Caroline Manzo Says She Would NOT Leave Albert If He Cheated!


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo is working on her book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something,’ which has been described to be a guide to building strong relationships and a strong marriage. In a new interview with In Touch Magazine, Caroline is opening up about her marriage to Albert Manzo. There have been many reports that Al has cheated on Caroline, and Mrs. Manzo is opening up about the subject, explaining infidelity would not be a deal-breaker for her marriage!

“If Al cheated on me 25 years ago, one night, that was then and this is now,” Caroline reveals to In Touch. “No one on this planet could say with 100 percent certainty that their partner never cheated. I have no indication that he has, but if it didn’t happen yesterday, last week, a month ago, I’m not worried about it.”

”If your husband is a good guy and a provider and you have a tremendous connection, you can’t throw your marriage away over a one-night stand,” Caroline explains. “My husband is my best friend. Marriage is worth the fight. I would go to hell and back for him and he would do the same.”

Caroline also shares in an interview on YouTube that she and Al are in no rush to become grandparents. “I’m just now enjoying my time of being not so hands-on mommy. I wanna have a little fun, you know? I want my husband to retire and have a little fun and then we’ll be ready to be grandma and grandpa.”

Photo Credit: Christopher Costa