Caroline Manzo Says She Would NOT Leave Albert If He Cheated!


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo is working on her book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something,’ which has been described to be a guide to building strong relationships and a strong marriage. In a new interview with In Touch Magazine, Caroline is opening up about her marriage to Albert Manzo. There have been many reports that Al has cheated on Caroline, and Mrs. Manzo is opening up about the subject, explaining infidelity would not be a deal-breaker for her marriage!

“If Al cheated on me 25 years ago, one night, that was then and this is now,” Caroline reveals to In Touch. “No one on this planet could say with 100 percent certainty that their partner never cheated. I have no indication that he has, but if it didn’t happen yesterday, last week, a month ago, I’m not worried about it.”

”If your husband is a good guy and a provider and you have a tremendous connection, you can’t throw your marriage away over a one-night stand,” Caroline explains. “My husband is my best friend. Marriage is worth the fight. I would go to hell and back for him and he would do the same.”

Caroline also shares in an interview on YouTube that she and Al are in no rush to become grandparents. “I’m just now enjoying my time of being not so hands-on mommy. I wanna have a little fun, you know? I want my husband to retire and have a little fun and then we’ll be ready to be grandma and grandpa.”

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7 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Says She Would NOT Leave Albert If He Cheated!”

  1. Boy, she sure answered that question carefully because she realizes the whole world on social media pretty much believes all the rumors about his affairs and he was so emotionally detached from her last season on film. Caroline knows Karma is hittin everyone on that show and she and her lame kids , brother Chris/Jaco are really hated now. The minute she isn’t looking she knows people may come forward shaking more skeletons out of that shady bunch. The fans she has are the people who do not read blogs and don’t use social media – they are tryely unaware of the horrid mess this family is in, blk, fed problems, etc., Gov Christie doesn’t care for them as well. Her book and her relationship with her kids are a creepy disaster. Ugh!

  2. If her husband truly is her best friend, he wouldn’t cheat on her! She is pathetic… realizes the masses no longer like her… and is trying to save face. Go. Away.

  3. CAroline’s interview Translation: “I am covering my azz if this shiit comes up next season……and thank you BRavo for blindsiding Teresa and Joe with last season’s cheating story arc…..cause know my hypocrite azz has leg up in case they pull that shit on me.”

  4. I can say with 100% certainty that my husband has never cheated on me and he can do the same about me. The same with my parents and most of our friends. This sounds to me like she is admitting that he has taken one night stands up to his little apartment above the Brownstone. How disgusting.

  5. I could never understand everyones attraction with her! In the first couple of seasons, she was alternately being ‘Ms. Gotti’ or bursting into tears. After that, she just became mean + stayed that way. Even her face transformed into a permanent scowl. Her husband was emotionally detached + bored from the get-go!

  6. @ TeamDina-Wow,that is THE MOST naive comment I’ve ever read.You can say with 100% certainty that your husband,your parents,most of your friends never cheated?! Who are you,God?I,like Caroline,have been married for many years (34) to a man that I adore but like most people I can only HOPE that he hasn’t.He’s still with me and we’re very happy together but that’s really the most anyone can hope or ask for.I enjoy watching Caroline and her family on the show and really pray that ALL the ladies can get along this season.

  7. Judy@London,

    No, I am not God and what a rude thing to say. I am sorry that you have never felt the security of someone with morals and character in your life. I too have been married for a lot of years and I chose a MAN who loves me, honors me, and cherishes me. He is a man of honor and integrity and would never stoop that low; it isn’t in his character. Further, I have a small group of friends and a large group of acquaintances. So, no, most of my friends have not cheated. Lastly, my parents are role models for marriage and they have never, nor would they ever, cheat on each other. I pray that you raised your children with more belief in the human race than you have.

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