Caroline Manzo Reacts To Teresa Giudice’s Allegations She Tipped Off the IRS


Caroline Manzo is no longer part of the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but her name was mentioned during part one of the reunion. Teresa Giudice dropped a major bomb when she accused Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita of setting her up and calling the IRS, which would eventually lead to multiple fraud charges, which she pled guilty to, and her serving 11 months in prison.

“In my gut, either it was you or you and Caroline set me up,” Teresa alleged. “You guys were behind everything, calling the government. Everything.”

“Thanks for reaching out, but I have no interest in responding to this question as it would be a waste of my unlimited data usage,” Caroline said in response to The Daily Dish’s response for a reaction to the allegations.

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44 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Reacts To Teresa Giudice’s Allegations She Tipped Off the IRS”

  1. Theresa is still in denial, blaming everyone but herself and husband. The time in jail hasn’t humbled her at all. Goes to show you her true character.

    1. Unfortunately Teresa isn’t going anywhere, the shows ratings weren’t that bad, compared to the other seasons yes there was a drop but still not bad. She’ll be on their for years to come. I don’t watch the show anymore cause of her.

  2. It might have caught the IRS attention to see Tre and Joe always paying for things with wads of cash………Just saying. I am pretty sure Tre and Joe’s actions caught the attention of the officials. No one NEEDED to drop a dime on them.

  3. Teresa is a wackado! Bottom line, if you’re not doing anything wrong, no one would have to call ‘the government’. Even her brothers face was WTF.

  4. I really doubt this. It seems everyone is afraid of the IRS, especially some of these housewives, amd tipping them off would have the IRS also look into yoir own

    1. Real Sandy…I hope you get out an vote today and vote Yes to public question # 2 in NJ..We need to make sure that all of our gas tax hike goes into fixing roads, bridges and highways 😀

    2. I was not finished and posted in error. I meant that if someone tips off the IRS, they may come knocking on their own door. Then again, wasn’t Albert Manzo recently said to have unpaid taxes at his business or something. I have to find it to be sure. I just don’t think anyone called the IRS.
      When I watched RHONJ (years ago), I remember Teresa shopping for furniture with thousands in cash in her pocket and bragging about it. Red Flag for the IRS. Where is all of this cash coming from? Was it declared as income or did someone pay in cash? It just seemed odd. She always paid in cash…and maybe the IRS saw too many possessions with high price tags…even watching their home on the show, and maybe their declared income did not support that…then again they did not even pay their taxes.

        1. It was insane. She even bought two of some insanely expensive piece of furniture. It looked like she robbed a bank with that wad of cash. Unreal.
          She spent thousands in kids clothes too in one visit…just beyond excessive.
          I remember the Governor of NJ talking about Al Manzo…saying something like doesn’t he know that I can see where he lives in that massive home on TV, and he is not living at his business, The Brownstone, like he claims. (Just for example.) That is another story, however.
          You cannot hide when you are on TV. The Giudices did not even pay their taxes for years too. Then she accuses others?

  5. Teresa is gross. Always blames everyone for her problems and NEVER takes accountability. She doesn’t deserve to be on the show…she’s an ungrateful, self-absorbed, moron.

  6. The minute I saw Teresa pull out a wad of cash to pay for $120K in furniture, I immediately thought she was nuts. It was a red flag for me let alone the IRS. To blame anyone else and accuse them of being a whistleblower is insane.

      1. LOL… does she think people who work for the IRS don’t watch TV? Does she think their spouses don’t watch TV? What the what is wrong with this woman!

        1. I’m jelly . Today is the nicest day we’ve had in a while . It’s still in the 80’s though . I’m so ready to break out the uggs and leather jackets

          1. NOOOOoooooo….I could live in 80’s year round! On the beach with a drink in my hand and my hottie by my side! We’ve had rain, fog and drizzle lately, can’t ride.
            Although I admit having fire pits is nice. How have you been?

              1. When you finish…I’ll give you my address. We actually just did the deed a couple of weeks ago…when you’re in the middle of it seems like a mess but after ahhhhh! Next is the garage…

                  1. Ha…true…!!!! We never really got ours straight when we moved in. Now the man cave where the bikes are parked is spotless LOL

  7. Yep our garage is also the man cave . The Harley area is pretty clean but the rest of it ….oh golly miss molly is all I can say

    1. No the old man had to work. I’ve never been to a rally before. I have friends that go and say it’s the best time of their lives

  8. I love the Harley but short trips like just around town are just fine with me. I tend to have panic attacks so I don’t want to freak out. Plus he has a dyna so it looks good but my seat is bigger than the one on the bike. I feel like I’m going to fall off

    1. I had a boyfriend, decades ago, who had a stocker Harley, so comfy. But my favorite was the chopper my husband – to – be had, no sissy bar, and my foot pegs literally 4 inches in front of the buddy pad I sat on and 3 inches below my butt! We would fly on that baby, such freedom. He was a good driver though….in biker terms anyway. I always felt safe even when my butt wasn’t actually touching the buddy pad, flying over the RR tracks. Oh, the memories stay with me. Still love the sound of putt putt putt of a Harley, there is no other sound that makes my blood sing to this day. Happy to hear you girls still ride! Yay.

      1. What wonderful memories for you! I know riding is scary for some…my mom used to be so scared for me…till I took her out on a country road, she finally understood. I have a Softtail Slim – but eyeing the Slim S. Hubs has Heritage and dang he looks GOOD!!! ;0)

  9. I like a lot of things about Theresa but this is really sick. She is evil to accuse innocent people of her own deliberate crimes. She has never owned her sins and for her own soul she needs to. She is really a bully. She has no cause to hate Jac like she does, Andy called her out on it but she never backs down. This is shocking as hell.

  10. Teresa is so dumb, how can you stay sane and fight with someone who makes stuff up along the way? “Oh my guts now tell me that Teresa is a transgender” There you go she is.

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