to chat with Anderson Cooper about The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She discusses how she doesn’t like “Caroline” this past Season, and she knows she behaved badly. She admits when she spoke to Teresa the last night in Napa she was very hard on her, and wasn’t willing to let it go. Anderson and Caroline continue to talk about Teresa allegedly selling stories to tabloids. Watch the first part below!

In the second part, Anderson and Caroline discuss how intense the viewers are on social media sites. Caroline stresses to viewers not to take it so seriously, that it’s just a show. Caroline also reveals that she has received death threats, and people telling her they hope her kids drive off a bridge. Wow… a bit overboard? Watch below…

Tell Us- What do you think about what Caroline said?

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Video Credit: Anderson Live


4 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Talks RHONJ! Plus- She Has Received Death Threats!”

  1. “Don’t take it so seriously”. Seriously as I’ve posted before, Caroline needs to look in the mirror. She’s become all those nasty people she preaches about. Nothing but a Bully when it comes right down to it. She’ll tell you some other baloney story to try and make you see things her way. Yeah, it’s okay for her to be a Bully when it suits her. What happened to pray for those you dislike? She will slit your throat with her tongue if you cross her. Not a good role model. Her past behavior has revealed the true Caroline. Unfortunately she has crossed the line and will never recover from her Mean Girl self.
    Even her book title is a farce….What is it….Let Me Tell You Something? Well guess what nobody cares what you think! Always preaching. The woman has no empathy. It’s Caroline’s shoes and no one else’s.

  2. Anderson needs a realty check!The other housewives planted the stories,she was only ask about herself!!!Caroline talking about she doesn’t wish bad,HA!
    She said before Jamies wedding on the show ,that Teresa puts the wood in her family fire,so she puts the lid on hers.

  3. The manzopause is affecting this woman’s brain. Teresa did not say that she put the stories out there about her and her family. She said there was one specific story that she knew someone, as in: one of the cast-mates, put out there. Teresa said repeatedly “they ask me questions and I answers them” concerning the tabloids. Spinmaster manzopause needs a break.

    Don’t take it too seriously? It’s just a show? haha. wow.

    Lauren Manzo ? @Laurenmanzo
    @gossipguru86 @chris_manzo @carolineManzo time for bed!So happy I can sleep knowing I dont have aids-wish gossip guru could say the same

    Lauren Manzo ? @Laurenmanzo @gossipguru86 @chris_manzo @carolineManzo
    hey mom… Thanks for being rich so I don’t have to be a prostitute like our little friend here
    Caroline Manzo @carolineManzo@Laurenmanzo @gossipguru86 @chris_manzo not rich have a HUGE tree in yard realtor really knew what she was doing when she sold us the lot!

    gossipguru86?@gossip guru86
    @carolineManzo @Laurenmanzo @chris_manzo U RACIST BITCH so u wanna HANG me from A tree HUH!!!! U WHITE FAT PIG!!!

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