Caroline Manzo Regrets Being “Mean” To Danielle Staub!

Caroline Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday to promote her newly released book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something.’ A viewer tweeted and asked Caroline what her biggest regret on RHONJ has been, and Caroline’s answer might surprise you!

“I regret my meeting with Danielle Staub,” Caroline reveals. “I was mean to her, and I don’t like being that person. I called her a clown and I just don’t like doing that but it was something that I had to do.”

Andy helps Caroline promote her book by revealing she dishes behind the scenes RHONJ dirt, for example the funny relationship between the Manzo Family and the Bravo producers.

You can watch the video of Caroline talking about Danielle Staub below.

Are YOU surprised Caroline regrets being mean to Danielle?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Regrets Being “Mean” To Danielle Staub!”

  1. What about your meanness to Teresa, Caroline? All because you were hoping you were going to emerge as the central figure on RHONJ and because you envy Teresa’s success. Now you are trying to soften you image because of the backlash and your need to sell books. Btw, the Amazon reviews on that book are so dismal. I would never buy that book knowing it was written by a vile, hateful and repugnant entity.

  2. Yeah…bet she regrets a lot of things…like losing the majority of viewers and knowing her book is doomed! Looking forward to watching it bomb.

  3. She didn’t regret it if it was something she believed she had to do. Is anyone else sick of her play on words. She is very insincere and egotistical. I don’t like her and find her self rightious and boring.

  4. She always regrets something, admits she did something not nice, but never apologizes of finds fault in herself – its always unfortunate – but it had to be done.
    She had to hound Danielle with that book she dug up, humiliate her with her past, and call her clown. It was not nice, but had to be done. It was real. Unlike Teresa even thinking about Missy’s past. That is unnecessary.
    Momma had to say Tre and Joe would divorce so Tre could write a book about it – it wasn’t nice, but she had to point out a pattern, because after all, she wasn’t really saying anything about their marriage. It was an honest expression of what she was thinking, and it had to be said. She called Lauren a fat asshole, and god bless her, no one loves Lauren more than she does, and saying that was mean, but she also says nice things to Lauren, plus, its true, so it had to be said.

  5. but she’s not sorry for calling teresa or danielle garbage.not buying caroline’s book or watching her new show. caroline will always be that red faced bully to me from nw on. so caroline,let me tell you that

  6. Let me tell you something (with the Chuckle face):
    I am a hateful bitch
    I thought the show should be built around me
    Hate is the fuel that runs through my veins
    If I am not fighting with someone I would die
    My kids and I are perfect. No one else is.
    I have no redeeming qualities
    It tried hard to turn everyone against Teresa
    It is soaking in that people realize that I am a vile, evil animal.

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