Caroline Manzo Says She And Albert Don’t Want To Know The Cause Of His Father’s Death


During The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Caroline Manzo was asked by a viewer if her family is the real life Sopranos, and about the speculation about Albert’s father’s death. “I get very, very offended when people suggest we are part of that world,” Caroline insists. “I live with a man who works like an animal since the day he’s 18, 19 when his father bought the brownstone. He earns a good, decent living.” Caroline continues, “I will go to war with anybody that wants to smudge his name.”

Andy asks if there’s anything Caroline can tell us about the cause of Albert’s dad’s death. “We don’t know,” Caroline says. “To this day we don’t know, we don’t want to know. It’s certainly suspect, I’m not going to say it wasn’t. The facts are the facts. But I think that would probably be the worst moment in my life if I found the truth behind it. I don’t know want to know it and neither does Albert.”

Andy points out that Caroline is so outright with so many things, he finds it interesting Caroline wants to bury her head when it comes to this issue and the topic of Albert’s cheating.

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to face the truth about people we love and obviously Caro loved her father-in-law. I think what she is saying is that no matter what he was into her husband is not, never was and never will be. So leave it the hell alone Andy!!!!!!!

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