Caroline Manzo Reveals She Has Seen & Spoken To Her Sister Dina!


Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday after The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, and one of the most asked questions for Mama Manzo was, ‘What is the status of your relationship with your sister Dina?’ A WWHL caller wanted to know if Caroline and her kids still see Dina, and Caroline replied, “Oh my God, stop asking me! It’s the same.”

Caroline’s daughter, Lauren Manzo, chimed in and revealed, “I just saw her [Dina] a couple weeks ago and gave her a big kiss and hug and said ‘How are you?’ Lexi is like one of my favorite people on earth and all of us [kids] … we’re fine.”

“We just saw her,” Caroline insists. “I’ll see my sister, I’ll kiss her hello. It’s just that we’re not friends right now.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo


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