Caroline Manzo Talks RHONJ, Dina Manzo And Teresa Giudice On WWHL

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after season 2 of her show Manzo’d with Children premiered on Sunday. She answered viewer questions and caught up with Andy Cohen.

First, Andy showed a clip from the show where Caroline revealed that she has made up with her sister Dina Manzo. Caroline said Dina sent her a text message and asked why she was being so nasty, which led to them meeting for five hours and now everything in the family is mended, which made Andy very happy. “The peace still exists,” Caroline was happy to report, adding that Dina has also made amends with Jacqueline Laurita.

Next, Andy asked a series of questions about Caroline’s daughter Lauren’s wedding to her new husband Vito Scalia.

Did Albert cry? “Yes.”
Was Dina Manzo at the reception too? “She was at the reception and the ceremony.”
Who got the drunkest? “Oh the Gorgas… they’re pretty good, and Rosie. Rosie did pretty good.”
Who was more emotional about their sister getting married, Chris or Albie? “They cried like babies. Both of them.”
Who will be next to get married, Chris or Albie? “Chris.”
Was Lauren forced to have the wedding at the Brownstone? “Her choice.”

One of the number one questions for Manzo was if she would ever return to RHONJ. “No,” she said matter of factly. “Never say never… well we’ve had this conversation, so you’re better to answer that question than me.”

Another viewer wanted to know if Caroline has had any correspondence with Teresa Giudice or any of her family. “That would be difficult to do,” Manzo said. “You have to be on a special list in order to have correspondence with her.”

A caller asked Caroline if Teresa wasn’t away if she would have been invited to Lauren’s wedding. “No, she wouldn’t have been. We’re not friends… when you’re not friends… I sound like such a bitch on this show,” she said.

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Now let me think……why would Caroline think she sounds like a bitch??? Maybe because she is one! Who to believe, she said Dina was at the reception, Melissa said she wasn’t?

Oh, I forgot she said that. Hmmm…shit doesn’t add up.

Caroline also said that the Gorgas were the drunkest…..

Wow, Caroline is a royal bitch. You sound like one because you are.

I don’t get why Caroline is considered such a bi$&h? Just cause she isn’t friends with the sleezy Guidices? Why would she have Lauren invite them to to the wedding? Why would that make her a bi$&h?

Someone answe this for me. I have yet to find validation why there is so much hatred for this woman since she exposed Teresa’s money making selling tabloid stories and called her out when Teresa attacked her in that cookbook.

I can only answer for me. Caroline being a bitch has nothing to do the the G’s, I wouldn’t judge someone on that alone. There are a lot of things that She has done to Teresa, blamed her for the split with Dina blamed her for Jacqueline not turning up for the reunion when the producers told Jacqueline to stay away! Mainly She puts out that she loves her perfect life, that her boys live at home, her perfect marriage. Well maybe not perfect but it’s all a lie! Her boys were told to lie about the house they were… Read more »

Thanks Sally for the feedback…just curious why people didn’t like her…just thought it was cause they were Teresa fans.

😀 😀 😀

I agree. She tells it like it is. I love her. I have been to very large wedding receptions and could not tell you who was there and who was not. I would believe CAROLINE over Melissa every day of the week.

Not inviting the Guidices to the weddingis not why she is a bitch, its everything else. Didn’t you watch NJ when she was on? Horrid woman & a serial liar who likes to bully children like Gia Guidice, who was crying as Caro & a drunken Jax tag teamed her.

Why would Caroline invite someone who is not a friend to her daughter’s wedding, much less someone you’d have to watch to make sure she isn’t going through the pockets in coat check?

Lol thank you Christopher.


Caro was pissed on WWHL because the callers were all asking about Tre, not her.

I guess if it is “bitchy” to tell the truth, then Caroline is a bitch. She is definitely very upfront and says exactly what she thinks. I actually like that about her…and most of the people who say they hate her and her family also say they don’t and won’t ever watch the show, so…

Did you forget all her lies about the lapband surgeries? Defrauding the NJ taxpayers? Lying about where the “boys” lived? Lying about the 1/16th Italian comments? She lied a lot!

I think my issue with Caroline is that she acts like she’s above rhnj, but she’s just like them. Living a life that isn’t what it is. All of then are full of it and have dirty hands. For one to point the finger at the other is laughable. Unfortunately, Caroline did a lot of finger pointing and raving when she’s no better and her brother chris and drunkoline are just as bad.

That was supposed to be under Sally up above

But the Lauritas and the Manzos weren’t convicted of fraud and tax evasion…so actually, they are not all the same.

Totally agree! The Lauritas, well I don’t know how they have got away with their fraud! Connections???

Or maybe they haven’t committed mortgage fraud or tax evasion.

Signature apparel! Both of their homes are in foreclosure they haven’t paid their mortgages on one home since October 2012 and their main home since October 2014!

I am puzzled by Bravo’s decision to keep this family in a time slot anywhere. Equally puzzled by Caroline’s know-it-all attitude about everything. BORING!!!!

True…both their homes are in foreclosure and that business has been in bankruptcy since 2008.
It’s not something to be proud of, but still not bank or wire fraud and tax evasion.

And Caroline is not responsible for her grown brothers business or personal business.

Did you forget all her lies about the lapband surgeries? Defrauding the NJ taxpayers? Lying about where the “boys” lived? Lying about the 1/16th Italian comments? She lied a lot!