Caroline Manzo Talks Relationship With Dina Manzo

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 11158 -- Pictured: Caroline Manzo -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Fans of Caroline Manzo and her big, fun Italian family cannot maintain their excitement for the second season of Manzo’d With Children that will air next week on our TV screens. As the show trailer has been released, so have a few sneak peaks have been shown to give us an idea of what we can expect from our favorite Jersey clan-including Caroline talking about her relationship with her sister Dina.

For those who don’t remember, Caroline and Dina were on season one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the two eventually had a falling out along with sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita. The sisters had not spoken for a few years and Caroline revealed what is currently going on between them.

In the clip below we see Caroline and Jacqueline talking about inviting Dina to Lauren’s wedding shower. During the conversation an interview of Caroline is shown with her stating:

“Here’s the deal. My sister and I had a falling out and we didn’t speak for a couple of years. One day, I get a text from Dina saying ‘Why do you have to be so nasty?’ Whatever. I text her back ‘Why do you gotta be so nasty?’ Then I said lets meet. I didn’t tell a soul. we met for five and a half hours. From then on-everything is fine. She’s here for the holidays, she talks to my kids, Lexie is in the bridal party, and we could all go on living.”

We are happy to hear that the sisters have made up!

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29 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Talks Relationship With Dina Manzo”

  1. I’m really sorry, I know I will probably be in the minority but I can’t stand this woman. She pretends to have such a perfect life her boys don’t own the business they are just ‘faces’ and her Daughter, the less said about her the better except poor Vito! her husband has had a mistress for many years, Jill, who would put up with that? Not me! I do like Dina! Lexie is lovely!

    1. No you are not alone at all! I never could stand this family & have never watched their show & never will. No books or Blackwatwr for me!

  2. You’re not alone on this Sally. I feel the same way about Caroline. I don’t care for Dina but Lexi is a lovely young lady. I don’t watch Manzo’d with..all fake!

  3. I’m gonna get backlash for this, but isn’t there a time in a woman’s life where you STOP letting your cleavage hang out? I mean, really? Why does she always have to her cleavage exposed? Maybe it’s just me living in So Cal and seeing how that “trend” has passed and everyone is now covering up a little more, but it cheapens her.

    1. Actually no – when you hit a certain age (and I’m way there!) it “hangs out” because if the tops comfortable and matches your clothes you wear it and don’t even think about the cleavage because it doesn’t matter to us anymore one way or the other lol

      And for the record I don’t like either of them but I’d take caroline over that snot faced entitled bitch dina any day

    2. I’m gonna get backlash for my reply, it’s to keep people from looking at her face! I know that’s really bitchy but I’m tired and don’t care!!!

      1. I agree. I think Dina just wants to be on that stupid show too just in case NJ doesn’t work out. You’re telling the truth, that’s not bitchy, Sally.

        1. Beth, this has surprised me today, a couple of weeks ago there was a Caroline story and a few were saying how trolls would point out all sorts of negative points about her and her sons. When I typed my first comment I expected same but no support of her at all! Weird!
          I guess Dina just needs money! She went to Lauren’s wedding but didn’t stay for reception! That doesn’t sound like much of a reconciliation to me.

  4. Bravo is wasting space with this Manzo show!! They are irrelevant, boring, besides the
    wedding of their daughter nothing exciting to watch about their lives. Bye Felicia!!!

  5. Can this women not smile naturally? She looks like she just clenched her teeth and spread her lips into what she thinks would look like a smile. Sort of shows towards her real disposition doncha think?

  6. Im curious, she said she doesn’t want her children to be hurt like her parents hurt her? I wonder what she meant by that?

    1. Hi Melodie, I would love to know as well! I just tried googling it but nothing, all on Alberts Dad and Maffia links that was all!

    2. That is not what she said…she said “So they don’t hurt me, the way my parent’s hurt…because I saw it first hand.” She means her parents are hurt when they see their children not speaking or getting along with each other and she wants to avoid that with her own children.

      1. Ok! That makes sense.
        One other point I am not a troll! On a previous thread you said ‘trolls like to point out…..’ Talking about her husband and kids in a negative way. I have done that on this thread along with a lot of other people. I am asking you not to call people trolls because they have a different opinion to you. Surely we can all state our thoughts and preferences without resorting to being called trolls.

        1. Lol…it is not a difference of opinion that makes someone a troll, but the desire to create discord by posting inflammatory statements, for example, posting unsubstantiated rumors as fact, such as Caroline’s husband has a mistress named Jill, or her sons do not own or even manage their restaurants in Hoboken, in the hopes of provoking someone into an emotional response. I usually enjoy a good discussion, because I always learn from other posters perceptions and interpretations, even when I disagree with them. However, I do not enjoy interacting with people who are just trying to start an argument. You began this thread by stating you would be in the minority, and then you were disappointed when everyone agreed with you….so you came “trolling” for me, trying to get me to refute your erroneous gossip. Please.

          1. I never said I was disappointed I said I was surprised! Huge difference! Can you not read? Your comment about inflammatory statements are just facts, her sons are just names and Albert has had a mistress for years! I have never trolled for anyone! You started this with your original comment so PLEASE from me!!! I will also add both Caroline and her Daughter are Bitches!! I don’t like them get over it!!

            1. I will also add I have differed in my opinion with others on this site without being called a troll! I am happy to have a different opinion with any one and discuss it!
              Call the anonymous commenters trolls not me, I even use my own name!

  7. Sisters are sisters. Happy they are back together, that’s how it’s supposed to be in families. Don’t very much care for Caroline though.

  8. Sally is not a troll. Sorry Apple, what she has posted is true and she has a right to comment as we all do. I find her comments enjoyable and I find yours the same. I’ve agreed with you many times as I have Sally and others on this site. 😉

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