Caroline Manzo Reveals She Was Hurt By Melissa Gorga’s Comments On RHONJ!


Caroline Manzo is reacting to Melissa Gorga’s comment about her “secret” meeting with Joe Gorga in her Bravo Blog this week. Caroline explains where she was coming from by meeting with Teresa and Joe Gorga individually and also reveals that she was very hurt by Melissa’s remark in her interview.

Caroline writes, “It was sad to see the tug of war continue amongst everyone while Mr. Gorga was in the hospital. We watched Kathy struggle with her emotions regarding her uncle’s hospitalization and the fear of losing him before they could reconcile. Kathy is a good person and I know she hurts for not only herself, but her mom and her sister Rosie as well. I loved that Victoria and Joseph went to visit, they’re good kids with kind hearts.

The whole hospital visit thing was nuts. Bottom line is this, everybody went and paid their respects. Joe Gorga was sick and unable to visit his dad, Melissa went with the kids, and Kathy and Rich sent Joe and Victoria in their place. Let’s all appreciate the fact that Mr. Gorga came out of the hospital knowing that his family was there to support him regardless of the date and time of arrival. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you remember, Joe and Melissa came to my Hoboken apartment, and while they were there they shared that they were still having issues with Teresa. I felt so bad for Joe that night. He seemed sad, angry, and hopeless. I have been in his shoes and I know exactly how he feels, and because of that I asked if he would meet with me for coffee. I wanted to give him a pep talk, there was absolutely no hidden agenda on my part at all. Hearing Melissa say that she was confused as to why I secretly met with Joe and that I should stay out of it was hurtful. The conversation I had with Joe was about his relationship with his sister and his parents. I didn’t want to drag Melissa into another conversation out of respect to her feelings, knowing that she doesn’t like to be put in the middle of their issues. I’m sorry she never told me this, I would have explained myself to her and listened to her concerns.

Joe asked me to go speak to Teresa for him, and I did as he asked. When I sat down with Teresa I spoke from my heart with no “team” shirt on at all. Throughout the next few episodes I have to deliver a few messages to family members and friends. First I had to tell Joe what Teresa’s response was to his request, then I had to tell everyone else where they fit in the healing process. It wasn’t fun, and as I watch it now, it makes me nauseous. I did what I did and said what I said, and I have no regrets. Keep watching, it gets interesting.”

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8 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Reveals She Was Hurt By Melissa Gorga’s Comments On RHONJ!”

  1. Caroline, more than one of your siblings – not to mention your husband – have issues with you. Learn this – most people are very tired of your desperate medling and unsolicited “advice” of which shows your ignorance. Teresa and Melissa are never going to fit the mold you keep trying to push them in. Let them figure this out. As far as Joe – he is a poor excuse of a man in the way he has treated his parents and sister on tv. Just because you have this sick obsession with men vs women and men, it appears, in your eyes are superior and can do no wrong – You are the last person to council anyone. Your entire family is a mess and you need therapy!
    I suspect YOU alone, got that apartment to be close to your sons while Al is never home but with his gf. Your sister lives with you in town for same reasons as well. You are inappropriate with most people and you seem to be pushing your own family away and kicking Lauren for all your own self hatred. You bitch and moan about the Gorga family as if you will die if you don’t fix them – yet your own family seems detached, cold, and scattered. Your only girlfriend seems to be Jaco and well….that is a whole other post. You are coming across desperate, lonely bitter, and angry and you really need to check yourself and stay in your own lane. Work on yourself and get your husband’s interest back, let your sons find themselves, and please be loving and kind to Lauren as you prod her to be more independent.

  2. I have to say…Caroline has a point. Melissa said in last night’s episode that she doesn’t want to be in the middle, and when someone respects those wishes, she thinks someone’s after her husband? Caroline is happily married, I don’t see her cheating on Al whatsoever.
    I keep going on an up-and-down with Caroline. One season I don’t like her actions, the next she’s making more sense than ever! I still like Melissa and I wish Teresa would own up for her part in her family drama.

  3. Caroline isn’t perfect but she does have good advice and unlike most of the other women, can and does stay level headed most of the time. She is on a reality show, she is basically paid to be in others business, just like all the other stars of all the other cities. It’s not real life people, its reality tv. They all have characters to play and are edited in a certain way. Be careful how riled up you get on these blogs, YOU end up sounding obsessed and ignorant.

    1. IKR. I agree. Melissa betta check herself in the respect lane. Caroline has helped Melissa and Joe more than she realizes. These ppl will come together in their own time, we the fans/bloggers/audience/whateva, don’t know everything that happens on the show, its only what Bravo allows us to see.

  4. Melissa very reasonably and kindly explained on WWHL that she was wrong to say anything and that she was probably a little jealous of Caroline not speaking to the two of them. Caroline is well intentioned, but she needs to learn that sometimes people just want to vent their problems to a sounding board, but it doesn’t mean they are dying for your advice or intervention. I like Caroline most of the time but HATE it when she acts like the all-knowing, all-powerful Mafia Godfather there to settle disputes. She won’t like the Mafia reference, but honestly there isn’t another model that fits the bill. She’s WRONG (IMHO) when she puts any blame on Melissa for not wanting her kids around Teresa or her kids, when Teresa and her husband make HORRIBLE comments in front of their children about her.

  5. Caroline is a good hearted person, a little strong at times, but ultimately she speaks the truth. It’s their job to get involved in one another’s business and if you go back to seasons 1 & 2 she did that and was dragged into it. She gave good advice to Joe and was a friend, Melissa was wrong and admitted to it. What happened last season with Tre and Caroline is what I was going through with my friend at the same time. It is hurtful and we said horrible things to one another and he did and said some things that hurt, but it was filmed by bravo and neither of us were edited to look like a villain! I actually saw where Caroline came from last season cause I was in those shoes and the fighting with Dina, seriously she was so in love with herself and btw she feuding with 8 of the 11 siblings!!! Just 2 for Caroline so lets just enjoy the ride of RHONJ:)

  6. Melissa soon everyone is going to see Exactly the person that you really are ! With all the Lies you say you can’t keep up with them all and it was nice to see Teresa an Caorline talking together for once and it was all about TERESA’s DAD and JOE’s DAD so Mel-Ass maybe you should just step OFF for good !!

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