Has Caroline Manzo Talked to Teresa Giudice Lately?


The last we saw Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo in the same room, they weren’t on friendly terms, but how are they now? Caroline Manzo is revealing the two haven’t spoken in awhile and they are just fine with things the way they are.

“We could all sugarcoat it as much as you want. The truth of the matter is she don’t want to talk to me. I don’t want to talk to her,” Caroline told the Daily Dish. “And she’s fine with that, and I’m fine with that.”

And Manzo doesn’t have any plans to reach out to Teresa anytime soon. “No plans. Listen, I could walk into a room and see her and say hello, kiss her hello, say, ‘How are you?’ I could sit at the same table and have dinner with her, you know what I mean?” Caroline explained. “We’re just not meant to be friends. And I’m telling you she’s as fine with it as I’m fine with it. So it’s fine.”

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8 Replies to “Has Caroline Manzo Talked to Teresa Giudice Lately?”

  1. You two were never on great terms, so why in the world would you be bosom buddies now? I’m not sure that you even run in the same circles. And I am glad that “she don’t talk to you…..” Caroline. What in the world would you two have in common except maybe legal issues. We can go all day without wondering about whether or not you and Teresa Guidice are speaking to one another. Yawn…….I won’t lose any sleep wondering or worrying about this topic.

  2. Yup, agreed. They were never good friends & Caroline has a history of having non-speaking terms even with family. So, who’s Teresa?

  3. Caroline doesn’t know how to be a friend to anyone outside of smothering and bossing them around. I wouldn’t want her browbeating me into anything, thank you very much.

  4. I respect her honesty though. They don’t like each other and aren’t pretending they do. Nor are they bashing each other. They just agree they don’t like each other and move on.

  5. Should have listened to my gut, I knew this was B.S. Dumbass!.
    The optimist in me was hoping, but WRONG AGAIN

    They will never be friends again. Besides the Teresa digs @ the Manzo’ s expense, Caroline still blames Teresa for her fallen out with Dina.

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