Caroline Manzo Speaks Out About Dina Manzo’s Violent Attackers

RHONJ star Dina Manzo and boyfriend Dave Cantin escaped on a plane from New Jersey back to California after they were involved in a violent home invasion this weekend.

“They jumped on a plane back to California,” a source close to the couple, who spend most of their time on the west coast, told RadarOnline. “They booked it out of here.”

In a statement to E! News, Dina’s older sister Caroline Manzo is speaking out about the horrific incident, saying she wants justice. “I hope the police get to the bottom of this and whoever is responsible for this gets what’s coming to them.”

Meanwhile, Chris Laurita says he spoke to Dina Monday, two days after the incident. “She is obviously shaken by the whole thing. She’s back in California now and seems to be OK,” he shared. “It’s unfortunate what happened. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Well this may just prove the Manzo family are still family, at least thy speak to each other and or dont want bad will for their sister.

I’m glad to see Caroline speaking out for Dina. It shows the family is still united. I miss seeing her on RHONJ. The show has really gone down hill.