Caroline Manzo Says Fans Prefer “The Hate” Between Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga!


Viewers were shocked when Caroline Manzo voluntarily had a sit down with Teresa Giudice over her strained relationship with her brother Joe Gorga. Now, in a new interview Caroline explains she would have never gotten involved in the feuding siblings problems if Joe Gorga hadn’t asked her to. “People ask me why did I go see Teresa? Joe asked me to see Teresa,” Caroline explained to RadarOnline. “I never would have gone on my own; of course I never would have gone on my own.”

“Sometimes when you’re in it it’s too foggy and you can’t see and you need someone on the outside to bring clarity to things,” she added. “The amazing thing is how people say to me mind your business don’t you see that Melissa’s still doing this don’t you see that Teresa is still doing that? And I feel like saying you’re being awful. Don’t you want them to be happy? You prefer the teams, you prefer the hatred?”

“You’ll blast me because I’m trying to do a good thing and you turn me into the bad guy because I’m trying to do something positive? You’re all the negative ones, not me. It’s funny to me that I can be bashed or told mind your own business. Well that tells me that you prefer the hate,” Caroline insists. “People ask me ‘Why are you delivering all these messages?’ Because Teresa told me to deliver these messages. That’s part of the process. Somebody has to be the messenger. It’s not an easy position to be in and it’s not fun when you’re sitting in front of somebody and you have to tell them something that’s going to hurt them.”

As far as the Giudice/Gorga family to med things, Caroline advises, “In my view if you’re ever going to have peace you have to put everything out on the table and tell your truths so it’s better if they know the truth and can deal with the truth and can build from that. I get beat up for that but what would you rather me do? Pick a team? I‘m not going to pick a team. I’m the bad guy for not picking the team.”

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8 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Says Fans Prefer “The Hate” Between Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga!”

  1. Caroline, that’s not true at all! The “fans” are tired of seeing the same bad behavior from Tre and Mel. Stop the insanity already! and you should read more blogs to get the real gest of how the “fans” are truly feeling about Tre and Mel. You’re just a no-it-all.

  2. The truth is that Carowine ASKED Slojo if he wanted her to talk to Tre. She VOLUNTEERED. No one ASKED her to get involved. As for putting the truth on the table, Carowine needs to start telling the truth about herself and quit telling others what to do with their lives. She has a piss poor marriage with adultery, loser children and no storyline. Go away Carowine. No one wants to hear from you; you got nuthin to give.

  3. Caroline confuses opinion with truth all the time. If it’s her opinion she thinks it’s necessarily truth. We are all sick of Teresa going after Melissa, and we don’t like Melissa tarred with the same brush. Letting bygones be bygones won’t happen, Caroline, unless the harm stops, and Teresa isn’t even close to stopping.

  4. I am so damn sick of the fighting and the same storyline. NJ used to be my favorite and now it’s the same storyline for three seasons.

  5. I notice melissa has 5 fans on this site so of course is Teresas fault that melissas dad looked for another cow to cheat on her mother with.Its teresas fault that the fake cement sink broke.Its teresas fault that rosie drunk sweaty azz manage to look like a fool at victorias bday party.Its tereras fault that laurens lapband did not work for her because she looked fat azz hell on wwhl on sunday.Its teresas fault that jaqueline thinks that bubble bed really works for her son instead of getting real therapy.SO IN THE END THEY ALL WORRY ABOUT WHAT TERESAS IS DOING BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO STORYLINE.LETS BE REAL MELISSAS KARAOKE SINGING ITS NOT TAKING OFF EXCEPT IN THE FLEA MARKET WHERE THEY DO SELL FAKE CHANEL BAGS.AND PEOPLE WAKE UP THIS US A TELENOVELA FROM TELEMUNDO

    1. I’ve noticed that Teresa’s fans remind me of the old adage “common sense is not a common thing.’ And additionally they are as literate as she is.

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