Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Relationship With Her Sister Dina Is Over


Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and made a shocking revelation that no one was expecting, not even host Andy Cohen. She shared that her relationship with her sister Dina Manzo “is over.”

Andy mentioned during the show that Dina Manzo tweeted in and had a comment for the other guest on the show, RHONJ star, Siggy Flicker. “@siggyflicker gives great advice! You go girl.”

Then, he asked Caroline if everything was still fine between her and her sister. Caroline shook her head as Andy looked shocked. “It’s over,” she said. “What are you going to do? Can’t get blood out of a rock.”

Dina fired back at her sister on Twitter. “I’m sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this shit. I said one day I will snap and I might be about to,” she tweeted.

“I was told NEVER to reach out/speak to her or her family again. Disinvited to holidays? But I’m the rock she’s trying to get blood out of?” Dina continued. “No reason to go there publicly. I was asked that same question on my press tour for my skincare & protected “family” by saying all is good,” she later added.


“Siggy was giving great relationship advice on the NY girls & I gave her a compliment. Andy or a caller would have asked the question anyway,” Dina explained of why she tweeted into the show in the first place.

After a fan on Twitter accused Caroline of DMing them family secrets, Dina replied, “Really???Dm’ing like she used to rip Jacqueline for? No I had nothing to do with this & I never dm a fan family shit.”

Manzo also shared how hurt her parents are by this feud. “I’ve kept my mouth shut for yrs to protect my parents & husband at the time. I’m done. My parents can’t be hurt anymore than they are now.”

Dina added, “So go ahead get all the attention you want for your show…while you’re at it call your parents. DONE.”


Whose side are you on? Dina or Caroline?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I wonder if there will be any comments on this it’s always sad when family fall out but it happens but most people don’t talk about it on TV like Caroline. She disgusts me even more now she has done this.

Ditto. Carolyn always had this over the top drama. Not the kind of drama always spoken about on the show or about the show. From that first reunion where she got all hi on herself about the way her Father-in-Law was k****d. She was always waxing poetic about what SHE believed family should be and do. Give C.M. a pulpit. Then make sure she is martyred later. She reminds me of certain preachers and their oh holier than thou… and God’s anger reining down from the Heavens…. kind of preaching, then driving straight over to the house their mistress resides… Read more »
Caroline’s gotten a bit too big for her britches ever since being on TV. In the first season or two of rhonj, she seemed rather down to earth to me. Now I think she really has an inflated sense of self. Maybe she’s completely surrounded by, “Yes people, ” at all times. Plus she has a place and ability to act on her new power when something triggers her obvious, deep set insecurities off. I don’t like it. I don’t like her. It’s a shame because she was different in the beginning. It was almost as if she sorta represented… Read more »

100% felt the same way as seasons continued on. She’s too self righteous!

Funny, you nailed her to a tea! My feeling are the same.

I am lost. What does DMing mean and who is Reed??!!!!

Bee Dming means Direct messaging on social media of one sort or another. I am assuming Reed is just someone who had contact with Caro on Twitter. I may well be wrong on that point.

Thanks Suse. Good to see you this morning.


Yes, so nice to see you, Suze. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Hope hubby is ok?

Hi Suze. Thanks for asking. Yes, much better with each day. He is off work today and tomorrow.
I hope you are okay too. ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️

I don’t blame Dina. She’s nothing like Caroline. The scene when Theresa flipped the table! Caroline acting like she’s the Godfather, let me tell you my family is close and we don’t like nonsense. F u I hope your show gets cancelled. Dina is smart and moved to California.

I think that’s it Suze. I think reed is just a random fan that Caroline dm’ed. (Sent a direct message)

Yup! We are good! Lol xoxoxo

I have absolutely no use for Caroline, her family, or her show. She disgusts me with her self aggrandizement and the way she looks down her nose at everyone.

Totally agree! Xo

Self aggrandizement was the word I was looking for, thanks Galid.

Now I am 100% sure as to why I never liked Caroline. This confirmed it.

There was absolutely nothing feminine about her last night. She looked like a man.

If it was not for Christpher, the show would be unwatchable to me. He is quite funny and was killing it last night. He also called Caro’s haircut a Peter Pan look. He really is the most likeable for me.
Caroline could not have helped a Blowout place with that hairstyle either. That commercial was awful. Chris is funny, but maybe he shoild stick to books for the wee ones. 😉

gosh I agree with you…I really love Caroliine but my god that hair cut is so mannish and ugly. I know she shaves her face has she totally given up on being feminine in any way? Stay pretty Carolyn you’re not that old…except in Teresa’s mind. That dumbbell doesn’t realize she too will be in her 50’s one of these days…. when her darling Joe is home from camp.

Love Caroline and thought she answered Andy’s question succinctly. Dina on the other hand seems to have lost her s!@t!

That’s sad but from my own experience with my sister sometimes you just have to let go and move on

I have from necessity moved on also because of years and years of “experience” with a sister, Daisy. It is sad to see from the outside, but I am at peace now. Being family does not mean we have to take whatever they dish out and still take good care. I would never have taken that s**t from a friend for one day much less decades.
I don’t know the inside scoop on the Manzo sisters, but I like Dina, and I would believe what she said about it. I wouldn’t believe a word of anything Carolyn said.

I think it’s all over the divorce from Tommy, who is “hiding” being gay and I think Dina knows way too much. Caroline bugs me now. Those kids need to grow up and get on with their lives. She looks manly, it is NOT a good look. Almost like she makes herself look bad on purpose. I don’t watch this show either.

I wouldn’t be surprised but why do these people feel the need to hide being gay! Absolutely ridiculous in this day and age. I agree Caro does look manly! Xxxooo

Nowhere near a fan of Caroline but Dina is one looking for attention. She didn’t need to comment on interviews . Obviously once she tweeted , Caroline would be asked about their relationship and she answered.

I do not know Dina, but from her actions alone; relocating to the west coast out of the blue, her way over the top expensive taste, dating a married man (from NJ) who left his wife for her from what I have seen and and whatever, I just cannot like her. I do not hate her. I did hate her decorating show and could not watch it. She seems far too self absorbed. I do watch Caroline. I don’t love her. I just think she does what she wants with her looks, and she is not about looking like she… Read more »

I’m on Dina’s side. Absolutely I never really cared about Caroline.

Caroline is a hateful, mean soul…

Caroline needs to take her self-righteous self down some pegs. She has always felt she’s the voice of reason, but she’s definitely not.

Bravo needs to get rid of the Manzos!

Watch how the Manzo BS will tie in with crazy Jacquelines story line. The Manzos & Jacqueline along with Kathy, Ritchie and the menopausal gay aunt wanted to take over and now that they are ALL eating crow they are begging for the lime light. The Manzos are two faced and opportunity hungry which equals $$$. Manzo thinks the shows title should be change only bc her eyes are open to all the criticism about her grown children hanging on her apron still. The Manzos gotta go! Btw, who watches the show? No disrespect but I was never interested in… Read more »

Team Dina and Team Teresa all the way! Carol wasn’t supposed to be in the original show! Get rid of Carol already!

I find this situation between the sisters to be very sad but I can relate. I’m not waring with a sibling I’m just keeping one in particular at arm’s length. My parents……….Well that’s a whole different story. I’ve finally come to the realisation (it’s only taken 57 years to figure it out) that because you’re tied with blood doesn’t mean you have to keep these toxic people in your life. A fractured family is sad but sometimes it has to be.

Michelle, My eldest brother I hadn’t seen or spoken to in 15 years! Prior to that it was just weddings and funerals for 21 years. As soon as he heard I was ill he wanted to call me. I told my other brother he could give him my email but that was it. One email and a reply was enough. Now he thinks it was all my fault. I couldn’t begin to go into what he has done to me in the past even excluding my current husband of 36 years from meeting his kids. Just because I divorced my… Read more »

So sorry for that Suze, it must be so horrible when siblings war like that. You are going through so much & just do not need added. Prayers are ongoing always for my sweet Suze.

I totally agree. I have three siblings. Only two of us are on speaking terms and that has been for many years. There is a very long story for me too and I do not want to relive it. Sometimes you can do absolutely nothing wrong and be treated badly, and in my case, I was always supportive, and yet it was never in return, but rather quite the opposite. Sometimes “family” is not family at all. You cannot blame yourself for others’ lack of heart and love. I used to wish that my children knew their cousins, aunt and… Read more »
Oh Suze….that’s sad and stupid all at the same time. To still be angry because he didn’t agree with your decision is insane. I can’t even imagine. My one sister I keep at arm’s length is more because of on going conflicts…a bit like Bethenny, her opinion is the only right opinion. I say blue she says grey plus she’s getting more and more like my parents as she gets older and THAT is a really bad thing for me. No not yet in London Town. Will be there on the 29th. Can’t wait!! My husband becomes this lovely, sweet… Read more »

I agree totally. I have plenty of friend’s that are family to me.

This is so sad. The show and fame really cuts both ways. I hope they patch it up. Life is too short to throw away a sister.