Caroline Manzo Says Viewers Relate To Her Family On RHONJ!


Caroline Manzo is still promoting her book; ‘Let Me Tell You Something,’ and at a recent book signing, Manzo told the Bristol Observer she tried to answer fan’s questions in her book. “I had a lot of laughs… I had a good time with it,” Caroline said of writing her book. “It’s my voice,” adding that viewers wanted to see more of her sense of humor that they don’t see on RHONJ.

In the book, Caroline also shares how her family handles the chaos of filming the show. “It’s surreal,” she says of show’s success. “People can relate to us. We’re everybody. Everyone seems to know someone like the characters on the show.”

Caroline says the rest of season 5 has “a lot” of surprises. “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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